Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair Opens Today

BDSM & Kink, two of my favorites for creating.  The only problem I find generally when doing things like this is just settling in on what I want to do.  I kind of created my own theme for this.  Most know that I find Victorian and round about that time period to be quite interesting to play with.  One reason I like Steampunk and all is that flavor.  When creating this I was thinking of smoking rooms, lounges, the early incarnation of the man cave.

So I created something of my version of the man cave for my display.  I’ve been told I should clean it up, box it and sell it lol.  It does look really good, you should go see it at the event if you like dark wood, leather, cigars, cognac and a girl on a dance pole.  Think high class gentleman’s club where only the elite sit around talking about how they are kings of industry while being served by a beautiful woman.

Let me show you…..

Gentlemans Lounge

Seriously…. that’s just the display!  I truly had some fun creating it.  An immersive feeling inside my store front where you can almost smell the cigar smoke that might be hanging in the air.  So what is it I have for sale over there?  A bunch of new items and one set is 50% off.

Baxter Lap Dance Chair SetFirstly we have the Baxter Collection.  The chairs and things are falling under that category which will be expanded upon however for now what you can get is the Lap Dance chair.  This beauty has tons of options in it.  Sits for the male, teases, dances, for the girl and then couples menus that offer everything from naughty to nice.  Sex, foreplay, lap dances galore!  There’s 14 different couples lap dances by itself.  16 dances for the girl on her own while he sits and watches… 19 teasing flirting animations and that isn’t even counting the rest.  The rest of the couples animations sets that numbers 51 is a nicely done collection of forwards, backwards, with other fun including cuddles, and kisses for quieter moments.  Well rounded I would say.  No poseballs, and lots of options with classic style.

Next!  The dancing options just keep piling up with the next two items.  The dance pole.  Just make that girl the centerpiece of all your attention while she works it… or him.  The deluxe version of the dance pole has animations for BOTH male and female Seductions Dance Poledancers.  22 for her, and 6 for him.  Typical huh?  Always more for the girls, but that’s what I have and I threw it all in.  Mo-cap animations for smooth movement.  The other versions available are male or female only dance poles.  So if you don’t want the whole kit & caboodle you don’t have to.  You can pick or choose.  The dance pole is the 50% off item for the event!  Even better deal, get all of it for a very reasonable price.

After the dance pole there is the dance ottoman.  6 Burlesque style dances are included along with two sitting pretty animations for Seductions Dance Ottoman Set - Damasksdowntime or to just spend time talking making this a more versatile piece.  Tuck it away in your bedroom, or use in the club…. it’s all good.  Two versions.  Damask and leather.  The damask set has 4 different colors offered, and the leather only 2.  I kept that one simpler, black and brown.  Figured more than that would detract.

Last but not least I worked on an outfit.  I know that this type of thing can be rare for me as I see it as more of a hobby while the furniture is what I really enjoy doing.

Jahleh Corset Bodysuit SLink High RedIt comes in four colors.  Red, Silver, Purple and Fuschia.  Latex looking with a buckled corset around the waist.  The top leaves the chest bare so you can wear it with or without something underneath it.  I’m sure some would wear a latex layer under it or something but I’ve always thought why not show it off if you have it right?  And pretty much everyone has it in SL so why not. *laughs*

The suit comes in 5 standard sizes and here is something that makes it interesting…. it is for SLINK HIGH feet.  The latex works its way around down the foot ever so nicely.  I DID see someone pair it up with some shoes, and have seen some interesting fun ways to wear it so you can play around with the look.

So there you have it…. all the stuff.  Tons of it.  Lots geared towards men and women so no one feels left out.

Hope you enjoy and you should definitely TAKE THE TAXI to the event!