Catori Forest & Winter Furs for We Luv RP!!

Guess what?  We <3 RP has opened up again and I have an outfit for you.  Furry, leathery and meant to let you have a little bit of warmth while the temperatures begin dropping.  All forest dweller types or rough & tumble should take a peek.  It’s a great RP type outfit that is rugged and has the ability to layer it with other things or within itself for just the right sizing.  I know I have been a lil lax in offering up things for the “Roawenwood” side of clothing which generally is RP’ish or Gorean in nature.  This is full out just right for that.

When I was making it up I had the thought honestly of Northern Forest types as it draws closer to winter needing something more than a few skimpy furs.  I mean really… at some point it gets cold right?  Can’t ALWAYS be in a fur bikini, but yanno I’m sure there’s tons who really are going to stay in there even if they are freezing their nubs off. *snickers*

One of the tough things about coming up with things is finding just the right combination of colors, texture and things that make it feel like a person could wear this.  I can see ya’ll jumping through the trees or climbing them… stalking your prey whether it is of the two legged or four legged variety.  There’s two versions.  One is entitled the Forest Furs.  These are a lil more brown, a lil greenish.  A bit different… thinking summery or so.  Deep colors.  I love deep colors.

The other version is the Winter Furs.  Winter furs are blacker, darker, with some white fluctuating in there just a tiny bit but really they’re more black.  I thought they looked pretty cool.

Each has a top, gloves, leather pants, waist furs, and waist furs with flaps that go down the length of the leg in different sized layers.  You can wear it as the full outfit all at once, or you can pick and choose which layers you want to wear.  The pants and gloves are patchwork leather while the rest is all done in fur.  Also included are wooden armbands, and bracelets.  Some like that sort of thing rather than the gloves.  Bracelets not shown in the pictures, the armbands are on the close up of the pics.

You can almost feel the heat radiating off of these things.

Or the nice warm way they hug around you while hunkering down in the underbrush.

Demos are available but with a twist.  It is the full outfit linked so you get an idea of the general look & feel but not all of the layers that you get in the full version.

Available at the moment only at the We <3 RP event, I will be placing them in the store at some point either at the end of the round OR before… HOWEVER!!!!

If you get the outfit at the We <3 RP event then you get a 40% DISCOUNT!!


Want to go to the event





25L Tuesday

Two brand new items not in store inventory for 25L Tuesday this week.  Next week I’m on the list too and we’re supposed to do a gift I think so it’s all good.  You know it’s funny, for quite awhile I been thinking yea I should get on the list once in awhile at least.  It’s an interesting thing to do and people like to get a little deal once in awhile.  I don’t ALL the time but yanno, to keep it interesting.

Anyhow… I kept wondering why I’d miss the sign up times.  They alternate time zones so people have a fair chance.  Open up the reservations say noon one week and then the next it’s at 10pm or something.  My time that is, in SL it’s like 7pm or something.  And I digress yet again, but I was wondering why I kept missing them and guess what?

Well… I had group notices off. heh.

Nice huh?

So for this week I have a couple items up.


The first, the meat wagon was actually a customer request.  They had some of the other pull carts and was wondering if I had something along those lines.  I didn’t and while trying to figure out something for this week I figured why not.  So there you have it, at a discount through today.  Tomorrow it’ll be placed at normal pricing.

Second item is a set of bondage posts.  Short posts with a handful of animations in it, particle chains and gives manacles.  It matches the other wooden post that I tossed out there a few months ago.  I like it when things match or go together.

So there you have it, 25L for this week.  Come take advantage before midnight tonight SL time.




This week all that is dark and gloomy is on display just in time for Halloween at Horrorfest.  Decided to have some fun with it and offer up a few things.  These things that are going to be listed here aren’t available in the store at the moment.

Running from the 18th of October through November 8th.

There’s a bit going on.

A Hunt; which I have a prize at my store for that is supposed to going on now I believe.  It had been pushed back a couple times due to RL things BUT the prize I have is out and not too hard to find.  It’s in a wee lil jack-o-lantern.



So… what did I decide to put out there?  Well I’m going to highlight the masks first I think.  They’re kinda warped yanno?  They are unisex really… Think anyone could wear them though I suppose most guys aren’t going to want to wear the jeweled one.  hmm…. well…. be that as it may, there are two versions of the mask.  The aforementioned jeweled mask, and then one that is tricked out with spikes and studs.

Both of them have a lot of options as far as the looks.  The jewels and the spikes/studs can have their color changed, hidden or in view, shiny, brightness, glow, all of that stuff…. so you can make it look how you want or match it to your outfits… that sort of thing.  Along with this there are 10 different leather options for the bands and mask itself.  So you can have some fun with the looks.  Both masks are priced at 225L, through Horrorfest 25% of the proceeds are going to benefit the Epilepsy Therapy Project.  Not a bad deal I think.  The Eden one seems to be doing better than the other. *laughs*  I honestly thought it would be the other way around…. the spiked one, but nope.  It’s the one with the jewels.  I guess that’s o.k., not sure which one I like better really.  I do have a rather warped sense of things, you know they remind me of a muzzle.  Honestly they do.

The next bits of things I put out there is a set of bondage equipment.  Yea I know nothing new but they do look a bit different.  Made from bones, skulls and rope they’re far better for the season don’t you think?  And you know…. it’s easy to pick up normal gear like this… don’t you think having something of a conversation piece in your dungeon might make it fun?  Hey I thought so.  Why not.  There are four pieces to the set.  Bondage poles, a cross, something along the lines of a St. Andrews cross and then a set of short posts.

The Bondage Poles have 12 sets in it for a Master and his slave girl or submissive.  Kissing, sex, and flogging are amongst the offerings within the set that gives props, has basic RLV functionality and particle ropes for the bindings.

Horrorfest Item - Feast of Ghouls Bondage Poles - gives 100% proceeds to the event.

The second piece, named Crissed Crossed has a bit of a twist.  I think it looks pretty damn cool honestly.  It has 10 sets in it for the dominant and his submissive.  It also has 5 sets for the Domme and her boy.  Nice hmm?  I thought so.

Gives props and cuffs when needed, has basic rlv functionality like the other along with XPose scripting.

The third is a cross.  This one has embedded animations, no poseballs to muck it up and still has particle ropes for the bindings.   2 animations and 9 poses are included.  Again, I think it just looks cool. LOL

The very last… but not really least if you like to have different ways to tie someone up is the short posts.

Keep em on their knees I always say!  Or on their back…. or…. well….. with my vivid imagination you have no idea. *snickers* Anyhow!!  This also has embedded animations, 5 of them total with ropes.

Sweet little set.  Have one or all… I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

The bondage poles give 100% percent of their proceeds during the event to charity.

There is also another set, a decor pack with some dark stuff for sale that gives 50% of it’s proceeds to the event.

And if that wasn’t enough I did a wee bit of gacha.  Nothing too big but pretty cool.  A set of bracelets that are sized for both male and female avatars for your dark side. The gacha machines are outside the main venue in headstones all over the place along the paths.  They’re pretty cool, the whole thing is a lot of fun really, and for a good cause.  Mine isn’t on the main path up to the thing.  Kinda missed my chance to get one of those but along the left hand path as you’re facing the building there is mine about half way up.  I like it.

I guess I tend to overdo on things hmm?  If I didn’t end up doing all this stuff can you imagine the amount of things I could accomplish in my store?  *laughs*

So go! Have fun! And see all the other awesome stuff that is there.

>>> Horrorfest 2013 TAXI <<<

Go!  You know you want to!




Genre – Steampunk

Lovely day isn’t it?  I’m probably a wee bit on the sleep deprived side so excuse any random twitching or rambling that may occur after this point.  Thanks.

This month’s Genre event opened up this week with some really awesome creations… the theme is Steampunk!  I have a weird sort of fascination or love for this stuff.  I love Victorian type things, then add in the quirkiness of the clockworks and all… it is really a favorite of mine.  I know I don’t ‘get into’ it as much as I could but then it lets me play when I feel like it.

This month I have two offerings up for Genre.

The first being a pretty sweet looking hat.  Remember the Clockwork Spiral event I did?  Well I took the hat that was there… nice on its own merits then decided to trick it out even more.  NOW it has goggles on the brim, extra lil clockworks and a clockwork seraphs wing tucked in there too.  It is so neat looking, I kept it in black.  I know that for the most part people like or think of the brown but… it just didn’t look as nice, so I just didn’t do it besides.  Black works too.  I have a fondness for black.

The second item is a table set.  I called it the Brigadiers… well…. Table Set. *snickers*

It’s all steampunkish and made out of gears and springs and stuff.

I went with a metal type look rather than wood.  A little bit more on the industrial side perhaps?  I don’t know… I don’t generally have a predisposed idea of how I am going to make something to look when I start it…. often it is something that evolves or changes as I work on it.  Sometimes _completely_ different than what I had originally intended.  The set is all mesh and the prim counts are pretty awesome.  Land impact for the table is only 1 prim, and for the stools it is 2.  Each stool has 5 animations in it… male and female.  I had a hard time finding anims for the stools for some reason.  Had one specifically for a stool but the stool was too short… then the other ones weren’t right either so we’re going with something of a minimalist thing.

The table has a very nice engraved surface, and beneath the support along with the base have some really interesting texturing done to it.  You can’t really tell from the pictures what it looks like that well…. you have to see it in world.  I have it rezzed… hint hint…. at the main location AND at the Genre event since it has such a low L.I. I could do that.

The stools have a very nice thick leather in a deep red for the cushion, and then done in the same metal tones as the table.

You have to see it really.  I’m keepin this one. *nods*  After the Genre event it will be placed out at the main location, I can’t help myself….. but the pricing structure will change of course.

During the next month…. the price for both pieces is 100L.

After that…. you never know.

NEXT months theme is BDSM.

I’m fairly stoked about it…. and could use some suggestions.  I want to do something that either hasn’t been overdone…. is on the different side, like a sub genre I may not have thought of or know much about.  I love challenges and if it intrigues me I might work on it…. or hasn’t been done satisfactorily.  One common complaint I hear is that there is 6476324 different things out there but only a small handful is worth much of anything or worth having.

So!  That be my ramblings and odd twitchings for today.

Horrorfest is opening up tomorrow and guess what?! I’m there!  Have some new stuff for that too.  Woot.

Have a good one.