The Femdom Hunt VI

It’s back…….. Another round of kinky naughtiness for the Femdom.  You know for a long time I have had a bit of a weakness when it came to creating for this, I’ve mentioned it before and I have a few pieces meant to excite the imagination.  This time I went with something a little simpler, I have done bigger before but I have for a very long time wanted to Domina - Staked Out Fullmake up something like this for the store anyhow.  It can kind of go hand in hand with a lot of styles of role-play or interaction depending on what you’re looking for.

Within Gorean role-play the group that is the panther girl at the time of moons rising dance in a circle, dance their frustrations, generally of a sexual nature… and if they are lucky enough they have found a male one way or another to have in the middle of their circle secured to four stakes to take those frustrations out on.  Now… I’ve never done this but I have heard of role-plays surrounding this being done and generally speaking I know that there is a decent amount of folks who like to play out the scenario sometimes.

Then there are those who just love the idea of hovering over a bound, tied, and secured man to tease, torment, abuse, use or humiliate for whatever reason, and there are some men who just go weak in the knees to have it done to them.

So that’s where I come in.

I have long been wanting to create a set of simple stakes to place in the ground for these purposes.  Sure I can do one for maleDom type stuff… and I might you never know but there is a distinct need out there for the Femdom in my opinion to have this sort of item to be able to have some fun… outdoors or indoors I suppose though these are obviously wooden decorated stakes.

Four of them in fact in a nice square.Domina - Staked Out-Hunt Version

This is the prize that I created for the Femdom hunt.

I also did a “full” version that is now set for sale along with the free one that you can find.  There are of course differences between the two.

The HUNT version has a nice amount of stuff in it.  It has 15 animation sets for two, the bound male and then the female dominant.

The FULL version which is on sale nearby as well as on display at the landing where the hunt sign/hint is has 40 couples sets for the male and the female PLUS 6 3-some sets so you can have another female friend join in on the fun if you like.  The full version also comes with two options in the pack.  RLV and non-RLV enabled.  You can also get it on Marketplace.

In each the male is bound by rope to the stakes and pretty helpless.  There is everything from standing over him, to sitting next to him, to touching, taunting, straddling his hips and then his face so you can make him writhe, then as a bonus there is some cock & ball torture type animations.  Stand between his legs using your foot to delicately…. or not…. torment him.

A really well rounded piece, each one runs on AvSitter 2, has particle ropes when bound, and gives rope cuffs for him to wear that match.

Get the freebie version or the full version at the main store location on the Five Blades sim.

FOR THE HUNT: Find the red shoe at the main location, LM to the rest of the hunt and next spot are inside!

As far as a hint.  Good fortune will be smiling upon you when you find it.

Good Luck!