ROMPing with friends and a bit of a Polynesian twist

Two new updates for you for this post! We have ROMP, that awesomely kinky event that sweeps through wow’ing those naughty little fantasies and then I did a round for Genre, the theme for this month was Polynesian. I just thought why not… I know, it’s terrible because I have so much on my plate that I added that for fun sake not so long ago. I used to do it more regularly, not so much anymore.

Devils PlaygroundAnyhow…

I’m sipping my morning coffee and talking to you guys.  Pretty good way to start my Sunday.

Going to highlight the piece for ROMP first.  For those who’ve been around a long while I had a gacha that was themed sort of like this way back, but this is a bit different and an adaptation from that… It’s a multi-functional sort of thing combining a lot of little pieces to make a scene all on your own. I don’t think it turned out too badly, and could see creating something a bit more ornate or intricate in the future for something like this.  It was sort of an experiment, I had thought of things like this in the past, seen things sort of like it but hadn’t played with it myself. Using the AVsitter scripts it’s a rezzing system based in the platform. From the platform you click to pick the items you want rezzed, easy enough and I’m sure you’ve seen the like before… it’s not anything spectacularly new in that sense.

The platform is 7LI and has 4 different colored texture drapes, lil more than I like for the LI and I’ll work to bring that down I think however within the piece there are a lot of other little pieces if you like the decor provided.  Let’s start with the furniture.  First off there are benches.  One rezzes on the right side, one on the left. They’re meant to be a wee bit of kinky fun in the sense you can have people using the middles pieces/spots while you have more people on the benches doing their own thing.  A group effort!! Potentially.

Otherwise you can use it however you wish, by yourself or not.  Ok! So! We have the benches. EACH bench, that means both of them have 17 cuddle/snuggle/conversing animation sets for couples and then 9 sex & foreplay sets. So lots of opportunity if you’re in the mood.  After the benches for the sides we have the pieces for the middle.  It becomes something of a staging area.

Spear FishingDecide the mood you are in.  Do you want to see a sexy dancer?  Awesome… the dancers tether rezzes with 23 different animations, some slave/submissive poses, some sexy flirty come hither things and 13 dances so you can writhe, play, and flirt with those watching.  The tether uses cuffs, click it and manacles AUTO-ATTACH refreshing the chains and you’re set to go.  I LOVE LOVE this feature.

Not in the mood for a dance?  Ok… how about some bondage?  Rezz either the suspension posts, the bondage post or the bondage cross. Now there’s something fun to watch. *laughs!* Kinky fun.. ALL pieces have AUTO-attach cuffs that you click from the menu, onto the victim, totally self contained so you don’t have to deal with extras if you don’t want to.  The suspension posts have 6 couples sets embedded in it for touchy feely sexy fun.  The hanging post has 9 cuddle types, 7 naughty terrible things to play with and then 22 bondage animation sets!  This has discipline and all so it can become a handy dandy whipping post too.

The bondage cross has 5 singles bondage animations tying the poor thing to it, 3 singles for the dominant to watch and grin at them and then 6 kinky sex type bondage sets for couples.

All around a pretty robust set don’t you think?  If you count em up you have 102 potential couples sets to play with along with the few singles animations.  If you have both benches and then a middle piece set up it can support up to 6 people at a time!

Then after all this I threw a few decorative items in there, rezz either the plants or the vases along the front… or leave them up if you don’t want them at all.  Each piece rezzes in between 2 and 7 LI, depending on what you rezz is how high that will be and when you’re done, you click click clean up the ones you don’t want out all the time… any… all… some.  You decide.  Awesome.  Great for people who can’t leave prims out when in a place you have to keep an eye on that sort of thing, and great for people who like to have a lil bit of everything all at once!

The Devils Playground….. you know you wanna.

Available NOW @ ROMP!!!

So… now to take it down a notch… Genre.

Polynesian.  I was going to do some food, honest… was going to make this lil desert thing with some regional dishes, and I still could for store but yanno.  Instead I put together a spear fishing set!  I used to have something kinda for this but this one is way better.  Mesh!! yes! of course… however it has a couple different ones included,  Either rezz the version with the rock ring, the one with the single rock or the one without.  A post with a basket of fish for decoration, embedded so go ahead… jump on, and the spear that you need autoattaches for easy use and derezzes popping off when you get off the set.

Each one has 4 different spear fishing animations in it. Extra decorative spears are included at varying LI depending on their LOD, weighing in at 1LI – 7 LI each the set is ONLY 100L for the round of Genre!  That’s really not much AT all if you like this sort of thing.

So go get it! Spear fishing for 100L @ Genre!!



Genre: Underworld

Demonian Spiked GlovesI haven’t done a Genre round in a long time, decided to go ahead and offer up something for the current one.  The Underworld.  Technically I had something else I was going to do however there was something rather similar going up so I decided to try to do something else.  It happens eh?

Sooooo I got this nifty pair of spiked glove things and decided that might work.  I named them…. Demonian Spiked Gloves.

I’ve included both colors that are on the poster in the pack, brown and black.  Why not right?  Options, we all like options.

The gloves are unrigged mesh, I was able to get them to fit on the hands of the Lara mesh body by Maitreya as well as the SLink casual hands for females.  I’m pretty certain they could probably be adjusted for different kinds of hands.  I’m not sure about men but you never know.  They work with the default SL hands as well, though that might be considered something of an afterthought perhaps to most people.

Since it is in Genre you know that you’re getting something of a deal.  95L for the round, after that they’ll increase a wee bit in price so if you want them now is the time to get them.

The setting for the round looks really cool by the way and has a lot of great creators, seriously… should go check it out.  Nothing is over 100L, what do you have to lose?

Take a TAXI to Genre !!


Genre – Arabia

This months round of Genre has kicked off.  Awesomeness for 100L or less from some damn fined creators.  The theme for the month was Arabia.

Kaamil Furniture SetI created a couple things really.  I do love the look and feel of this particular sort of thing though lately I have been trying to refocus a bit and do some furniture.  I really do like making up the props to create a scene.  This time I was REALLY nice and put out some extra fine offerings at a very inexpensive price.

A set of lanterns with different colored glass… and a full furniture set including rug, two different chairs, and a table.

The chairs come in left and right because they can be skewed to sit next to each other in different angles.

All mesh and the chairs along with the lanterns are materials enabled giving them some extra pop if you have all that turned on.

The Kaamil furniture set… each chair has embedded animations, TONS in there.  14 for females, 12 for males and 1 unisex one to start you off when you sit.  Yanno so no one looks funny before picking a sit they like.Bahir Decorative Lanterns Set

Each chair has texture change letting you choose from 8 different colors.  Brown, blue, black, purple, grey, green and a rust type color.  Fairly awesome really.  The whole set along with the table and rug is only 100L through the event.

The lanterns have a soft glow on click and these are only 50L through the event.  Three different ones in the pack.  Great deal if you like them.

Along with all that I did do a free gift.  Only at the event, a vase.  To go with the entire set.  See I set you up fairly well.

Hope you all like and thanks so much for checking in!


TAXI to Genre Arabia


Genre – Merfolk

Another round and another lil something.  This month the theme is mer-folk and I do actually like building for this partly because it isn’t something I do very often but I find it Under the Sea Merfolk Perchrelaxing.  The water, swimming, in general I associate it with peaceful type of feelings so when I go ahead and get into building for it or making something for it I tend to enjoy it.

I don’t really feel like I did anything all that grand.  I like it though, it is a little environmental piece.  Coral, sand, few shells and all with some kelp…. a sunken lost chest nestled in there.  In the chest there is 6 animations.  Hair brushing so a girl can primp herself out…. a few sits and a laying back sort of thing relaxing along the ocean floor.  I added an unscripted version for decorative purposes… and the scripted version.  It’s mesh so the unscripted is 14 prims but only weighs in at 7 LI, since it is mesh when I added the scripts it went up to 9 LI. *makes a sour face*

I know one thing when I’m looking for this sort of item, it feels like there isn’t that much really out there.  I mean it is pretty standard stuff.  Shells and all.  It’s not easy finding something different.  Ruins, lots of plant like things, but it feels like an area where some imagination or newness would be a lot of fun to play with yanno?  I don’t know what kind of group there is for it…. if it is even something ‘wanted’ I suppose you could say but I could see a lot of fun with it.  Was talking to a friend of mine, she wasn’t happy with the theme…. said it was too ‘mainstream’ and sort of boring, which sort of made me chuckle.  I suppose being a fish isn’t for everyone but I must just be one of those weird people who sees a lot of fun in some of it.  Seems like there is such bright color, and variations that the world itself just begs to be explored.

So who knows… perhaps I’ll find my way back under the sea sometime and do some more of this sort of thing…. One other big problem I have with it?  I can’t ever find animations for it that seem to be any good.  I’d love to have some full permission or at least copy/transfer sets to make a really good set.  Anyone have any resources?  *laughs*  It’s probably one reason I don’t have as much of this sort of stuff as I could.  Or would people be just as happy with some pretties that don’t have much of that in it?

Until next time…


Genre – Steampunk

Lovely day isn’t it?  I’m probably a wee bit on the sleep deprived side so excuse any random twitching or rambling that may occur after this point.  Thanks.

This month’s Genre event opened up this week with some really awesome creations… the theme is Steampunk!  I have a weird sort of fascination or love for this stuff.  I love Victorian type things, then add in the quirkiness of the clockworks and all… it is really a favorite of mine.  I know I don’t ‘get into’ it as much as I could but then it lets me play when I feel like it.

This month I have two offerings up for Genre.

The first being a pretty sweet looking hat.  Remember the Clockwork Spiral event I did?  Well I took the hat that was there… nice on its own merits then decided to trick it out even more.  NOW it has goggles on the brim, extra lil clockworks and a clockwork seraphs wing tucked in there too.  It is so neat looking, I kept it in black.  I know that for the most part people like or think of the brown but… it just didn’t look as nice, so I just didn’t do it besides.  Black works too.  I have a fondness for black.

The second item is a table set.  I called it the Brigadiers… well…. Table Set. *snickers*

It’s all steampunkish and made out of gears and springs and stuff.

I went with a metal type look rather than wood.  A little bit more on the industrial side perhaps?  I don’t know… I don’t generally have a predisposed idea of how I am going to make something to look when I start it…. often it is something that evolves or changes as I work on it.  Sometimes _completely_ different than what I had originally intended.  The set is all mesh and the prim counts are pretty awesome.  Land impact for the table is only 1 prim, and for the stools it is 2.  Each stool has 5 animations in it… male and female.  I had a hard time finding anims for the stools for some reason.  Had one specifically for a stool but the stool was too short… then the other ones weren’t right either so we’re going with something of a minimalist thing.

The table has a very nice engraved surface, and beneath the support along with the base have some really interesting texturing done to it.  You can’t really tell from the pictures what it looks like that well…. you have to see it in world.  I have it rezzed… hint hint…. at the main location AND at the Genre event since it has such a low L.I. I could do that.

The stools have a very nice thick leather in a deep red for the cushion, and then done in the same metal tones as the table.

You have to see it really.  I’m keepin this one. *nods*  After the Genre event it will be placed out at the main location, I can’t help myself….. but the pricing structure will change of course.

During the next month…. the price for both pieces is 100L.

After that…. you never know.

NEXT months theme is BDSM.

I’m fairly stoked about it…. and could use some suggestions.  I want to do something that either hasn’t been overdone…. is on the different side, like a sub genre I may not have thought of or know much about.  I love challenges and if it intrigues me I might work on it…. or hasn’t been done satisfactorily.  One common complaint I hear is that there is 6476324 different things out there but only a small handful is worth much of anything or worth having.

So!  That be my ramblings and odd twitchings for today.

Horrorfest is opening up tomorrow and guess what?! I’m there!  Have some new stuff for that too.  Woot.

Have a good one.