Chains and Bondage for the Fetish Fair

Hung from Above Bondage ChainsThe Fetish Fair has been going on for just about a week now and there is one more week for your kink on the event running till Sept. 2.  From everything I hear the sim has been really busy so one can never be certain how they are going to get there even.

I have a couple things for you for it and during the fair they are at a 50% discount!

Hanging chains, dancing chains… chains of all shapes and sizes.  Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration however there are decorative pieces that can be resized or thrown about just as well as the other more functional ones that have animations.

Firstly we have the Hung from Above Bondage Chains. Made to attach to the ceiling or to a frame the chains hang down creating a different sort of bondage piece.  Suspension bondage with rezzable props that help create a few options.  Inverted, up, down, on one chain or another there are 44 couples bondage sets and 4 singles. Everything from watching, waiting to sex, play and punishment.

The piece uses experience keys and auto-attach for all props or accessories.  You can have the manacles placed right from Enchained Dance Setthe menu while you’re on it and it will refresh to show the chains without having to get off or back on! Seriously love that feature, so much more seamless when it comes to the bondage scenes.  Props and all things work for you and make it as painless as possible…. or at least the icky parts that can ruin a scene. The pain part is up to you.  Copy/modify and includes decorative chains and three metal colors, bronze, brass and pewter.

The next piece is a set of dance chains. One in a more traditional dance pole type of set up and the other a hanging chain.  This makes this rather unique and I think it just looks cool all around. I actually got the idea from a movie I was watching, there was this strip club scene, chains all around… just got me to thinking.  So that’s where it started.  I do love this sort of dancing, can’t help it… it’s a weakness.

They both have 28 different pole dances… for men and women! Though there’s a lot more for the women… I’ll grant you that. A few animations thrown in there so you can lean on it or wait around too. The set comes with the decorative hanging chains, three colors of metal for each version… the hanging and pole versions.  All very cool.

ALL at the fetish fair and at a 50% discount during the event!!!

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