Wayfarers Roost at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

FGC Wayfarers Roost Gacha

I have some AWESOME news in relation to my gacha sets.  I’m going to begin offering a handy way to get no transfer/copy versions for people who play!  But first… the new gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

So I recreated a scene that I had ages and ages ago modifying it to make something new and in mesh.  A roadside tavern type thing, open floor and all.  It used to have a ton of pieces to it, and while this revamped version has a few for it since it’s a gacha, it is quite a bit different to the old one.

This one for instance doesn’t have kitchen stuff yet, doesn’t have a stage or certain things.  Technically I was thinking of adding pieces that AREN’T gacha related later to try to make a different kind of set. However we have the beginnings…

This gacha set consists of decor, a building, and interactive furniture to create a fun lil space.  The building itself is about 14.3 x q4.3 sqm footprint.  Not too shabby, pretty large. Accessories included will be things like the other rares.  A small low to the ground table for playing cards and chatting.  Sit your backside down and enjoy yourself a bit with a friend.  The other rare is a dice playing game.  Click it and 5 dice rezz… make a gambling game out of it or something yes?  Interesting enough I think for those who really like to RP.  As part of the commons there is a cushioned seat that is rather large but very comfy looking.  Three different cushion colors and each seat has 12 animations in it including one for the guys to drink an ale.  Of course they’re embedded and any props used are an auto attach type thing.

As you can see from the picture there are shelves, plants/vases, a fountain, barrels, lil tables with food and things on them.  Enough to decorate nicely if you like, a tavern, gaming hall, hang out.  I’m sure people could think up all sorts of things.  Perhaps in the future I’ll work on adding more to it since it’s a certain kinda love I got.

The other news I have is that I’ve begun setting up a way for people to get no transfer versions of my gacha items without having to come to me, you get the choice.  Most people don’t like to and won’t anyhow, come to me or bother me about it but I do know there’s quite a few who’d rather do the no transfer thing.  Sure I could really probably make you guys only have no copy and get you to keep playing that darned machine to get decorative pieces or something but I think it’s kinda nicer to be able to turn them in.  Yea I’d make more money torturing you but I suppose this is something of a gesture on my part.

On a spot on my sim for select gacha’s you can go turn them in.  A server/vendor thing has been set up for this one, being the first I’ve done it for to see how it goes.  Go there, landmark included in the package for the items you win, and then after unpacking the item rezz the no copy version.  You’ll get a message thanking you and poof it will disappear.  Don’t panic!  It should all things considering and no real hiccups then simultaneously send you a copiable no transfer version of the item you rezzed.  If for some reason it doesn’t and you see the lil message, along with the poofiness of the no copy item then contact me.  IM, notecard or email (email is included in the NC in the item) the system I’m using keeps a log of the items rezzed and who rezzed them so I can keep track or resend an item if it doesn’t go through.  As long as all of that is working right and I did test this set, then it will be recorded and I can fix it.  I tested this quite a few times so I know it works.

So! There’s my news for today!  A new gacha set at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and some lovin on my part letting you switch permissions on prizes won.

Have a great week and thanks so much.



Rockin out Roawenwood style

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but I am an avid concert goer.  FGC Summerfest Festival GachaEvery year I end up going to at least a couple summer festivals of one sort or another along with going to see bands in various places.  I just can’t help myself.  The atmosphere, the people, the musicians all combining to create something.  I was very tempted to throw a little contest… can you guess how many concerts I’ve been to or how many bands I’ve seen?

You know I actually started a list because I was losing track, honest… and I’m sure I forgot some.  There is one band that I have seen a total of 10 times.  Now for some people that might not be much but then again for others it’s a lot, and that’s just ONE band.  So needless to say I’ve been to a lot of concerts and things over time.  It’s a lot of fun, and of course I go to other sorts of festivals, outdoor events, sports things.  Soooo when the Fantasy Gacha Carnival was coming around for August I was like… what do I do?  And I got the rather brilliant idea of creating an outdoor festival type experience since it is the perfect time of year for it.

Sad part?  Didn’t get all the pieces done I was going to yet… which I am considering doing a secondary gacha to add to the first for the frivolity however what is there is there because I thought it’d be fun to pass along my love of summery type festivals and concert amphitheaters to you!

Introducing!!  The Summerfest Gacha set.  We’re rockin out in the Roawenwood.  Yepp.

I so should do concert posters for this, don’t you think?  Seriously, I might…. it was one of the things I wanted to do.

The set has 8 pieces, so not a lot.  you get a good shot at the rares.

Now I got the games part done.  There’s tightrope walking, there’s these rings to goof off with, and there’s an acrobatic type thing going so you can role play out a rather carnival like atmosphere.

HAD to… just HAD to have an ale stall.  You -cannot- have a summer concert without drunks and drunk people adding to the fun, you just can’t.  I was going to do a beer tent but decided to do something else instead.  Seriously one of the last shows I went to this year there was this lady who was bound and determined she knew me, barely able to stand.  Kept coming up to talk to me about people passing by and all sorts of things.  She was…. really interesting, *laughs*  At the same show we had some other interesting experiences I must say.

Then there’s the stage.  Gotta have a stage.  Of course this has rather multiple purposes along with a few of the other pieces.  Places to sit, and I did a refuse pit.  I just couldn’t resist.  You know the amount of trash that ends up on the ground at most of these events… so we have a barrel that is full, and I was kinda funny… dumpster diving!  Can dig round in that……….. mess or dig through it.

The stage has 6 different colors of banners through texture change HUD, the log seating has room for two people to sit and has animations for male as well as female avatars.  There’s a lot of fun to be had along with some practical pieces.

I have tons of ideas of how to make this more, this venue and all but the pieces you see are the ones finished at the moment.  I’m half tempted really to finish the rest.  Needs more drunken fun along with clutter or things to muss up the scene.

IF you want any of these pieces… since it’s a summer concert venue Roawenwood style you HAVE to go to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Running all this month.  40L a pull, not too terribly high.

Have a good one!






Fantasy Gacha Carnival & 25L Tues!

Petite Grande Room SkyboxI know I been sucking getting updates out but I’m here to fill you in on two events for today.  25L Tues…. since the beginning a fun little way to get a discounted item for yourself.  This week until Midnight SLT I have a skybox available at the main store.  Gothic looking in nature it actually fairly matches some of the bondage furniture I have.  It would all go together quite lovely to be honest.  After today it won’t be on sale any longer.  I might make it a group only type thing.  Haven’t decided yet.

I also have the latest round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival to tell you about.  It technically started the 11th, generally though that first day or two the sim is so packed getting there is really hard so sometimes I stagger the announcement so you can get there easier without all the hassle.  I’m not sure if people prefer that or not and it isn’t that I *don’t* want to announce it.  I just know how frustrating it is to get there.  One time my vendors were all screwed up, or some permissions issue.  Couldn’t get there to fix it for 2 days! OMG what a freekin nightmare that was.FGC Devils Playground Commons

Needless to say I’ve gotten a lot better about double checking things if I can help it.

This round the theme was darker… Gothic, demons, that sort of thing.  Urts, Assassins, and Elves were tossed in there too.  I guess I went with a twist.  I created….. the Devils Playground.  *coughs*  A bit of bondage never hurt anyone right?  Technically conceptually it started out as a terror court type thing.  Hanging posts where the soon to be sacrificed were waiting and there was going to be a throne, among other things.  But then when I was working on it, I just wasn’t feeling the whole throne thing…. I end up just puttering around with different pieces.  A couple places to sit.  A bench with couples poses so they can sit back watching the fun on the bondage cross or the folks hanging around from the posts.  Decorative pieces adorn it.  A draped stage, torches, braziers.

FGC Devils Playground RaresI did make up quite a few pieces for it.  It has an interesting look I think but that fun element.  A friend of mine mentioned while I was working on it that I seemed like I was in a dark place lately…. I laughed, remarked… that or I need to….. *laughs leaving the thought hanging.*

I hope you all enjoy.  The bondage rack has 5 singles bondage anims, 3 singles anims for the dominant to watch or tap their foot, and then 6 rather kinky sex type animation sets with a bit of force to them.  The rack gives manacles to wear and has customized particle chains.  The couples bench which is a rare along with the rack has 17 cuddly snuggly type animations, then 9 sex or foreplay sets.  It’s meant to have a bit so you can sit around chatting or have some dirty fun either indoors or out depending on where you put it.

The commons are varied.  Wall torches, an ottoman with 7 animations in it, hanging decor on chains, a bondage post with 2 animations which also gives manacles.  Two types of braziers, the stage it is all on with a drape, and then the columns throw in for good measure and decorative possibilities.

So a good set if you like it.  Rough but elegant all at the same time.

To get to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival just call for a TAXI and you’ll be there.

Now for fun… and if you’ve read this far!

In noticed in the in world Roawenwood group there is a group gift.  A fabulous revisiting of a long gone item.  Ages and ages ago I had something called the Drama Zone Popcorn Bag.  It was a fun little thing that you wore so you could sit back when drama hit and enjoy yourself or if you found other uses for it.  With a gentle nudge from group chat and some fun in there I decided to resurrect and redo the piece for all of you that have stuck around or those who have no idea what I’m talking about. lol  Drama Zone Popcorn Bag v2


Ta da!

Join the in world group or just check notices and you can have your very own Popcorn Bag to wear, two animations.  One for male, one for female… both are subtly different in how they sit.  Wear it from your inventory, click the bag to pick the animation you want and have some fun.  It’s there for now in notices for your enjoyment.

Take care and happy Tuesday!!


Tangleshimmer Grove for Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  An event that I hear from little whisperings that people look forward to each round with bated breath.  I am always up in the Tangleshimmer Grove Gacha - Raresair about gacha events.  Personally, I like to just outright buy what I like, gacha is evil and steals my lindens and I never seem to get the one that I wanted.  BUT… I do seem to see a lot of folks who truly enjoy the chance taking and the fun that is involved.

This round I decided to do something a little simpler but just so very adorable.  The denizens of Tangleshimmer Grove have decided to let you the wandering souls who like to have a bit of fantasy in your life share in the joy of their fairy circles.  The Tangleshimmer Grove gacha’s are too cute and done in robust colors that draw the eye.  The commons are simple, a single mushroom sit that you can lounge on or if you’re lucky to win the right one maybe a good bounce.  Six different colors to be had.

Rares are a sweet little mushroom cluster.  Nestled amongst the wood or underbrush each one has 7 different animations in it for playing, bouncing, lounging, kicking back and relaxing.  These guys come in packs of 2, each pack has two different colored clusters, and each one has the animations in them.

Tangleshimmer Grove Gacha - CommonsThe ultra-rare…. a fairy circle.  Fairy rings are extraordinarily magical places that are a place of merriment.  Not just anyone is allowed to dance amongst the fairies or within their circle but you could be one of the few lucky ones to win one.

Two variations one is red, the other is a mixed version with blue and purple mushrooms in it.  The ring has several animations in it for couples.  9 different couples dancing sets including lots of slow dances, sways, and then a couple faster jauntier ones to relax with.  Included also are 2 sets for just standing around talking, and then 9 more couples sets for cuddly, kissy face, lovey stuff.

In total 20 couples animations sets.

All embedded, we have got away from the poseball thing thankfully and perfect for that out of the way spot where you might like to have a little something extra.

Available now only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Battleborn Forest Set

FGC Battleborn Camp RaresThe past couple rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival I’ve taken a few to watch how it goes and refrained from participating.  With this latest round I decided to give it a whirl see how it went…. The theme is/was along the lines of MMoRPG gaming, the Paladin, mage, priest and ranger/hunter type being the main focus and inspiration to draw from.  I’ve been gaming since a very long time ago and I won’t age myself more than that but it’s been a long time.

I’ve often wandered various mystical places, amongst others so the actual idea of it wasn’t all that foreign.  In fact it was more a matter of what to choose rather than not being able to come up with something.  There’s just a lot but I didn’t want to go overboard either.

In that vein, because I like to think of having something a little useful out there I created the Battleborn Forest Outpost Camp.  I’m far too practical sometimes, I was thinking of doing little cute stuff but end up doing this instead.  In general… the idea is those little camps you find scattered out and about as you adventure.  Places people have carved out of the woods or wherever they end up while encroaching upon enemy territory or trying to survive the challenges of the day.FGC Battleborn Camp Commons

Base camp…. something a bit protected, your home away from home even if temporary.

The pieces all work together and are original mesh.  Two gacha sets.  The first being the camp itself and the second being a set of banners.

The camp gacha set has all the little things you need to make yourself comfortable…. outside a bed, I didn’t do a bed but you can find one of those I’m sure.  There’s a lean-to shelter done in two different colored hides.  One more black and white which made me think of winter camps… and the other more brown hides.  After the lean-to there are all the little pieces.  A working campfire with sound and particle effects.  Free standing torches that can be clicked on or off with particle flames… stockade pieces to warn off wandering folks or to protect you from the enemy, barrel type seats to place around the fire with animations embedded in them for both male and female avatars along with a working animation to sharpen your sword after a long day of fighting.  If you don’t have your own sword don’t worry, the seat gives out swords as props along with a whetstone.

As an added lil extra I tossed a torch to hold in there too.  I figured why not, if you need to get up and wander off you might need a source of light.  Two animations for holding and particle flames, just wear it and click for menus or to turn it on and off.

FGC Battleborn BannersSo!  Now you try your hand at having a camp…. what next?  The banners!  Proclaim yourself with might and vigor as ye find your way across the battlefield.  Or just be pretentious enough to stake your claim, whatever works for you yes?  The banners come in two different styles.  The commons are plain.  Nicely textured but kept rather barren of symbol.  Different colors to adorn your camp or residence, each one has two in the pack so you have a pair.  Gacha is tough.  You have to make it transferable but yanno… one banner seems cheap, even two does for that matter on some level.  I mean really.  But I suppose you only need one flag.  Anyhow… the rares are ALL of the colors done with a decorated banner receiving two of each color.

That’s probably not as bad eh?  Though you have a lot of colors to choose from.  Mostly I picked basics… red, warrior like.  Black, for the more devious, purple is good for royalty at times… green generally is a physicians type color or for hunters/rangers but you never know.  Brown, well….. Off the top of my head I got nothin but you can come up with something I’m sure.

Each set at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that has now opened though I’m not in world and don’t have a taxi for you right now.  It’s on the Acerbus Silva sim, could find it that way.  Have a blast and thanks so much for reading through the bumbling babbling that can be contrived upon my blog.

Take care.