Stone Throne for The Fantasy Collective

So I was playing around in my modeling program.  A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that, playing with sculpting tools. Experimenting really… kind of like, “soooo if I do this and stretch this this way, and then dab over here….” imagine me staring intently at the einarr-stone-thronemonitor, leaning in… ohh wince, yea that didn’t work quite like how I wanted but you know.

In the process of playing I did this….. thing.  It’s kind of like a chair. Kind of, and there’s this base.  While I was working on it I started thinking it’d be kind of cool for a clunky throne. My vision was draped in furs but I end up using some velvet instead with some really bold colors.  I had considered the rugged North or other places where a Viking lord looks over his home or something… I don’t know.  Really I’m just babbling on here but still.  I don’t know if it would work for that or not but it’s something different.

A couple sweeping drapes decorate the oversized chair part and a fur along the base. I kinda like it.  A bit too specific or niche for most people I’d wager. It would look very cool in an outdoors setting but could be elsewhere too, rugged, and all. Who knows, people usually surprise me when it comes to what they might do with something I create.

Anyhow… want to know what it’s got?  This throne is pretty good. Male-Dom oriented though really.  On the outset it has singles animations for up to three people. The dominant male who reclines and sits in the throne itself then two submissives, one on either side of the dias part.  7 animations he can choose from and each girl can choose from 8 different ones. For her there are kneels, a sit or so but mostly submissive postures.  The poses for the girls are lockguard compatible and should be able to have particle chains from the collar to the ring.

After that we have 98 different couples sets with 14 different menus.  There’s naughty and nice menus, play… dancing!  Dancing! I love dancing, but yes…. floor dances for him to watch, some steamy flirty stands to tease, and a lap dance so you can writhe in his lap.  There’s a menu just for interaction with Master with specific sets that work here… cuddles and things on the softer side too…. there’s a discipline menu with a whole spanking scene along with other spanks, and a flogging scene where there’s some teasing involved.  Obviously sex, foreplay, blow jobs, cunnilingus, among other things. Tons going on, tons of options. Really awesome stuff to play with if you’re in the mood or you can just relax and sit.

A threesome menu… room for a male dominant with his two girls from sitting, cuddling and then to some sex… there’s also a couple sets that are two men and one female but only 2.

So like I said… good stuff and lots of options.  People seem to like options but then again not too many or it gets overwhelming.  Now where can you get this?

This is the item I placed out for this months Fantasy Collective.  You can only get it there through this month, though there is an incentive even beyond that.

I have it at a 25% discount for the round.

Yepp, figured why not.

So go… get, if you like it, if not… wait and see what I come up with next!

Taxi — Fantasy Collective


The Secret Affair — Vikings!

Carved Plank ChairsSo today the Secret Affair opens up.  An event that tends to have some really great items in it.  The theme for this round was Vikings, or the Path to Valhalla.  Of course that’s the sort of thing that works for me rather easily doesn’t it?

So, what did I decide to make up.  A furniture set.  We’re having a game night… Viking style.

The set includes two styles of chairs, one carved and one not.  Fuzzy rugs, an horned candelabra and then a small table.  The table has a game on top of it.  While researching and looking up the chairs to try to be fairly accurate I saw this board game.  It was called Hnefatafl, meaning the King’s Table. Hnefatafl Game Table

I had never seen it or heard of it before, well come to find out it is a very old game that was favored by the Vikings.

A strategy game that fell out of favor as chess grew in popularity it looks like.  I found it intriguing thinking of Vikings and the like sitting around in front of a fire or wherever playing strategy games. A way to pass the time. Good conversation and camaraderie during cold months or down times.  A way to add a bit of decor along with opportunities maybe to role-play.  It is purely decorative but I really like how it turned out.

Horn CandelabraSadly my product pictures never really get the way I want my stuff to look.  I want it to look how I see it but rarely get it done that way, in world this set looks so much better in my opinion.

The chairs have quite a few animations.  Room for two people there are 10 singles animations for each, and then there are 13 couples sets.  Some cuddles, sitting in the lap, kisses, kneeling types that are really rather nice if you like the Master/slave type relationship.  I thought it suited it alright.  Quiet moments and all that.

So there you have it, a set fit for a Viking.

You can get it now through the 30th at the event.

Get yer Taxi to the Secret Affair


Vikings & Marauders at The Fantasy Collective

Not great things alone must one give to another,Storheim Table Set
praise oft is earned for nought;
with half a loaf and a tilted bowl
I have found me many a friend.

– The Havamal

The Fantasy Collective has opened up for another round and the theme seems to strike a cord.  Vikings, marauders… that sort of thing.  I decided to go with some furniture.  I wanted to have something that was full of life, and all.  I had a bit of fun with it.  The table is inspired by the Viking long house tables.  Places to sit, drink some ale, have a good meal and company.  I suppose it works in with the Goreans of the North as well, Torvaldsland, or a tavern.

The table itself is engraved within the wood on the supports and legs…. the benches have engraving along the support.  Darker wood, I favor darker woods of course… that much can be seen for the most part with a lot of my work.

The set also includes the furred drapes that go over the benches.  These are copiable and not linked to it so you can technically place these wherever though the animations included are for tables in general.

Each drape has 27 different options for furs or leather.  Some are subtle differences… just shading, some darker… some lighter but overall you can have a lot of different looks for it.  There is an access menu so you can set who can change it…. everyone, owner or group.  AvSitter is the system used to manage the poses, no flippin poseballs!  I’m really working to get away from using them at all.  Most of my items don’t and I’m fairly happy without them.  I think most people are for that matter.

There are different menus based on where you sit.  Sitter 1 gets a menu with male sits, female sits and then the different couples menus.  Three of them.  Couples with kisses, cuddles and all that sort of stuff, a 6 part lap serve set and then a 9 part cuddle, foreplay, sexual type set.  It has a lot of options for just sitting, laughing and living.  The second sitter gets a female sits menu, though they don’t sit at the table.  They’re off to the side on the floor, a few sits and some kneels etc.  Like I said they don’t sit ‘at’ the table though once in the couples menus they do and can.

The entire set includes copy/modify/no transfer permissions… straw to throw around the floor, benches, table, and the drapes.  One with animations the other without but all with the texture change.

I really do like how it turned out.  Simple but ornate at the same time.

On display at the event and at the landing of the main store.

Available now ONLY at The Fantasy Collective event.

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Sweet Chocolate

Hello hello!  Today is Tuesday and I’m participating in the 25L rounds.  I haven’t peeked my head up on the blog lately which is… naughty… but you know how it goes.  For 25L there was a theme this week, chocolate!  Something we were selling had to have something to do with chocolate. 

So I made up a cute little bench type thing, lush cushions, and thick mattress with a very sweet animation set.  The girl sitting on her guys lap feeding him chocolate covered strawberries.  First she picks one up, nibbles on it and then feeds him before leaning in for a soft kiss.  Awwwwww.  Embedded animation the bench gives a tray and strawberry to wear when needed.  I have a few other things out.  I marked down one of the Ilsa kirtles (chocolate colored, ha go figure), a reading rug… a sub stump, have to see that one to know what it is I’m not tellin but basically a few other lil things to have some fun with.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to release tomorrow though I was thinking that something along the lines of chocolate might be in order since we’re kinda workin a theme here.

Last weeks release was a bit more…… twisted.  A Bond Circle, and Slaver’s Pillow set thing.  You know I really didn’t know what to call it so I guess we kept it simple.  Both of them have a 9 part sequential set of animations that can be used one after the other to create a scene or you can choose the one you want to really focus on.  The sets work well by themselves so you don’t have to be confined in your role play.  This is one of those sets where when I place the poses I tilt my head and just…. “ok, now that is a rather interesting notion isn’t it….”  hehehe  Delightfully deviant it moves through a scenario starting with a man grabbing at and subduing a woman, putting her to her knees… having her pleasure him with her mouth, take care of him and then ending with him holding her in a rather loving animation set conquered.  Quite the forced fantasy which I think has great potential if you want it.

The Bond Circle version consists of a ring of rocks with very nicely shaded dirt/mud in the center…. it can be used in northern Gorean villages, or in out of the way forestry type places… well really wherever outside, the set includes ferns, trees, a couple stumps and a log so you can decorate it up too without just having the circle.  The greenery is unlinked so you can move it, or pick it up even.  Kind of thought it could become something a little different that way.  The Slaver’s Circle is a roughneck kind of version with a distressed canvas type rug, shaded and wrinkled up with a couple rings of pillows.  Very simple but done nicely to give depth to a room, slave house, dungeon… I kept it pretty basic so it could be used wherever hopefully…

That was the big one.  I did also release an outfit… since the Bond Circle thing got me thinking Northern Gor I made up a kirtle type thing but it isn’t really all that conventional.  I like it… been wearing it myself, in two colors.  Black and Red.  I wasn’t liking any of the other colors I came up with so I stuck with those.

Not sure where I am at at the moment…. I have some upcoming plans for the store that are going to probably shake it up a bit…. but don’t worry, I haven’t given up on ya’ll yet.  Have a great Tuesday, get down here and pick up your discounted items…. and I’ll talk to you soon.


Lap serve anyone?

A few weeks ago a customer came up to me and asked if I had ever thought of making something that could be used for lap serves in the northern parts of Gor.

I hadn’t really given it much thought but she was talking about how it was hard to find something good for that.  I think she was referring to and hoping for a bench of some sort for the long tables that most like to decorate with.  I kept the idea in the back of my head not really thinking a whole lot about it until the other day.  I don’t know why it struck me but it did and so I gave it a whirl.  Of course it’s my own brand of thing, and not a bench… I went for something even a little more down to earth and that could be used by just about anyone… not just those who prefer the cold of Torvaldsland.In Lap - Sack

Late late last night just as I was setting up the prim for the GGWH (which has officially started now and I have a few gifts in there) I released a set of pillows, and one set of sacks.  I made up a few different colors, and the sacks one is worn a bit.  It’s a low prim (only 3) set that has four sets of animations in it.

The male sits first and defaults to sitting cross legged on the top of the pillows, then the female sits where she defaults into a kneel before him.  He then can leave her there or he can click the pillows to have her up in his lap.  The set includes the default poses along with three in the lap type animations sets.  The first a kiss/intimate type where the girl can wriggle her way around, the second and third sets are more naughty with some pretty good hip action coming from the girl.  *laughs*

The pillows are set to copy!  I keep things reasonably priced I believe and you can toss these bad boys wherever you want.  Like I said… available in a few different color options you can come down to the store to test it out if you like.

Have a great weekend and have fun!