The Steampunk Gamer – Gacha Garden Exclusives!

The Gacha Garden event is going to be opening up the first and I’ve made up something that shouldn’t be a surprise if folks know me well enough. Since the Gacha Garden isn’tSteampunk Gamers Gacha - Gacha Garden themed necessarily I decided to pull out the steampunk.  I have a soft spot for it since I adore most things Victorian… and as an aside I’m weeping because I didn’t have the time to do the Challenge this past month which had a Victorian theme.

Anyways back to the Gacha Garden.  I did a set with a steampunk or industrial type of flair.  The thing about the Gacha Garden that sets it apart is that it has a special prize.  If you play the game 20 times you get something called the Seed of Inspiration.

The set has a few pieces you can win, a table… stool with 10 animations embedded in it. Five for male and five for female. There’s a couple candles set inside of gears, there’s a little set of coffee and cocoa cups.  Two styles, one decorated with steampunkish litter around the saucer.  You know… nuts, a bolt, washer… a couple gears.   Then a plain version without the extra bits.  The other parts is a checker set where gears are the pieces… then there is a tiered thing with sweets on it.  It looks pretty good I think, I wanted something I hadn’t outright seen before with a bit of flair.  I like flair, it makes life interesting.

Now the Seed of Inspiration?  That’s a geared up chess board.

Steampunk Gamers Gacha - Gacha Garden - SOIAll of this is decorative only really.  I don’t have the scripting knowledge to make a playable board… which would be a prim nightmare anyhow I think but these are really nice pieces to add something to your space if you like industrial or steampunk decor.

The chess board weighs in the heaviest on land impact at 5.  The sweets trays are 3 LI, the rest is only 1 LI each.  So the entire set even if you start tossing out extras won’t break the prim count.

I do overall like the set quite a bit.  Here’s the thing….

That chess board will be retired and not available like that after the round is over.  The Seed of Inspiration is a special item that won’t be available ever again.

SO! If you want it…. you HAVE to go to the Gacha Garden , opening up tonight at Midnight!!!



20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A Tattered Page is opening up for it’s latest round today at Noon SL.  Which is fairly soon as of this writing.  The book that was the inspiration,Sea Escape Aquarium 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  I have to admit I had not read it before this and it was a really great opportunity to read a book that I have always heard so much about.

Reading through it, the adventures… the detail, I loved it and enjoyed it very much.

To be honest as I was reading it, I couldn’t decide that well on what to make.  As they traveled there were references to Atlantis, sunken ruins.  Underwater forests.  Fish!  Tons of references to food, and how this tasted or that.  Hunting under the waves…. so many different things really that could have been done.

I was at one point going to do a food item.  Oysters.  I really thought that’d be kinda fun, there’s a reference to them eating oysters.  Can’t remember where at the moment, I’d have to find it.  But in the end… I did something else entirely and really not anything that was conceptually within the book.  I made an aquarium, though there is a reference when the Professor says something about how an aquarium is really just a cage.

Throughout the thing there tons of classifications and fish that come up, long lists.  The aquarium concept has more to do with bringing a bit of the sea back home, but in my case really it’s a fascination I suppose.  I love the water, have always… I had at one point wanted to work in the water as a marine biologist or something of that ilk.  That was one of my first “what I want to be when I grow up” things.  I used to have an aquarium in my house, and I want to get another but don’t have one at the moment.  I love watching under the water.  The descriptions of the Professor and Conseil staring out from the lounge for hours at a time to see the seascape.  I would do the same thing.  You’d have to pry me from that room.

So… an aquarium, done in a rather steampunk flavor… right up the alley I think for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Available now at the landing to my store and at the Tattered Page library.

245L, almost 100% my mesh, just the fishes and a piece of coral aren’t. heh

10 LI total at current size, shrinking or enlarging it will impact the prim counts.




A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral… all things steampunk to benefit the National Kidney Foundation opened up tonight.Emmaline Rigged Mesh Outfit  I have been enjoying working within different genres and themes for ages of course however I do have a soft spot for steampunk, Victorian, and darker things in general.  The event runs through and into October 1st so there’s a wee bit of time to be able to explore, shop or enjoy yourself.  Everything in my booth there is at a 50% donation to the National Kidney Foundation.  There’s a few things in there, some stuff I’ve had like the top hat with the gears and things… but I also have a new outfit and boots to offer up.

The Emmaline outfit is so very ladylike.  With a high necked ruffled blouse, long sleeves running downwards with layers of ruffles.  An under-bust corset tightens it up across the waist.  It’s such an awesome look.  I love it.  The skirt and top are separates so you can wear them with other things if you want or together.

Rich textures compliment and the top has four different color options for the blouse.  Blue, green, brown, and black.  Use the HUD to choose your color and it is scripted so you can delete the scripts within the top so you’re not adding to any kind of lag.  Just make sure you make a copy first…. have a scripted back up in your inventory.  Brand new and available at the event.

Majesty Boots in BrownThe other new one is the boots like I mentioned.

These are fairly awesome I think.  Unrigged mesh, I’ve been getting some great feedback actually from both men and women who have chosen to wear them.  Since they were unrigged some adventurous types have tried all sorts of looks for it.  I’ve been really impressed actually loving it whenever I find them.

They are entitled… “Majesty” and they certainly live up to their name in my opinion.  Gorgeous look and rich in two variations.  Brown and a version in Black.  They are a favorite of mine already.

A Clockwork spiral runs as I said through October 1st and has an impressive line up of merchants to try to get you to spend your lindens.

Majesty Boots in Black

Taxi to the Event


Genre – Steampunk

Lovely day isn’t it?  I’m probably a wee bit on the sleep deprived side so excuse any random twitching or rambling that may occur after this point.  Thanks.

This month’s Genre event opened up this week with some really awesome creations… the theme is Steampunk!  I have a weird sort of fascination or love for this stuff.  I love Victorian type things, then add in the quirkiness of the clockworks and all… it is really a favorite of mine.  I know I don’t ‘get into’ it as much as I could but then it lets me play when I feel like it.

This month I have two offerings up for Genre.

The first being a pretty sweet looking hat.  Remember the Clockwork Spiral event I did?  Well I took the hat that was there… nice on its own merits then decided to trick it out even more.  NOW it has goggles on the brim, extra lil clockworks and a clockwork seraphs wing tucked in there too.  It is so neat looking, I kept it in black.  I know that for the most part people like or think of the brown but… it just didn’t look as nice, so I just didn’t do it besides.  Black works too.  I have a fondness for black.

The second item is a table set.  I called it the Brigadiers… well…. Table Set. *snickers*

It’s all steampunkish and made out of gears and springs and stuff.

I went with a metal type look rather than wood.  A little bit more on the industrial side perhaps?  I don’t know… I don’t generally have a predisposed idea of how I am going to make something to look when I start it…. often it is something that evolves or changes as I work on it.  Sometimes _completely_ different than what I had originally intended.  The set is all mesh and the prim counts are pretty awesome.  Land impact for the table is only 1 prim, and for the stools it is 2.  Each stool has 5 animations in it… male and female.  I had a hard time finding anims for the stools for some reason.  Had one specifically for a stool but the stool was too short… then the other ones weren’t right either so we’re going with something of a minimalist thing.

The table has a very nice engraved surface, and beneath the support along with the base have some really interesting texturing done to it.  You can’t really tell from the pictures what it looks like that well…. you have to see it in world.  I have it rezzed… hint hint…. at the main location AND at the Genre event since it has such a low L.I. I could do that.

The stools have a very nice thick leather in a deep red for the cushion, and then done in the same metal tones as the table.

You have to see it really.  I’m keepin this one. *nods*  After the Genre event it will be placed out at the main location, I can’t help myself….. but the pricing structure will change of course.

During the next month…. the price for both pieces is 100L.

After that…. you never know.

NEXT months theme is BDSM.

I’m fairly stoked about it…. and could use some suggestions.  I want to do something that either hasn’t been overdone…. is on the different side, like a sub genre I may not have thought of or know much about.  I love challenges and if it intrigues me I might work on it…. or hasn’t been done satisfactorily.  One common complaint I hear is that there is 6476324 different things out there but only a small handful is worth much of anything or worth having.

So!  That be my ramblings and odd twitchings for today.

Horrorfest is opening up tomorrow and guess what?! I’m there!  Have some new stuff for that too.  Woot.

Have a good one.