Treasure Chest Away!! Toymakers and wood workers.

Avast matey! It be that time again… the Treasure Chest has been released and a months worth of surprises has been revealed for the thrill of the adventure that can be had.  For the landlubber who dare not gamble ye can now be finding out the contents of those magical crates.

toymakers-worksetYes… I went there.

BUT!! I have some pretty cool stuff in there.  I decided as a nod to the time of year and season to create a toy makers set.  Something that I could have around in general it’s and old fashioned sort of thing.  Wood working, creating toys from little blocks of wood and things about. The set itself is cute I think. Has quite a bit to offer in it.

The workbench is of course the focal point. With two vices on it for decoration, chisels along the back and much space on top it it is animated. No poseballs though… as usual… embedded animations with auto attach props for ease of use and all of that. There are two work animations in it… planing wood and hammering so you can toy around with well…. making toys or just woodworking even. Then an assortment for male and female avs. Not too many but a couple so you can sit on the edge of the work table.

After you get to see the bench we have the little clutter pieces to make up the scene.  Three sets of wood planks to lean against the wall… then there is a small little toolbox sitting on top of a fabric roll, and blocks resting around it.  It’s painted red. You know… as an aside, when I was a little girl my grandmother made a little red toolbox that looked almost exactly like that. *nods slightly to this remembering.*

You then also get a small set of blocks set up as if they were just left from being played with… and then a set of crates that are done like shelves. Three crates, one with teddy bears in it and a wooden doll.  Then the bottom two have more blocks and a toy train.  It’s a very sweet set with a bit of ability to do some work too.

Now that the chest is revealed you have to unfortunately pay the 3,000 Lindens to get it but you know… there’s a ton of really good stuff in the chest besides that.  There’s a pair of boots in there that omg… just… yea, you should check it out.  You can either buy it at the treasure chest headquarters OR you can get it at my main store through a special vendor…. Seriously so much awesome in one place!

Have fun and happy weekend.



Christmas is coming…..

This past week there’s been a lot of events opening of course. Too many things for me to keep up with so I’ve tried to select things to do that I think will be fun, or helpful through the holidays.  One Carolers Lamppostthing that is always fun is the gift giving thing. Real life or Second life we like to think of those we care about on and off throughout the year while this time of year seems to be -the- time most people do it isn’t always easy to find ways to express that or do that within Second Life.

Two events that I tossed my time into is Twisted Krissmuss and then Christmas on 34th Street.  Both events are different in the sense that all items are transferrable so you can actually wrap and give someone a gift rather than drop something on them through marketplace or a vendor.  Imagine wrapping up a gift and placing it under the tree to taunt and tease.  It’s half the fun don’t you think?  Of course I have that sadistic fun side to gift giving.

I was kind of mean even a few times in years past. *nods slightly recollecting a time or two before with a quirk of her eyebrow she continues to type*

So I have some new things to show you… and they are transfer/no copy items for the holidays.

Firstly I’m going to highlight the thing at Twisted Krissmuss (TAXI TO BE ABLE TO GO)

When I was small I actually went caroling. We would walk through town singing, a group of people and at the end of it we would all congregate at the fire station where they had cocoa and such waiting to warm us.  It was an event they did every year and I remember shivering in the cold going house to house the promise of hot chocolate making the night feel something magical as people would listen, propping open their doors or braving the cold to stand on their porch, some grabbing Twinkleberry Lights Tree Set - Transfertheir coat to join us as we walked. Sounds very Charles Dickens doesn’t it? *laughs* Well, it was an interesting experience and something I have thought about… with my rather Romantic nature carrying it through the years of pleasant memories I have on occasion passed along the thought in my Second Life creations and this year I’ve updated a wee bit.  This is a special transfer version.  The Candlelit Lamppost set that includes one lamppost scripted to have up to three carolers singing alongside each other.  It gives a book of music to hold as you sway singing.  There’s also a few snow piles you can toss around if you like, and two extra lampposts for decor. The pack is only 100L and you can have it if you go to Twisted Krissmuss (TAXI TO BE ABLE TO GO) .

For Christmas on 34th Street there are 3 new things you can get. One a 10L gift that is copy/no transfer and then two transfer/no copy items for gift giving in the booth that I have.  The first is something some decorative trees, a simple item.  I called them Twinkleberry trees because I thought it was cute. The pack has three different trees in it, each one has the ability to have the color on the berries change from 66 different shades. So you can technically have them however you want.  There’s two planters…. and a single tree without one. Granted, this sort of thing is much nicer when it is copy however the price is rather cheap and reasonable so you’d have a few.  I’m going to possibly do a copy/no transfer version in the store just to have as well for those who might prefer it however right now they are exclusive to the event.

The second gift giving item is a variation of the sconces I made for We <3 RP. The Tarkhan set is something that I’m enjoying working on and have intentions to expand I think.  I love things that all work together so much, I just can’t help myself.  The sconces are rather pretty really done in holiday colors of reds and greens.  I know I could do other ones but I just love a nice red. It’s probably one reason why the holidays are some of my favorite decorating opportunities.

Tarkhan Holiday Wall Decor NTTarkhan Holiday Sconces Transfer


The bowed version with candle is the transfer item.  If you look at that picture you’ll notice that you get _a lot_ of them in the pack LOL.  There’s red and green variations for each size of candle. Since there is a tall candle and a short candle, scripted and non scripted versions you get 8 in there. Most people probably wouldn’t want more than that I would imagine. So giving a bit of holiday cheer.  I have a few other items that I’ve had around also in the booth, not as much as I would have liked to have but it’s been a bit rough finding time to be online this season.

The second thing pictured there is the 10L gift that I mentioned. It’s a cute little thing.  For your wall, and sized fairly well.  10L and copy! It’s under one of the holiday trees at the event so you will have to find my box to get it but the trees are easy enough to spot I think.

So TAKE A TAXI to Christmas on 34th Street!

Blog Post for Christmas on 34th Street with Map!

Have fun and Happy Holidays!!




O Christmas Tree — CoLab Kit Discount!

Homespun Holiday Trees SetSalutations this fine weekend!  CoLab, that fairly awesome small little event that I have been doing for years had a theme for Christmas and I decided to put something together for it.  Christmas Trees!  I haven’t got my seasonal around which I am going to be working on fairly hard this week however I just couldn’t resist.  I have these very nice wooden trees that I was working with that just seemed perfect for the occasion.

There’s two in the pack.  One is 3D, and the other is 2D though both with the same rustic coloring, deep colors.  I lean that way anyhow.  Tossed in for good measure is a little drape that you can put at the base of the tree in a nice green color.

Candles adorn the sparse wooden frame that flicker nicely, hearts and stars too.

Each one is sized to be between 5 and 10 LI however if you shrink it, it will of course drop down some… as well as the fact if you blow it up larger so does the land impact.

So for this round of CoLab you can pick this little pack up for only 60L.

After that it will go into normal pricing for the store.

At the main store in a specially marked vendor near the landing.

Have a great weekend!


50% off Gift Certificates, New Boots & an Impish bit of fun.

Christmas ImpIn the midst of Twisted Krissmuss there is a new last minute holiday outfit for you priced for only 100L.  I tend to like to add things as it goes on, and it doesn’t end at Christmas so I’m thinking of adding something for the New Year.  Maybe something a little frilly.  Who knows.  However!  For now we have the Christmas Imp.  Lace, bows, bright colors, leggings to wear and a string of lights to wrap around your neck.  Rigged in five sizes the set also includes an unrigged Santa hat to play with if you want.  I like making hats or putting them in things but I don’t like wearing them.  Funny that huh?  I don’t know why… better to not ask these questions I think but you know…. I figured it would be a nice lil addition along with the rest of the outfit.

Demos are available in the store and on the marketplace here.  As far as the outfit you can pick it up in world for only 100L or you can get it on the Marketplace.  The great thing, is it’s transfer… give it as a gift if you want.

Besides the lil impish outfit we’re also throwing some boots out there.  Jessica Rigged Mesh Fur & Leather Boots - BlackLeather heeled boots with fur around the top and then lil pom poms hanging off of the side.  I think they’re good looking.  Each set includes two pair.  One with gold hooks for the laces, and one with silver, they also come in three different fur colors.  Black, brown and of course…. white.  They’re named Jessica.  Funny that but why would I choose that name?  There’s an old Christmas special where Kris Kringles wife is named Jessica. *laughs*  So I just had to.  The boots are available in 3 sizes and rigged.  Demos are on the marketplace, or in world… you can of course purchase either in world or on the marketplace too BUT…. the in world vendors have the boots marked down 50% for group members of the Roawenwood.

You know the Arden bed set that was released?  Well I had someone ask me if I would consider a non-scripted or dumbed down one without all the animations.  I know people do appreciate that and I have in the past offered up different versions so I decided to go ahead.  The bed does look good and there are people who will want to have some or none.  Three versions are now available.  The deluxe version with tons of stuff.  Then the PG version that has cuddles, kisses, massages, and the breakfast in bed stuff along with the 3some cuddly stuff.  So now you can have that.  I gutted one too.  The basic version has all the extras but the animations have pretty much been stripped out except for the sleeps.  Room for two to sleep and all the decor.  It’s modify so you can add your own bed engine if you want or just leave it as is.

Let’s see… what else.

oh yea!!!Gift Certificate Sale


With the holidays comin to a close before too long for the next couple weeks I’m going to have a special sale.

For your holiday shopping and last minute gift needs I’ve placed a special vendor at the landing where you can purchase all of the gift certificates from 250L to 2500L for half off!

50% discount for the next 2 weeks!!

Get for yourself or for a friend.

So that’s about it for now.  Hope you’re having a good weekend and take care.




25L Holiday Bazaar

It’s almost over.  I think tomorrow is the last day.  The 25L Holiday Bazaar that has quite a few merchants in it all participating with deals marked down, gifts, and freebies.  The central 25L Gacha - Mukluk Bootstree alone is impressive.  Each merchant having to contribute a little something to give away to the customers.  Done in a cute village style I have a little shop set up over there… ohhh and did I mention?  They have gacha machines spread throughout with things to tempt you that way too.

I was something of a tease, I end up putting a 1500L gift certificate in mine along with the prizes you could win.  I worked on a pair of boots.  Wintery fuzzy boots.  Four different pairs of them.  They’re each colored and styled just a little bit differently.  Black, Cream sorta, and two versions of brown.

They are only 25L a pull so not a bad price at all… and I’ll probably put them in the main store since really I heard the lag is so bad over at the event that it is making it hard for people to go.  So don’t worry, you can still get them if you want.  Something like those I’m always a little tempted to put into main inventory but then I hesitate figuring it might annoy someone if I did after spending the time at the gacha to get them.

Winterliken Camisk Minidress - PlumThe item that I put out for 25L this week that is new is a snowy camisk/mini dress.  After the event I’ll be putting this in main store stuff… it isn’t meant to stay at a low price, it’s just a nice little thing.  I actually went a little overboard with the colors.  There’s 8.  Yea I know.  I just couldn’t decide really on which ones I liked or didn’t like so I kept them all.  Rigged mesh with a cute bow across the chest and then simple draped fabric down over the body.  Each comes in two versions.  The opaque and then one that is semi-transparent.  I found while working with this mesh that I could get away with not wearing the alpha layer at times and still wear the outfit.  This works out nicely sometimes.  Because then I can futter with it and have some that are a lil bits see through.  An extra bit of naughtiness for the holidays.  Red, green, plum, lilac, ice blue, royal blue, silver and gold round out the color selections.

Available at the moment only at the 25L bazaar running through tomorrow then it closes up and I’ll be doing other things.

With those there are also treats within my lil store.  Some gift boxes I’m giving away to help you wrap your pretties, along with some items that are transfer so you can give them as gifts.  Snuggly teddy bears among other things.  I have a bit marked down to 25L besides the two things highlighted here, and some lower priced items.

I have Genre coming up, Twisted Krissmus (yay!!!), and a new hunt all starting on the 15th.  This month is always crazy busy… I technically could have done a lot more, I’m glad I didn’t.  Haven’t found the time to get things done like I usually do… I swear each year there’s a lil bit less time.

Hope you’re having a great week!  That your holidays are shaping up into some awesomeness and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Taxi to the 25L Bazaar