ROMP Monthly Round – Bit of Bondage for the Guys

Romp Monthly, a shopping list of creators that do a lil bit of Kink.  Small short list that you can pick things up for.  Sleek Bondage Bar [Gay Male Edition]This round I did something for the guys.  In general the folks at ROMP like to see some stretching outside the norms or offering up things that aren’t necessarily readily available.  Everyone likes to have decent furniture or items.  That we can ALL agree with I think, so last round I was in I featured something for the FemDom types.  This time for the gay male population.

A bondage piece.  Looking a bit on the uncomfortable side but that can be part of the fun hmm?  The piece has various single bondage poses to taunt, some single animations for their partner to be able to watch or relax and a few animation sets for two.  Interrogation types where you’re slapping em around and a bit of taunting.  With customized particle chains, giving of manacles to use, and two versions included.  One with and one without RLV.

Original mesh and all of that.

Overall I think it came out well.

Brand new for this weekend and through Monday, priced at 350L

Available at the main store location right at the landing.