Building of a temple…

Obviously lately I am feeling like a story teller. Really though this isn’t all that different from where I began or who I am anyhow. I’ve always liked to tell stories.

To entertain, to talk. Sometimes I talk too much which would surprise some of you since I’ve become so very quiet too.

I am working on so many things at the moment that my plate isn’t just full, it’s overflowing. A lot of really good things too both in world and in the real world. It’s been an amazing summer so far even though there was a hitch with the spring. It never wanted to end. A LOT of rain. My backyard is more like a swampy pond area than a backyard this year but it’s been good.

When I am in world I can be found working mostly and I’ve been in more lately than in recent history. I’ve found my footing I think. Where I want to be and who I want to be. Finally.

Instead of worrying about if my store build is going to be this or that or will be good for shopping. Worrying who it will annoy if I make it how I like, or what kind of business I might get… I would get obsessive about these little pieces. The little details, over thinking every little thing. Not letting the artist shine, not putting to rest the less important things.

So I’m building my temple.

I’m going to share it with you all. One of my big shares. Some of you will recognize parts of it when you come after it is complete. It has it’s own history already. It’s own lore if you will.

Stories, legends and myths surrounding what it is, and it is glorious for that. A build with feeling, life, and sentiment. I couldn’t let it go, and I don’t think it was meant to be let go. Not yet.

A tiny bubble in the online world kept but modified. I have been thinking about releasing all the lore and stories as part of the re-opening process or just in general.

It seems like a fine way to begin the celebration that is my 13 years in Second Life and you’re all invited. I may not throw really big parties but I am celebrating and I am going to be doing a lot of little things I think to commemorate this milestone throughout the course of the rest of this year.

I get to say I’m a teenager again!

I was hell the first time around, wonder what’s in store this time.

Much love and talk to you soon.


October Picks Contest Winner!

Hey!! Guess what?

I did it.

Picked the contest winner for the last month. You know as an aside here, I haven’t been talking much again and it’s partly because as weird as it’s going to sound my days and nights are all backwards. I’ve been staying up so late then sleeping during the day often that I haven’t really been writing or communicating. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Does to me.  Like… if I’m up at night writing on the blog or doing store announcements it is the ‘wrong’ time? As if I’ll be bothering someone because it’s night time for me… though really it is day time elsewhere somewhere always right?

Obviously… I am just rambling here… aren’t you glad that we take these little trips inside my head? It’s always a lil busy in there.

Anyhow!! I picked the contest winner…. This month we have… *waits for the drum roll, doesn’t hear one and remembers yea she can’t play drums and didn’t hire anyone to either… clears her throat, whips out a sheet of paper squinting at it because you know she can’t even read her own handwriting… this is why she types… and begins to make faces trying to sound out the words that follow.*

No… no that’s not it… *she half mumbles to herself*

J…. Ji… oh! Jilly.  Yes it says Jilly. *proudly points to the paper waving it back and forth so you can’t really read it anyhow face bright for a moment before again concentrating, brow furrows which kind of sucks because she’ll get wrinkles if she keeps doing that and sounds out the last name.*

I got it!

This month’s winner is Jilly Zimermann!!

YAY!!! Congratulations Jilly. I will be sending along your winnings… 2500L and a 2500L gift certificate that you can use or give away to whoever you want for the main store!

The list has now been WIPED CLEAN!  Come down, click the sign near where you land to be put on the list, put Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set till the end of the month when I pick someone new.

Thank you, thank you… you’ve been a grand audience. Now go on about your normal day and I’ll get back to work, writing, living and laughing.

New things coming.

Please take care and be safe.