Knit Kickers, new cute little boots

knit-kickers-lustrous-cherryTonight I decided to have a little bit of fun and create/put out something different.  I always say that I do things as the whim strikes, well this is a prime example of one of those moments.

Brand new tonight!! Knit Kickers!  I can’t help myself, my dad used to always call my boots growing up s*it kickers, these boots have a sweater/knit top that slouches down over the bottom part of the boot.  So while I was playing around with them tonight I was reminded of my s*it kickers, and have thusly released… Knit Kickers as a strange twist on the words and because I’m probably wayyyyyyyyyyyy over tired.  *laughs*

They’re cute, not that prim heavy, made of sculptured prims and available in 10 colors, some brighter… some more earth toned.

Still working on rebuilding the store, and I also started a kirtle set for those of the north.  Oddly it came about knit-kickers-coffeealmost on accident while I was working on camisks… I think I’m going to save releasing those for the new store build though.  At the moment there are 6 colors. (I think, like I said I’m overtired.)

So good night, or good morning as the case may be… until we meet again.


Spring is in the air!

Some fresh color to brighten even the coldest of places as spring approaches is the order for today.  I have a Spring Frolick Silks; Orange Sherbertfew people salivating asking for new things and got the idea to revamp one of my already popular sets just a little bit for those with spring fever!

My popular Winter Night and Winter Ice sculptured silks are now in four… mhmmm I said FOUR new colors.  Generally speaking I don’t really work with a lot of pastel colors, I tend to prefer dark and jewel tones.  I think for the most part that comes across in most of my work but I do on occasion decide to go in a bit of a different direction if the mood hits.  I always say that I create as my whims flow letting myself just create as it works out.  It’s a lot of fun for me to find new ways to express myself and I’m so very grateful that people enjoy my work.

So now that I’ve rambled lets get to it right!?  Four new colors… Pink Jellybean, Spring Canary, Spring Mint, and yummySpring Frolick Silks; Pink Jellybean Orange Sherbert!  The silks themselves are rather simple, flow nicely and made mostly of sculptured prims wrapping around the body.  They utilize a resize menu which for some people is a hassle and I have on occasion offered a copy/mod version without the menu for those who request is specially.

Take a look and keep your eyes peeled!  I have plans for this week!


Wow!! I was reviewed!

With a mixture of… “OMG!! Oh no!!” and “That’s sooooooo cool!” I was reviewed by the Silks of Second Life Blog.  I was rather shocked looking around their site the other day and noticed my store name along the links to posts.  Ok, not rather shocked… I was very shocked.  With trepidition I clicked the link to see where it led reading the post that followed.  Thankfully it was positive, and yes even if it wasn’t positive I would have mentioned it.  Someone taking the time to notice my place always deserves a nod.  They reviewed my Tattered set back in January.  Thank you so much for taking the time!!

So while I’m here I’ll post about the new outfit that I created too.  It’s called Moyna, which means soft.  The reason I Moyna in Sunsetchose that name is because the skirts just flow sooooo pretty around your hips and legs.  Snuggly fitted sculpted prim waist band with silver accents sits low on the hips showing off the lower belly while wrapping around you beautifully and move delightfully as you walk, dance or shimmy your way through Second Life. Bra top included with two options, shirt layer and underwear layer.

Moyna in FiestaOne of the things you really can’t see in pictures with this skirt is the way the colors of the fabric shift and change as you move.  The fabric is a variegated batik that has lovely tones that changes giving it new depth.

(sunset is my favorite heh)

New things coming soon!!  I have an awesome furniture set that is in the works that I am soooooo thrilled with.  It is broadening the line that I had already started with the bath house type furniture in grooming your property, and the hand washing stand.  I will be releasing that this week probably.

On St. Patty’s day I am going to have some fun set up around the store too!


Tattered Slut….

As promised I have finished up a variation set of rags for the more brazen of us out there.  The Tattered set that was announced and set out awhile back is now joined with the Tattered Slut.  The set has the patched and unpatched version just like the original set of Tattered but this time they’re showier, with more skin showing.  Two crop tops that rest right beneath the breasts, and two skirts set on the waist.  Along with these variations there is a skimpy little prim skirt that has flexible ragged cloth knotted on fine copper rings.  The skirt sits low on the hips, scandelously showing off a slaves body, to round out the collection there is a set of simple armbands to accent along the upper arms.

The Tattered Slut…. in five colors just like Tattered, available on Xstreet or at my in world location.

Tattered Slut

Tattered Slut


And something a little blue….

Finished up a cute little ensemble made from different colors of blue and silver.  I don’t know why but blue got my attention for awhile, the varying shades and such.  These are “Ua Slave Rags”.  Now slave rags is a relative term because really there isn’t much ragged about this set, but they are a little more modest than “silks” so I just couldn’t call them that.

It comes with a lot of wear options.  Two different tops, a skirts, two different sets of armbands, bracelets, anklets, a draped cloth collar, a beaded belt and a little dangle for the skimpier of the two tops.  Priced reasonable I think at 350L, you can see it in world at my main location or purchase it on Xstreet HERE.

Outfits like this are nice for those that don’t like to wear a lot of prim attachments if they don’t want to because really they are not the focus of it, it’s simple though.

Ua Slave Rags

Ua Slave Rags