Catori Forest & Winter Furs for We Luv RP!!

Guess what?  We <3 RP has opened up again and I have an outfit for you.  Furry, leathery and meant to let you have a little bit of warmth while the temperatures begin dropping.  All forest dweller types or rough & tumble should take a peek.  It’s a great RP type outfit that is rugged and has the ability to layer it with other things or within itself for just the right sizing.  I know I have been a lil lax in offering up things for the “Roawenwood” side of clothing which generally is RP’ish or Gorean in nature.  This is full out just right for that.

When I was making it up I had the thought honestly of Northern Forest types as it draws closer to winter needing something more than a few skimpy furs.  I mean really… at some point it gets cold right?  Can’t ALWAYS be in a fur bikini, but yanno I’m sure there’s tons who really are going to stay in there even if they are freezing their nubs off. *snickers*

One of the tough things about coming up with things is finding just the right combination of colors, texture and things that make it feel like a person could wear this.  I can see ya’ll jumping through the trees or climbing them… stalking your prey whether it is of the two legged or four legged variety.  There’s two versions.  One is entitled the Forest Furs.  These are a lil more brown, a lil greenish.  A bit different… thinking summery or so.  Deep colors.  I love deep colors.

The other version is the Winter Furs.  Winter furs are blacker, darker, with some white fluctuating in there just a tiny bit but really they’re more black.  I thought they looked pretty cool.

Each has a top, gloves, leather pants, waist furs, and waist furs with flaps that go down the length of the leg in different sized layers.  You can wear it as the full outfit all at once, or you can pick and choose which layers you want to wear.  The pants and gloves are patchwork leather while the rest is all done in fur.  Also included are wooden armbands, and bracelets.  Some like that sort of thing rather than the gloves.  Bracelets not shown in the pictures, the armbands are on the close up of the pics.

You can almost feel the heat radiating off of these things.

Or the nice warm way they hug around you while hunkering down in the underbrush.

Demos are available but with a twist.  It is the full outfit linked so you get an idea of the general look & feel but not all of the layers that you get in the full version.

Available at the moment only at the We <3 RP event, I will be placing them in the store at some point either at the end of the round OR before… HOWEVER!!!!

If you get the outfit at the We <3 RP event then you get a 40% DISCOUNT!!


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Sweet Chocolate

Hello hello!  Today is Tuesday and I’m participating in the 25L rounds.  I haven’t peeked my head up on the blog lately which is… naughty… but you know how it goes.  For 25L there was a theme this week, chocolate!  Something we were selling had to have something to do with chocolate. 

So I made up a cute little bench type thing, lush cushions, and thick mattress with a very sweet animation set.  The girl sitting on her guys lap feeding him chocolate covered strawberries.  First she picks one up, nibbles on it and then feeds him before leaning in for a soft kiss.  Awwwwww.  Embedded animation the bench gives a tray and strawberry to wear when needed.  I have a few other things out.  I marked down one of the Ilsa kirtles (chocolate colored, ha go figure), a reading rug… a sub stump, have to see that one to know what it is I’m not tellin but basically a few other lil things to have some fun with.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to release tomorrow though I was thinking that something along the lines of chocolate might be in order since we’re kinda workin a theme here.

Last weeks release was a bit more…… twisted.  A Bond Circle, and Slaver’s Pillow set thing.  You know I really didn’t know what to call it so I guess we kept it simple.  Both of them have a 9 part sequential set of animations that can be used one after the other to create a scene or you can choose the one you want to really focus on.  The sets work well by themselves so you don’t have to be confined in your role play.  This is one of those sets where when I place the poses I tilt my head and just…. “ok, now that is a rather interesting notion isn’t it….”  hehehe  Delightfully deviant it moves through a scenario starting with a man grabbing at and subduing a woman, putting her to her knees… having her pleasure him with her mouth, take care of him and then ending with him holding her in a rather loving animation set conquered.  Quite the forced fantasy which I think has great potential if you want it.

The Bond Circle version consists of a ring of rocks with very nicely shaded dirt/mud in the center…. it can be used in northern Gorean villages, or in out of the way forestry type places… well really wherever outside, the set includes ferns, trees, a couple stumps and a log so you can decorate it up too without just having the circle.  The greenery is unlinked so you can move it, or pick it up even.  Kind of thought it could become something a little different that way.  The Slaver’s Circle is a roughneck kind of version with a distressed canvas type rug, shaded and wrinkled up with a couple rings of pillows.  Very simple but done nicely to give depth to a room, slave house, dungeon… I kept it pretty basic so it could be used wherever hopefully…

That was the big one.  I did also release an outfit… since the Bond Circle thing got me thinking Northern Gor I made up a kirtle type thing but it isn’t really all that conventional.  I like it… been wearing it myself, in two colors.  Black and Red.  I wasn’t liking any of the other colors I came up with so I stuck with those.

Not sure where I am at at the moment…. I have some upcoming plans for the store that are going to probably shake it up a bit…. but don’t worry, I haven’t given up on ya’ll yet.  Have a great Tuesday, get down here and pick up your discounted items…. and I’ll talk to you soon.