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The Roawenwood is….




The Roawenwood is a combination of ideas that roll around in my head that coalesce into a rather neurotic menagerie of items or scenes.   It has always been a personal project for me.

I tend to create the things that stimulate me, soothe me, intrigue me, or make me pause for a moment.

Some of my most popular items have been things like chores. Working, I mean really this always surprised me based on the fact that people really hate to work. Daily we go to work, or we have work, or we plan to work and daily we wish we didn’t have to and yet…….. One of the things that people just absolutely adore is being able to have little things in our virtual world to do something as simple as sweeping the floor.

It boggles the imagination the things that people find for a comfort when we travel within it.

Second Life is a wondrous platform and the Roawenwood has always been a place where I welcomed the weary traveler, the woebegone , and the passionate. I love seeing what people do with the little things that I create. Whether I piece it together from other creators creating a scene with full permission pieces or doing it all myself I find it fantastic letting me share the visions that bloom within my mind.

From soft, warm and loving to harsh rugged and cruel…. It’s all in there. I can’t stop the way my mind tumbles over new ideas, concepts, fantasies and ways to titillate anymore than I could stop breathing I think.

I am passionate, caring, loving, cruel and sadistic… I am a romantic. I love to share who I am and what I might find along the way and that is what the Roawenwood is.

The Roawenwood is my home, my passion, my vision.


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  1. Mati

    I enjoy roawenwoods items very much and look forward to more of what you make.

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