Monthly Picks Contest!! It’s like a flashback sorta thing……….

It’s been SOOOOOOOOO long since I did one of these you’ll have to excuse me for being a small bit of late… maybe, you don’t have to but it’d be nice of you to.

I used to do this every month and it was so much fun, so I wanted to bring it back.  I have some lovely friends and people who have followed me through the years that will remember it.  Now I get to bring it back for all those people who might not.

Each month I will pick from a list of names one winner who gets 2500L to spend wherever they want and then a 2500L gift certificate.  This is a handy lil thing, keep it for yourself or give it away to someone you feel is deserving.

In the end it’s all good and great for you yea?  To win you will have to come down to the Roawenwood and click on the lil sign that looks something like this:

2016 Picks Contest July

Then… once you do this you have to have to have to put the Roawenwood in your picks else it won’t matter if you entered or not.  I always check, for that matter the first person that was picked from the list this month DIDN’T have my store in their picks.  I mean ugh, really?  So… I picked someone else. *nods to this* yes we did.

That said this past months picks winner is none other than!!!

✔  Dannariss Resident

Yay!! Congrats!!!

Remember it is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  The list has once again been wiped clean and everyone has a fresh month to try again.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far and thank you so much for playing!





March Picks Contest Winner

It’s the last day of the month and as promised a winner has been drawn randomly from those who entered the picks contest board at the landing point at the Roawenwood main store.

The winner for the month of March was nineve Muircastle!  Congratulations!

The next drawing will be on April 30th.

All you have to do to enter is stop by my main location, place Roawenwood in your picks, and click the contest sign.  That’s it!  Finished, and then you are automatically entered for the month.

Each month the board is wiped clean so if you entered in March you’ll need to come back down and enter again to win!

Winners receive 1000L and then 1000L store credit on anything at my main location on the Five Blades Sim.


Treasure Hunt!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!  I have been thinking about doing something like this for awhile so it is perfect timing.  Spread out and left in different parts of my store are wee little piles of gold holding items from my store.  Silks, clothing, and furniture pieces one that I sell for 1300L!

The hunt will go on from today and through March 20th.  I will be cleaning up items on March 21st sometime.

I hope anyone who participates has fun, and doesn’t get too frustrated.  My place has a lot of space so you gotta keep your eyes peeled.


Come relax with me and go fishing!

I have heard of different games in SL and recently went ahead trying the 7seas Fishing game.  It’s addictive and a lot of fun.

Went and set up a nice little spot along the bay in my place where you can hang out… relax… pull up a crate and catch a few fish.  Placed out a vendor so you can stay stocked up on bait, or whatever else you need while you’re there.

See you there and Have fun!!!

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.

~Irish Blessing~