Yay! Congrats!

April has flown by and it is time to announce the monthly winner for the picks contest!  While we wait for the drumroll and all that jazz take a moment to reflect on how quickly the freekin month went.  My god!  Feels like it just started.  *snickers*

Anyhow……………. The winner for the month of April is Tamira Juran!!  Tamira won the 1000L prize along with the 1000L store credit!  *does a lil happy dance for the winner.*

I’m so glad to have you folks stopping by my place and taking the time to add it to your picks, I adore that ya’ll like my work and enjoy it immensely.  Thank you so much for being a part of my SL. rw-golden-bath-set-nt

Also tonight is the start of the SL Discovery Grid Wide Hunt!  Over 500 stores are partipating… it’s huge.  Honestly I can’t imagine doing a hunt this large but I know there’s some out there that will.  My place is wayyyyyyyyy down the list at 390 but if you’re so inclined you can look around to find the lil magnifying glass and get a great freebie.  I made a small bath set, copy/no transfer.  I really didn’t hide the glass that badly… it’s near the front where you tp in, I just hate getting frustrated on hunts when I do them so I was trying to make it simple.  This particular Grid Hunt runs from May 1 – June 30th, so lots of time to wander the different stores.

Take a peek at the picture.  Have a great weekend!!


Treasure Hunt!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!  I have been thinking about doing something like this for awhile so it is perfect timing.  Spread out and left in different parts of my store are wee little piles of gold holding items from my store.  Silks, clothing, and furniture pieces one that I sell for 1300L!

The hunt will go on from today and through March 20th.  I will be cleaning up items on March 21st sometime.

I hope anyone who participates has fun, and doesn’t get too frustrated.  My place has a lot of space so you gotta keep your eyes peeled.


Don’t know where to begin this one

I have been sooo busy in world even if I haven’t posted in a little bit.  I went ahead and added a new set of the Sahar outfit that is ONLY for the lucky chair.  It is a set done in an interesting green color.  I was a bit of a meanie and broke it up into 6 different pieces so if you want it you have to get each piece seperately.  Of course this is good in the sense if you don’t want all of it you don’t have to.  It’s broke up so the main skirts and top along with the cape is in the main set so you really don’t get cheated, honest.  The shoes, anklets, bracelets, armbands, and choker are seperate though.  Makes it a little bit more fun don’t you think?

As far as freebies and gifts go I also put out the Tattered set in purple out as a gift for avatars that are under 30 days old.  Only avies under the 30 day mark can click the box to get the outfit.  I JUST put that out.

rw-foot-bathI have been in the mood to build so this week I’ve put a few new pieces of furniture out too.  A foot bath, a bath house version for the grooming set, and a wash stand that includes a hand washing animation.  They all go together rather well and I’m quite happy with them.  I’m thinking of creating a few more pieces that go along with them.


A Free Gift from Roawenwood!

I know there’s a whole culture of freebie hunters out there.  This week and next week I’m going to be putting out a new freebie for the holiday season.

CLICK HERE for the SLURL to go to my in world location or do a search in Places for Roawenwood and grab up your present for the week.  Wrapped up in a special gift box that will unwrap on click.

I’m not tellin what’s in the box but it is a three piece set, copy/no transfer of course… and it’s not clothes!  I will say that much.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!

Well the holiday season is in full swing and of course my place is full of things.  A special holiday carousel, tons of different trees, holiday drinks, food, a yule log, wreaths, teddy bear sculptures, lights.  It’s hard to list it all and you know I might have listed some before.  I add new things every once in awhile, new sculptured stockings that are just soooo cute.  I really love them, they look so great.

This past week I worked on some holiday freebie lovin that I put into some lucky present boxes under the tree not far from where you port in.  A set of holiday slippers, slave rags, and a set of the Lascivious silks in emerald are all placed within.  Sort of like a lucky chair but a present.  Your letter comes up and woot!  You win! 

I haven’t really settled on what else I’m going to be giving away this holiday, since I have the clothing thing covered I want to some up with something else for the other freebies.

More to come, and I’ll try to have an update soon.