The Warlords Court

GG Warlords Court COMMONSGacha addicts rejoice I have a beautifully detailed matching set of furniture for the Gorean Gacha event that is opening up this weekend.  Dark, and kinky all in the same breath.  The Warlords Court.

Fashioned with a few different influences it really doesn’t have to be in any one place.  Plank chairs which have a very Viking feel to them have carvings etched along the edge and in their simplicity can be used just about anywhere…. One draped with fur which is a rare, one without, a common pull… both have 11 animations within them suited to recline.  The animations actually rather fit the chairs which believe me was a tricky one with their odd shape.

Commons include other parts of the set from two different kinds of plants in their stands.  A floor torch which could be placed up on a table or something as well since it isn’t really sized that big.  The torch of course can be turned on or off with a simple click.  Vases, a set of rugs, and then two slave posts.  The first is a large captive post.  It has 6 embedded animations for the poor one who is trapped to experience.  The second is a small tether like post with 10 animations in it.  Each have customized particle chains, gives the manacles needed to wear to see them, and are RLV scripted.  GG Warlords Court RARES

The rares include a draped tent like structure helps create a shaded spot for the one in charge with one of two fabrics sweeping over the ropes that hold it up.  One is a plainer leather while the other is a tapestry.

There is an ultra-rare.  I don’t usually tap the higher tier in this keeping most just rare but this time I decided to do a wee bit differently.  The ultra-rare is a dancers tether.

A small tether/slave post the hooks to the ankle and is the official entertainer for the warlord.

The dancers tether includes 23 animations total; 5 positions, 5 sensual flirty things to try to entice, and then 13 dances.  Dances include different ways to shimmy your way around the camp writhing upon the floor or kicking up your feet.  Also RLV scripted, with the customized particle chains, and manacle included.

All pieces are materials enabled.

Opening April 10th and going through to the 26th.

>>> Taxi to the Event!!! <<<


See what happens?

Ahh, I was bored… waiting for things in real life to settle a bit and putzing around in my workshop.  Decided I could be a little productive while messing around right?  Sooo… I made up a chore for all you hard working folks out there.churning-butter-pic

Churning butter!  Exciting huh?  lol  I have some new kitchen items coming out (and some have been at the Gorfest this week) so it seemed to be a good idea to get this out there too.  Made almost entirely of sculptured prims it is nicely animated.  Churning, sweating and working hard you’ll stand every once in awhile stretching trying to get that kink out of your back before bending back to the task.

Smooth lines, rustic type appeal it weighs in at 8 whole prims.  Not too shabby eh?  Click the churn to get a plunger, jump on and away you go… Simple!  The animation is embedded, no ugly hover text or poseball to clutter your scene just like most of my chores.  The anim is adjustable through menus for different avatar sizes.



May Contest Winner & Updates

The beginning of a new month so that means someone was lucky enough to win the 1000L and 1000L store credit for the month of May.  This past months winner is blackforestWitch Dryke!!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your things!  She was REALLY on top of things, already sent in her wish list.  hehehe  If you’d like a chance to win all you have to do is come by the store, click on the board for the contest, place Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set!  On the last day of the month I will draw at random a winner and send out another notice.gathering-vulo-eggs-pic

I’ve talked about a few things recently and got things rolling with some updates.  Brand new chore was put out.  This one is a little more detailed, not just a bucket or a washbasin but a gathering vulo eggs chore with actual vulo sitting around it.  Had a bird made specially just for it so I could be as book accurate as possible too!  The chore consists of an embedded animation where the worker scoops the eggs outta the nest and places them in a handy lil basket.  I’m going to be working on additions to this as well.  Something a lil less prim heavy for those who are needing to keep an eye on that andddddd a few accessories like a coop, and more birds to toss about your land to make it look better.

I also added a brand new dance pit.  This one I think is finally more along the lines of what I wanted my dance pits to be like.  It is rather large with seating for 8 people.  Soft sculptured bean bag type chairs are used, each one with 9 poses in them so you can kick back… recline, relax or find another sit to amuse yourself with.  Room between each seat so a girl can kneel down to serve as well.  Along with that each seat has texture change so you can have a bit of a different flair if you wish.  Done in rich tavern-dance-pit-picwoods and embellished along the edges the pits texture change options have security features so you can set the permissions level to owner only, group only, or free for all.  The sands themselves have an animation menu installed in it.  This creates something a little different for your dancers.  You can add dances (use the ones included), reset the script and when they click the sands the dancer can choose from those available without using a poseball!  This creates more role play opportunity!  You can get closer, further, or entice those who are watching, it also allows for more than one dancer at a time!  The one drawback… well you can’t sync the dances, but then again realistically most girls don’t dance perfectly in sync anyhow.

The Through the Looking Glass Hunt started… and I have an offering hidden down within the landing point for that too.

So that’s about it for now.  I’ll pester ya’ll again soon.


Freebie lovin and an upgrade!

It’s the weekend!! And with that lovely piece of news there’s been a lot going on at the store!  The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt kicks off today and my lil heart with a dagger through it isn’t that hard to find.  It’s near the landing point just take a peek up and you should see it without too many problems.  It has a few things in there, I couldn’t decide what to place… along with the fact that I was -trying- to have a little bit of everything so most can find a use for it.

A sexy little camisk is one of the included freebies in there which won’t be put out for sale till after the hunt is over with… can get a free copy now if you like and feel like dropping by.

The Lucky Tribe event through the Lucky Chair Company is supposed to be kicking off today around noon SL.  They’re being secretive about it but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  You play games and go round the grid to participating stores to earn kudos points.  As you earn points you can redeem them for prizes at stores that are in the event.  Both of the lucky chairs placed out at my store can earn kudos points.  A twist on the grid wide hunt idea with some added fun and challenges! Lucky Tribe teaser post.

I added a new little chore… a harvest bag.  Nothing too awful major really but a little accessory that you can use for role play or whatever.

Dance Pit Upgrade Offer: When I created the Desert Opulence Dance Pit I included a texture change option.  The script that was used for it worked alright but on a reset could end up wiping the thing clean so you couldn’t do  the texture change anymore.  This really isn’t a good thing… you are paying for that functionality and it shouldn’t get broken that easily.  I have since had the script redone and now it won’t.  Safe from resets and safe from lil LL or SL snafus unless they change something.

In this vein I am offering a FREE upgrade to the latest version of the dance pit.  Anyone that has this dance pit is welcome to send it in a folder along with a notecard with the name of the person to send the upgraded dance pit to and I’ll replace it free of charge.  Rename the folder to something like Dance Pit Upgrade Request.

Have a great weekend!


Wow!! I was reviewed!

With a mixture of… “OMG!! Oh no!!” and “That’s sooooooo cool!” I was reviewed by the Silks of Second Life Blog.  I was rather shocked looking around their site the other day and noticed my store name along the links to posts.  Ok, not rather shocked… I was very shocked.  With trepidition I clicked the link to see where it led reading the post that followed.  Thankfully it was positive, and yes even if it wasn’t positive I would have mentioned it.  Someone taking the time to notice my place always deserves a nod.  They reviewed my Tattered set back in January.  Thank you so much for taking the time!!

So while I’m here I’ll post about the new outfit that I created too.  It’s called Moyna, which means soft.  The reason I Moyna in Sunsetchose that name is because the skirts just flow sooooo pretty around your hips and legs.  Snuggly fitted sculpted prim waist band with silver accents sits low on the hips showing off the lower belly while wrapping around you beautifully and move delightfully as you walk, dance or shimmy your way through Second Life. Bra top included with two options, shirt layer and underwear layer.

Moyna in FiestaOne of the things you really can’t see in pictures with this skirt is the way the colors of the fabric shift and change as you move.  The fabric is a variegated batik that has lovely tones that changes giving it new depth.

(sunset is my favorite heh)

New things coming soon!!  I have an awesome furniture set that is in the works that I am soooooo thrilled with.  It is broadening the line that I had already started with the bath house type furniture in grooming your property, and the hand washing stand.  I will be releasing that this week probably.

On St. Patty’s day I am going to have some fun set up around the store too!