We just love our RP

It’s the beginning of the month so I am SWAMPED. All sorts of events starting or opening but February just seems like one of those months where everyone wants to do a little something something.

Today We <3 RP opens up. It’s a great event and I’ve been blessed by being allowed to participate from the very beginning. Years ago. This month I decided to redo an old one into this cute little set. It was a part of my pottery line and this one is the Quaint Potter.

The Quaint Potter Set; available at We <3 RP

The set itself is not large in the sense that it is made with a smaller scale. A little thing that will fit into even the smallest spaces if you want to be able to role play out something like a potter. Or if you want it outside you can. A table with rags, lump of clay and water on it. The wheel and a stool to sit. There is one work animation for the potter, and then there are 12 single ground sits. Some for men, some for women. I did try to think of everyone in this.

The wheel is scripted like my other pottery wheels. You click it and there is a menu with various speeds on it from insanely fast to slow. You choose the speed, click again and click stop to stop. Obviously. It also comes with the rug as pictured, it just seemed too small to not have a piece tying it together like that and then a pallet of sorts with pieces all ready and waiting. A nice little scene for your rp.

Right now at We <3 RP and at a 30% discount for the round.


Twisted HUNT!!! A lil bit of fortune telling.

Haruspex TableTwisted Hunt has come around again. I always have fun trying to come up with something for it.

This time the theme that was suggested was Divination. I knew that it would be a popular one and the one thing that I also knew was that for the most part people think of the popular types. Astrology, Tarot, crystal balls. That sort of thing.  I do too so it isn’t anything off, and generally speaking… you know I’d love to make those things but because I wanted to do something a lil different I decided to think about what I might be able to do.

In an odd sort of way and with a weird streak I decided to make a table for the Haruspex.

I’ll give you a second to look that up if you’re not familiar with it…..

—- waits —–

Ok, I won’t make you look it up.  General definition, a haruspex is someone who looks at an animals entrails to divine the future, that sort of thing. Eww right? Yea, a practice not generally seen today one would hope but at one point and among a great many people it was a fairly regular practice.

So for this Twisted hunt we got a little bloody… but I hope you enjoy.  And yea… I also know that’s a lot of entrails, I was thinking along the lines of a sheep since that was fairly common animal to use for this sort of thing.

Out NOW at the main store in one of those twisty lil cubes.

I DO have decoys out with the prize not set for sale but there IS one that is set for sale.  Plus all my lil block piles. I haven’t exactly done a ton of decorating but a lil bit.

Will have souvenirs and a few things out and about throughout the month.  Have fun and don’t go too crazy doing the hunt.

Get yer taxi here


Midsummer Night Dreams & Dreamweavers

Two other events have opened up this past week or within the past few days.  Indie Teepee and the Liaison Collaborative.  Both of them have dreamy sorta themes going on… catch that? The play on words? Yea, I went there.

It’s early… ish, on a Sunday, I can’t be held accountable.

Both of these item sets are something that I really enjoyed creating for very different reasons.

First highlighting Indie Teepee, the music and arts festival I decided to make up a harp. I used to have one in my store quite awhile ago that I really adored and have always thought I’d like to have another version someday.  With the theme I found a way to make that a reality. The Midshimmer Harp set really did turn out better than I had hoped.  It has a soft feel to it with a fantasy flair, at least that’s what I think.  It comes in three different wood tones, a light, medium then darker tone. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so you can choose which suits your decor the most.

I added things…. made a scene sort of…. so each set is sold separately, apologies for that but you’ll see why when I get going.  There are three harps in each package so you are totally covered in however you might want to use it.  A playable version that has 10 songs, and 5 animations. The animations include playing the harp, and sits for male or female avatars.  The stool rezzes/de-rezzes as needed so it doesn’t necessarily take up extra space while not in use or any kind of clutter.  There is also a “jukebox” version of the harp.  This harp does NOT have any animations in it BUT it has the 10 songs that can be played with a click so you can have music in the background even if no one is playing it.  THEN I added an unscripted version of the harp just for decor purposes.

Midshimmer Harp Set - Medium Wood Midshimmer Harp Set - Light Wood Midshimmer Harp Set - Dark Wood

Since I’m something of a freak and like to think up things to do or go along with everything I also added a stool that is meant to be for spectators or people or just furniture you want to have out… the extra stool has 9 animations embedded in it for male & female avatars.  Amongst them a listening to music where you tap your foot and play along.

Deco included is also some flower scatter for the ground, two versions… one all white and one that has a few colors to compliment the harps, as a bonus I threw in there a flying butterflies thing with particle fireflies to help make a magical, woodsy and fantastical setting. See…. a big set.  I really do like them.


The second event and set for this post is at the Liaison Collaborative. The theme was Dreamweaver and from all accounts and the Pinterest board it was a Southwest sort of theme going in. Of course I could have gone at this in a few directions but I decided to sort of bring back a favorite of mine.  AGES and ages ago when I was a wee one in SL terms within the first year Shimasani Weavers Setor two of my store I had created a weaving loom with a decidedly Southwestern feel to it. Later I updated it a time or two when sculpts came around and now… with mesh, I’ve made my own from scratch… so to speak. It’s a long time favored thing, I have a love for this stuff… I used to watch my grandmother weave when I was young so most things related to that make me smile on some level.

I suppose it is only fitting at the name then. The Shimasani Weavers Loom set, Shimasani meaning Grandmother in Navajo is a vibrantly colored rather rustic looking loom. The loom itself has 6 animations in it. Kneeling weaving, and some sitting type of things. While making it I realized I wish I had made it a bit taller so I could add standing weaving to it but I suppose that will be something I could do later too.  After the loom we round out the set with various balls of yarn, 3 and 4 of them in one object and different colors… a folded blanket that has already obviously been woven by work worn hands, a rug to kneel upon and then a basket of yarn to accent.  The loom weighs in at 7 LI, a bit higher than I like but it’s worth it if you like this sort of thing and then each accessory piece is only 1 LI each.  See, I make up for it.

Rich colors, from cool to warm tones make this really something that catches your eye.  Available at the Liaison Collaborative this month.

Tax for Liaison Collaborative

So there it is… my second post of newness.  I hope you enjoy.



Rockin out Roawenwood style

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but I am an avid concert goer.  FGC Summerfest Festival GachaEvery year I end up going to at least a couple summer festivals of one sort or another along with going to see bands in various places.  I just can’t help myself.  The atmosphere, the people, the musicians all combining to create something.  I was very tempted to throw a little contest… can you guess how many concerts I’ve been to or how many bands I’ve seen?

You know I actually started a list because I was losing track, honest… and I’m sure I forgot some.  There is one band that I have seen a total of 10 times.  Now for some people that might not be much but then again for others it’s a lot, and that’s just ONE band.  So needless to say I’ve been to a lot of concerts and things over time.  It’s a lot of fun, and of course I go to other sorts of festivals, outdoor events, sports things.  Soooo when the Fantasy Gacha Carnival was coming around for August I was like… what do I do?  And I got the rather brilliant idea of creating an outdoor festival type experience since it is the perfect time of year for it.

Sad part?  Didn’t get all the pieces done I was going to yet… which I am considering doing a secondary gacha to add to the first for the frivolity however what is there is there because I thought it’d be fun to pass along my love of summery type festivals and concert amphitheaters to you!

Introducing!!  The Summerfest Gacha set.  We’re rockin out in the Roawenwood.  Yepp.

I so should do concert posters for this, don’t you think?  Seriously, I might…. it was one of the things I wanted to do.

The set has 8 pieces, so not a lot.  you get a good shot at the rares.

Now I got the games part done.  There’s tightrope walking, there’s these rings to goof off with, and there’s an acrobatic type thing going so you can role play out a rather carnival like atmosphere.

HAD to… just HAD to have an ale stall.  You -cannot- have a summer concert without drunks and drunk people adding to the fun, you just can’t.  I was going to do a beer tent but decided to do something else instead.  Seriously one of the last shows I went to this year there was this lady who was bound and determined she knew me, barely able to stand.  Kept coming up to talk to me about people passing by and all sorts of things.  She was…. really interesting, *laughs*  At the same show we had some other interesting experiences I must say.

Then there’s the stage.  Gotta have a stage.  Of course this has rather multiple purposes along with a few of the other pieces.  Places to sit, and I did a refuse pit.  I just couldn’t resist.  You know the amount of trash that ends up on the ground at most of these events… so we have a barrel that is full, and I was kinda funny… dumpster diving!  Can dig round in that……….. mess or dig through it.

The stage has 6 different colors of banners through texture change HUD, the log seating has room for two people to sit and has animations for male as well as female avatars.  There’s a lot of fun to be had along with some practical pieces.

I have tons of ideas of how to make this more, this venue and all but the pieces you see are the ones finished at the moment.  I’m half tempted really to finish the rest.  Needs more drunken fun along with clutter or things to muss up the scene.

IF you want any of these pieces… since it’s a summer concert venue Roawenwood style you HAVE to go to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Running all this month.  40L a pull, not too terribly high.

Have a good one!






Drunken Fun for 25L Tues

Drunken Beggin Fool Belt PouchWay way back I used to have an accessory that you wore and were able to play out the drunkard. Think I had a couple, a bottle… tankard. That sort of thing, single play animation of sitting on your arse singing like a buffoon while waving your arm/hand back and forth.

A hit in some ways. Now this was probably, uhmmmm….. 5 years ago or something maybe? Might even have been longer for all I know, and yet someone this past week sends me a notecard upset that this very old and very limited use item was missing from their inventory, could I please please help they need it for a role play.

Ok… there’s a flashback, and wow. I never did actually like how they turned out that well so I probably tossed them a very long time ago but it did do one thing… got me to thinking how I could make something like that now, but better.

So! This is what I concocted.

11 animations in the thing, click it to access the menu.  Standing, a drunk stumbling stand along with a couple sitting on your butt singing.  Then on top of it I added some beggar type animations.  I figured they kinda go together right?

Beggars… drunks…. begging so you can get drunker? *snickers* Ah well… but you see my point.  A great new RP accessory that you can use, it gives props.  Bottles, tankard, drinking horn and a goblet so you can mix it up however you like with whatever kinda thing you might be rp’ing.

I have it sized for both male and female avatars within the package but it is modify too so you can adjust it if you like.

It will be 25L TODAY ONLY!!!

Not leavin it at that price but I’m being a real nice sweet kinda creator person in letting you have it for next to nothing.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.