Femdom 3

For awhile I have wanted to get my foot in the door for a few things.  When the Femdom hunt came back around I got ALL excited thinking here is my chance!  So I applied and was accepted.  SWEET.  I wasn’t really expecting to be though I did mention that I had been hoping to launch a few new things, and a new line to cater to.

Remember the bondage chest?  Well that was the beginning though that has options for the male and female dominant.

This though, some of this… is all for the ladies.

The hunt gift for the Femdom hunt is a derivative of the item I’m going to highlight in this post.  The hunt gift is pretty awesome, the animations offered are different for the most part than what I’m offering in the full version.  The full version has a much broader spectrum.  One of the things that I have a hard time with when it comes to BDSM, Femdom, dungeon, any of it, that it seems like there is a lot of the same types of things offered over and over.  (( let’s face it, most dungeon furniture basically looks the same or is very similar )) Or doesn’t look quite like what I would want.  I’m a real stickler for details, texturing, not just what is IN the item though that is very important… but also the immersive quality of a product to draw me in while I am playing or spending time with someone.  Generally I have found a couple things that happen when I’m shopping for my own home.  Either I find something that looks stunning and doesn’t offer much in the way of animations or stale crappy old ones.  OR it has awesome animations but very lacking in the eyecandy eye appeal thing that really is important to me.  I have been mulling over and working on my own product partly because I feel like there should be some sort of happy medium.  Dungeon or BDSM or Gorean doesn’t have to mean flat textures, the same old same old or same designs redone.  So I’m trying to offer up a few more unique type pieces if I can even if it just means finding a small twist.  When I offer something up it’s because I’ve found something about it that I find personally appealing and hope other people do too…. in that vein….

Introducing the Queen of Hearts Sofa Set.  Rich fabric, a twist or two and you have something that I think just pops.  I love how it all looks together, and it has some nice options for the female dominant.  Female with female sub along with options for the female with her male sub.  Neither is left to chance with this one.

XPose scripted, rock solid on that account… RLV enabled as well with 4 menus.  Single sits, lays and reclining types so you can relax on your own.  A menu with options for both male and female submissives to interact; different sits and a few playful types of sets then a menu with spanks, whipping, flogging.  It rezzes the whipping post when needed with particle chains.  The couch also gives what you need.  Whip, flogger, manacles or rlv relay if needed.  It really is a nice set and is placed out in the adult section on the Zhu sim in Splinter’d.  The set includes the greenery, throw pillows and rug.  I like to add the little details.

You can also pick up the hunt item that has other things in the couch while there.




Lap serve anyone?

A few weeks ago a customer came up to me and asked if I had ever thought of making something that could be used for lap serves in the northern parts of Gor.

I hadn’t really given it much thought but she was talking about how it was hard to find something good for that.  I think she was referring to and hoping for a bench of some sort for the long tables that most like to decorate with.  I kept the idea in the back of my head not really thinking a whole lot about it until the other day.  I don’t know why it struck me but it did and so I gave it a whirl.  Of course it’s my own brand of thing, and not a bench… I went for something even a little more down to earth and that could be used by just about anyone… not just those who prefer the cold of Torvaldsland.In Lap - Sack

Late late last night just as I was setting up the prim for the GGWH (which has officially started now and I have a few gifts in there) I released a set of pillows, and one set of sacks.  I made up a few different colors, and the sacks one is worn a bit.  It’s a low prim (only 3) set that has four sets of animations in it.

The male sits first and defaults to sitting cross legged on the top of the pillows, then the female sits where she defaults into a kneel before him.  He then can leave her there or he can click the pillows to have her up in his lap.  The set includes the default poses along with three in the lap type animations sets.  The first a kiss/intimate type where the girl can wriggle her way around, the second and third sets are more naughty with some pretty good hip action coming from the girl.  *laughs*

The pillows are set to copy!  I keep things reasonably priced I believe and you can toss these bad boys wherever you want.  Like I said… available in a few different color options you can come down to the store to test it out if you like.

Have a great weekend and have fun!


May Contest Winner & Updates

The beginning of a new month so that means someone was lucky enough to win the 1000L and 1000L store credit for the month of May.  This past months winner is blackforestWitch Dryke!!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your things!  She was REALLY on top of things, already sent in her wish list.  hehehe  If you’d like a chance to win all you have to do is come by the store, click on the board for the contest, place Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set!  On the last day of the month I will draw at random a winner and send out another notice.gathering-vulo-eggs-pic

I’ve talked about a few things recently and got things rolling with some updates.  Brand new chore was put out.  This one is a little more detailed, not just a bucket or a washbasin but a gathering vulo eggs chore with actual vulo sitting around it.  Had a bird made specially just for it so I could be as book accurate as possible too!  The chore consists of an embedded animation where the worker scoops the eggs outta the nest and places them in a handy lil basket.  I’m going to be working on additions to this as well.  Something a lil less prim heavy for those who are needing to keep an eye on that andddddd a few accessories like a coop, and more birds to toss about your land to make it look better.

I also added a brand new dance pit.  This one I think is finally more along the lines of what I wanted my dance pits to be like.  It is rather large with seating for 8 people.  Soft sculptured bean bag type chairs are used, each one with 9 poses in them so you can kick back… recline, relax or find another sit to amuse yourself with.  Room between each seat so a girl can kneel down to serve as well.  Along with that each seat has texture change so you can have a bit of a different flair if you wish.  Done in rich tavern-dance-pit-picwoods and embellished along the edges the pits texture change options have security features so you can set the permissions level to owner only, group only, or free for all.  The sands themselves have an animation menu installed in it.  This creates something a little different for your dancers.  You can add dances (use the ones included), reset the script and when they click the sands the dancer can choose from those available without using a poseball!  This creates more role play opportunity!  You can get closer, further, or entice those who are watching, it also allows for more than one dancer at a time!  The one drawback… well you can’t sync the dances, but then again realistically most girls don’t dance perfectly in sync anyhow.

The Through the Looking Glass Hunt started… and I have an offering hidden down within the landing point for that too.

So that’s about it for now.  I’ll pester ya’ll again soon.


New chore and furniture set

Ok, now when I say furniture set, I really mean a BIG set this time.  Every once in awhile the creative streak strikes and piece after piece ends up coming out.  Make and work on one… get a new idea for another that matches or works well with the set… Thermae Vanity Table

This is a very large, very detailed set of  furniture that was built as a group with the intent to be able to furnish a bathhouse in sumptuous luxurious comfort.  Bath houses were opulent gathering places where people socialized and whiled away the hours relaxing.  That was the whole idea behind the set that I have placed out.

Over 20 different pieces that work together!  TWO differernt massage tables, one geared towards a full body massage.  Couches, floor seating, a lounger, vanity/dressing table, accessories, plants and much more.

My previously released foot bath, hand washing stand and grooming sets match the new furniture and a part of this as well.

Two copper tubs, one plain… one sitting on a frame with a fire warming the water beneath.  Each has two couples bathing sets included.  While in the midst of all of this I released a more rustic tub as well made out of stone, sculptured accents and two couples bathing sets as well.  It’s really a twist on the copper tubs that I was making for the other set.

Cleaning BootsI -also- have been trying to expand my chore and worker stuff.  I know… I take on too much probably, always doing new things but when the mood strikes you really have to take advantage of it!  This one is something I haven’t seen too often so I’m hoping it finds a spot with a few of you.  It is a boot polishing chore, boot and brush are included which is given with a lil click.  It is almost entirely sculptured prims, a bit rustic looking and can be put just about anywhere.  Only 12 prims so it isn’t something that will hurt too badly if you leave it out.

Enjoy!!! I have sooooooo many things coming up, like usual. LOL


Don’t know where to begin this one

I have been sooo busy in world even if I haven’t posted in a little bit.  I went ahead and added a new set of the Sahar outfit that is ONLY for the lucky chair.  It is a set done in an interesting green color.  I was a bit of a meanie and broke it up into 6 different pieces so if you want it you have to get each piece seperately.  Of course this is good in the sense if you don’t want all of it you don’t have to.  It’s broke up so the main skirts and top along with the cape is in the main set so you really don’t get cheated, honest.  The shoes, anklets, bracelets, armbands, and choker are seperate though.  Makes it a little bit more fun don’t you think?

As far as freebies and gifts go I also put out the Tattered set in purple out as a gift for avatars that are under 30 days old.  Only avies under the 30 day mark can click the box to get the outfit.  I JUST put that out.

rw-foot-bathI have been in the mood to build so this week I’ve put a few new pieces of furniture out too.  A foot bath, a bath house version for the grooming set, and a wash stand that includes a hand washing animation.  They all go together rather well and I’m quite happy with them.  I’m thinking of creating a few more pieces that go along with them.