Photo Contest 2016 Winners!

I’m a little bit late announcing the winners for the contest that I had going throughout the month of June. I will of course apologize for keeping you all on pins and needles waiting… I know, just know how hard it is for people to wait around to hear who might have won 10,000L!

Of course the entrants are probably tapping their fingers reading through this wondering who the hell won and why is Sear talking so much instead of just getting to it.  Get to it, get on it, come on now woman….

Heh, I know.

How long do I waste time until actually listing them?

I’m really good at doing this you know.

I think that should be enough.



I haven’t really decided yet.

What do you think?

I am always looking for feedback, whether it is negative or positive.

Though I have to admit that negative feedback can sometimes sting a bit.

But that is how we grow and stuff isn’t it?


I told you I can be good at this.

Now to be a real pain in the ass….

If you really want to see who the winners are…………..