We just love our RP

It’s the beginning of the month so I am SWAMPED. All sorts of events starting or opening but February just seems like one of those months where everyone wants to do a little something something.

Today We <3 RP opens up. It’s a great event and I’ve been blessed by being allowed to participate from the very beginning. Years ago. This month I decided to redo an old one into this cute little set. It was a part of my pottery line and this one is the Quaint Potter.

The Quaint Potter Set; available at We <3 RP

The set itself is not large in the sense that it is made with a smaller scale. A little thing that will fit into even the smallest spaces if you want to be able to role play out something like a potter. Or if you want it outside you can. A table with rags, lump of clay and water on it. The wheel and a stool to sit. There is one work animation for the potter, and then there are 12 single ground sits. Some for men, some for women. I did try to think of everyone in this.

The wheel is scripted like my other pottery wheels. You click it and there is a menu with various speeds on it from insanely fast to slow. You choose the speed, click again and click stop to stop. Obviously. It also comes with the rug as pictured, it just seemed too small to not have a piece tying it together like that and then a pallet of sorts with pieces all ready and waiting. A nice little scene for your rp.

Right now at We <3 RP and at a 30% discount for the round.


A bit of Kink – ROMP style

This round of ROMP has officially opened and been open for a few days.  I tend to stagger announcements at times because it gets so busy on opening… and while I know people love to be there first… I send you a lil later so you can maybe not lag so bad or even just so you can get in.

Sybian Pleasures SetROMP – kinkiness.  This time I don’t think I fail to disappoint in that regard however for the most part it is all about the ladies.  From pleasing herself to taking pleasure in someone else this round I broadened out on the Domina series that I have going and added a bit of playful fun.

Three main items.

A sybian, a set of hitching posts, and a scrub bucket.

Sybian Pleasures - Black Wood SetThe sybian comes in two different woods, low to the ground with animations for self pleasuring funness, 8 of them along with some normal type sits/lays.  I know that sounds weird probably.  What kind of person is going to lounge around something like this… wellllll I dunno, but it has them.  The part that gives that bit of pleasure, the attachment is hidden when not in use and when you aren’t on one of the adult styled animation sets.  Nice huh?  So you don’t have to worry about it being out and about really.  Technically.

The second sitter does have their own animations to play with on their own.  A few arousal type ones, and normal ones.  So they can play voyeur if they want.  Delicious possibilities abound.  After those, there are 5 couples sets so you can really have some playtime together.

Two different wood tones sold separately, either black or brown and each set includes two cushion colors – black and red. Most things like this in real life seem to be rather bland, black without a lot of fun to it looks wise.  I did try to spice it up a bit and give it a different look thinking it would be more interesting overall.Hitch & Ride - Domina Series

The second bit of stuff is a hitching type post set.  Made out of stone pillars, with a log attached to the top.  This thing is meant for the dominant female type.  Definitely in the Domina series this has 15 animations for a male submissive to sit and/or be displayed at the post while waiting for her if she so chooses.  Then there are 15 animation sets for the Lady and her toy to play.  Pegging (strap on fun! yay! lol) , riding, teasing him, all sorts of things to do that just seems like it could be so much fun.  I don’t see why it couldn’t be used indoors but outside would be great.  Using particle chains to bind him by his collar to the piece this is a fun thing that will add nicely to this line.

Last but not least another fun lil item in the Domina series.  A scrub bucket.  Big whoop right? Yea, I know… there’s chore buckets and things all over the place but this one……. this one is not meant for a girl to be dutifully cleaning her Masters Scrub Bucket - HISchambers or whatever else.  It is for HIM to be on his hands and knees scrubbing away.  Ahhh, a wee bit of balance in a not so balanced world.  Who says he shouldn’t earn his keep? hmm?  The bucket has a scrubbing animation of course and gives a scrubber for him to use that auto-attaches.  There’s other various sits, kneels I think… that sort of thing.  Keep him on his knees and then… there is a set of couples animations.  Subtle things, no sex in this one… Sorry, but it does have some wonderful sets where she uses him like the piece of furniture I would suppose you could say.  Reading a book, reclining, sitting type things then some other sorts.  Standing on his back, putting her foot up on his shoulder, a good spanking.  Fun stuff.

ALL items are new.

ALL items are marked down 25% for ROMP while the event is going and then it will go into normal store inventory.

Open until April 29th.

Come on and ROMP! (taxi)


Get to work!

Yesterday I had a rather large release, four brand new chores for your role playing pleasure.  I was slaving away up in my workshop just to bring you something to do, aren’t I nice?  Great for slaves, Ironing Choresubmissives, or anyone who wants to add a little atmosphere to their area.  Of course they all are nicely detailed with embedded animations, no ugly poseballs on any of them!

Basically released a laundry set.. hanging clothes, washing clothes, and ironing.  Along the way I also did a sewing chore… so I suppose that goes right along with the theme eh?  Mending clothes?  I might be a little bit punchy because I’ve had so much on my plate lately and I don’t think it’s going to ease up… BUT I wouldn’t really know what to do with myself if it did.  I do prefer to have things to do than sitting around wondering what’s next.  I have lots more things on the horizon, chores and furniture… along with a really really beautiful set of silks that I am going to release soon.

I have the prim work done, now I just need to get the clothing textures done for the PG layers and the ad work done.  They really are lovely.  Lots and lots of little jewels sprinkled all over the skirts, and jewelry.  They’re lighter, probably that spring thing still has a hold of me but don’t worry, the next set that I am working on is going to be in darker colors I think.Laundry Chore

I alsoooooooooo have joined an RFL team.  I am going to be releasing one of the new sets of silks as an RFL only thing.  I’ve wanted to get involved with the RFL in SL for the last couple years but it always seemed like I’d miss half of it or something came up.  This year I really made sure to contact someone so I could.  I have a kiosk set up at the main store, and I’ll be releasing things very soon for it that you can only get through the RFL vendors.  I do the Relay for Life walk in real life every year, so it is no surprise really that I wanted to be involved in my Second Life too.

And if that wasn’t enough…  I’ve also joined a grid wide treasure hunt for May/June.  It’s the Through the Looking Glass Hunt.  So keep your eyes peeled for that, I’ll add more about that later on.  I’d like to get involved in more hunts if I can… they’re fun and a way to give away nifty lil things to people.  I’m trying my hand at getting into the next Gorean grid wide hunt but I haven’t heard back from them.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll do another update sooooooon!


Happy New Year!

The end of the holiday season always gets super super busy for everyone and I am no different though I have been working hard to keep a few new things out.  I have got some great new things planned of ’09, and some new stuff just waiting to get finished up.  I have been shuffling the store around a little bit after Christmas, picking up all the decorations and getting it set up better.  Trying to get things situated so they are easy to find since my place has gotten rather monsterous.

rw-sweeping-attachThis week I placed out a couple chore helps.  A broom attachment, and a broom that leans against the wall.  Of course both are nicely animated with a sweeping motion.  One you wear so you can take it anywhere, and the other is a prop… leave it in your kennels, workhouse, or wherever you want someone to do a little labor.  Click for a brom and right click to sit.  Simple, elegant and made mostly of sculpty prims.  rw-sweeping

On the horizon I have an awesome (if I do say so myself) belly dance outfit coming out.  It is a very ornate set that will be offered in different colors.  Tiny bells, coins, and chains are draped all over the different pieces.  Fabric wrapped around the hips on the two different skirt versions, the first skirt has long gorgeous layers and the second is short barely covering the hips.  It is going to be a very intricate set with a lot of pieces… I just have to finish it up.  Keep your eyes peeled.


50% off for Groupies on my new Wall Bed through 12/21

Another day and another update.  I’ve been working here and there on a few things, getting them around for the store.  First off I have a new chore.  For slaves, dungeon, prison, workhouse or wherever you want to put someone to work it is a nicely animated 6 prim bucket with water splashed onto the floor for an authentic look.  To receive a mop to use the chore you just click the bucket and wear.  Very simple.  The mop and bucket are made mostly of sculptured prims and uses the same texturing as my scrub bucket.

Now onto the Wall Bed.  There’s two versions, a simple version with three single poses set just right so no one overlaps allowing for three people to sit on it at a time.  The poses are embedded so no extra pose balls.  The wall mounts, pillow, and blanket are all made of sculptured prims giving it a nice clean look while particle chains attach from wall to platform.  Perfect for dungeon, castle, kennel, warrior hall or wherever you want.

Then there is the multipose version using MLP v2 for ease of use.  It still has the three embedded poses but in the platform has a menu system with 23 different couples sets.  Three menus including Moments (cuddles, Master Sit, etc), Pleasure (sex and foreplay), Discipline (spanks and such).  The bed doesn’t have your typical freebie animations, the discipline menu for example has 4 different spanks.

You can check it out in my store in world or on Xstreet and as a bonus I’ve placed out a group vendor package at my main location.  Now through Sunday, Dec. 21st the multipose version of the bed is 50% off!

Multi-pose Wall Bed

Multi-pose Wall Bed