Droppin Out for Illusion Point

Droppin Out Bean Bag ChairsYou know I grew up around some really interesting individuals and one of the things they liked to do was relax in whatever way they could.

I end up making up something a lil fun for an event called Illusion Point. It’s been going for a week or so and with my RL vacation stuff I really wasn’t able to get in here to get an announcement out like I would normally.

There’s some really good creators participating in the round.

My item(s) for it aren’t exactly entirely fantasy but they could be. heh

4 chairs in the main set. Brown & black leather, draped or not draped. 10 drapes, and room for 2. singles sits, couples cuddles/sits and adult sets. 450L for the package.

Droppin Out Bean Bag GachaThen a gacha! See the key for the ones available. This one is a bit of fun, 40L a pull, no rares and it has different stuff than the other chairs. smoking, passed out, and the singles sits.

Decided…. why not.

Hope you’re having a great week so far…. take care!



Rockin out Roawenwood style

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but I am an avid concert goer.  FGC Summerfest Festival GachaEvery year I end up going to at least a couple summer festivals of one sort or another along with going to see bands in various places.  I just can’t help myself.  The atmosphere, the people, the musicians all combining to create something.  I was very tempted to throw a little contest… can you guess how many concerts I’ve been to or how many bands I’ve seen?

You know I actually started a list because I was losing track, honest… and I’m sure I forgot some.  There is one band that I have seen a total of 10 times.  Now for some people that might not be much but then again for others it’s a lot, and that’s just ONE band.  So needless to say I’ve been to a lot of concerts and things over time.  It’s a lot of fun, and of course I go to other sorts of festivals, outdoor events, sports things.  Soooo when the Fantasy Gacha Carnival was coming around for August I was like… what do I do?  And I got the rather brilliant idea of creating an outdoor festival type experience since it is the perfect time of year for it.

Sad part?  Didn’t get all the pieces done I was going to yet… which I am considering doing a secondary gacha to add to the first for the frivolity however what is there is there because I thought it’d be fun to pass along my love of summery type festivals and concert amphitheaters to you!

Introducing!!  The Summerfest Gacha set.  We’re rockin out in the Roawenwood.  Yepp.

I so should do concert posters for this, don’t you think?  Seriously, I might…. it was one of the things I wanted to do.

The set has 8 pieces, so not a lot.  you get a good shot at the rares.

Now I got the games part done.  There’s tightrope walking, there’s these rings to goof off with, and there’s an acrobatic type thing going so you can role play out a rather carnival like atmosphere.

HAD to… just HAD to have an ale stall.  You -cannot- have a summer concert without drunks and drunk people adding to the fun, you just can’t.  I was going to do a beer tent but decided to do something else instead.  Seriously one of the last shows I went to this year there was this lady who was bound and determined she knew me, barely able to stand.  Kept coming up to talk to me about people passing by and all sorts of things.  She was…. really interesting, *laughs*  At the same show we had some other interesting experiences I must say.

Then there’s the stage.  Gotta have a stage.  Of course this has rather multiple purposes along with a few of the other pieces.  Places to sit, and I did a refuse pit.  I just couldn’t resist.  You know the amount of trash that ends up on the ground at most of these events… so we have a barrel that is full, and I was kinda funny… dumpster diving!  Can dig round in that……….. mess or dig through it.

The stage has 6 different colors of banners through texture change HUD, the log seating has room for two people to sit and has animations for male as well as female avatars.  There’s a lot of fun to be had along with some practical pieces.

I have tons of ideas of how to make this more, this venue and all but the pieces you see are the ones finished at the moment.  I’m half tempted really to finish the rest.  Needs more drunken fun along with clutter or things to muss up the scene.

IF you want any of these pieces… since it’s a summer concert venue Roawenwood style you HAVE to go to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Running all this month.  40L a pull, not too terribly high.

Have a good one!






The Warlords Court

GG Warlords Court COMMONSGacha addicts rejoice I have a beautifully detailed matching set of furniture for the Gorean Gacha event that is opening up this weekend.  Dark, and kinky all in the same breath.  The Warlords Court.

Fashioned with a few different influences it really doesn’t have to be in any one place.  Plank chairs which have a very Viking feel to them have carvings etched along the edge and in their simplicity can be used just about anywhere…. One draped with fur which is a rare, one without, a common pull… both have 11 animations within them suited to recline.  The animations actually rather fit the chairs which believe me was a tricky one with their odd shape.

Commons include other parts of the set from two different kinds of plants in their stands.  A floor torch which could be placed up on a table or something as well since it isn’t really sized that big.  The torch of course can be turned on or off with a simple click.  Vases, a set of rugs, and then two slave posts.  The first is a large captive post.  It has 6 embedded animations for the poor one who is trapped to experience.  The second is a small tether like post with 10 animations in it.  Each have customized particle chains, gives the manacles needed to wear to see them, and are RLV scripted.  GG Warlords Court RARES

The rares include a draped tent like structure helps create a shaded spot for the one in charge with one of two fabrics sweeping over the ropes that hold it up.  One is a plainer leather while the other is a tapestry.

There is an ultra-rare.  I don’t usually tap the higher tier in this keeping most just rare but this time I decided to do a wee bit differently.  The ultra-rare is a dancers tether.

A small tether/slave post the hooks to the ankle and is the official entertainer for the warlord.

The dancers tether includes 23 animations total; 5 positions, 5 sensual flirty things to try to entice, and then 13 dances.  Dances include different ways to shimmy your way around the camp writhing upon the floor or kicking up your feet.  Also RLV scripted, with the customized particle chains, and manacle included.

All pieces are materials enabled.

Opening April 10th and going through to the 26th.

>>> Taxi to the Event!!! <<<


Tangleshimmer Grove for Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  An event that I hear from little whisperings that people look forward to each round with bated breath.  I am always up in the Tangleshimmer Grove Gacha - Raresair about gacha events.  Personally, I like to just outright buy what I like, gacha is evil and steals my lindens and I never seem to get the one that I wanted.  BUT… I do seem to see a lot of folks who truly enjoy the chance taking and the fun that is involved.

This round I decided to do something a little simpler but just so very adorable.  The denizens of Tangleshimmer Grove have decided to let you the wandering souls who like to have a bit of fantasy in your life share in the joy of their fairy circles.  The Tangleshimmer Grove gacha’s are too cute and done in robust colors that draw the eye.  The commons are simple, a single mushroom sit that you can lounge on or if you’re lucky to win the right one maybe a good bounce.  Six different colors to be had.

Rares are a sweet little mushroom cluster.  Nestled amongst the wood or underbrush each one has 7 different animations in it for playing, bouncing, lounging, kicking back and relaxing.  These guys come in packs of 2, each pack has two different colored clusters, and each one has the animations in them.

Tangleshimmer Grove Gacha - CommonsThe ultra-rare…. a fairy circle.  Fairy rings are extraordinarily magical places that are a place of merriment.  Not just anyone is allowed to dance amongst the fairies or within their circle but you could be one of the few lucky ones to win one.

Two variations one is red, the other is a mixed version with blue and purple mushrooms in it.  The ring has several animations in it for couples.  9 different couples dancing sets including lots of slow dances, sways, and then a couple faster jauntier ones to relax with.  Included also are 2 sets for just standing around talking, and then 9 more couples sets for cuddly, kissy face, lovey stuff.

In total 20 couples animations sets.

All embedded, we have got away from the poseball thing thankfully and perfect for that out of the way spot where you might like to have a little something extra.

Available now only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Galiana Bath Set for Gorean Gacha

Like gacha?  The first round of the Gorean Gacha opened up with some really neat stuff if you like that sort of thing.  Galiana Bath Gacha

I put together a bath set…. It won’t be available like this in particular except through the gacha.  As an aside that’s one reason why gacha’s are tough for me to do…. I tend to prefer to be able to offer it up so you can get it when you want without the game part.  BUT!!! I do once in awhile give in.  Wouldn’t mind a lil feedback if you’re of a mind to, does it annoy you to not be able to get it when you want?  Anyhow… the set comprises of two tubs as the rares.  Each of them are scripted with multiple options for either singles bathing or a couple.  Bathing, massage, kissing, cuddling, even some sex is thrown in there for the naughtier of you.  It’s a very nice tub done in the rather popular slipper type styling.   Copper or pewter versions.  The set has bottles, rugs, buckets and lil pieces to decorate.

I do like how it all turned out quite a bit.  It is very nice.

Available through the month until Dec. 15th for the Gorean Gacha event.