25L Holiday Bazaar

It’s almost over.  I think tomorrow is the last day.  The 25L Holiday Bazaar that has quite a few merchants in it all participating with deals marked down, gifts, and freebies.  The central 25L Gacha - Mukluk Bootstree alone is impressive.  Each merchant having to contribute a little something to give away to the customers.  Done in a cute village style I have a little shop set up over there… ohhh and did I mention?  They have gacha machines spread throughout with things to tempt you that way too.

I was something of a tease, I end up putting a 1500L gift certificate in mine along with the prizes you could win.  I worked on a pair of boots.  Wintery fuzzy boots.  Four different pairs of them.  They’re each colored and styled just a little bit differently.  Black, Cream sorta, and two versions of brown.

They are only 25L a pull so not a bad price at all… and I’ll probably put them in the main store since really I heard the lag is so bad over at the event that it is making it hard for people to go.  So don’t worry, you can still get them if you want.  Something like those I’m always a little tempted to put into main inventory but then I hesitate figuring it might annoy someone if I did after spending the time at the gacha to get them.

Winterliken Camisk Minidress - PlumThe item that I put out for 25L this week that is new is a snowy camisk/mini dress.  After the event I’ll be putting this in main store stuff… it isn’t meant to stay at a low price, it’s just a nice little thing.  I actually went a little overboard with the colors.  There’s 8.  Yea I know.  I just couldn’t decide really on which ones I liked or didn’t like so I kept them all.  Rigged mesh with a cute bow across the chest and then simple draped fabric down over the body.  Each comes in two versions.  The opaque and then one that is semi-transparent.  I found while working with this mesh that I could get away with not wearing the alpha layer at times and still wear the outfit.  This works out nicely sometimes.  Because then I can futter with it and have some that are a lil bits see through.  An extra bit of naughtiness for the holidays.  Red, green, plum, lilac, ice blue, royal blue, silver and gold round out the color selections.

Available at the moment only at the 25L bazaar running through tomorrow then it closes up and I’ll be doing other things.

With those there are also treats within my lil store.  Some gift boxes I’m giving away to help you wrap your pretties, along with some items that are transfer so you can give them as gifts.  Snuggly teddy bears among other things.  I have a bit marked down to 25L besides the two things highlighted here, and some lower priced items.

I have Genre coming up, Twisted Krissmus (yay!!!), and a new hunt all starting on the 15th.  This month is always crazy busy… I technically could have done a lot more, I’m glad I didn’t.  Haven’t found the time to get things done like I usually do… I swear each year there’s a lil bit less time.

Hope you’re having a great week!  That your holidays are shaping up into some awesomeness and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Taxi to the 25L Bazaar


Naughty, Naughty

When I was making up the package for the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt I wanted to add a little bit of everything so people could find something to use.  Most of the time when people do grid hunts there is a common complaint.  That it is geared towards women and most of the time clothes.  In the case of Gorean type stuff a common complaint that I heard was that there was an overabundance of silks or slave type things.  Granted that is probably true.  I added a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  A fountain type thing for the garden, a couple seating furs for panthers/whoever, a bookshelf that was done a little bit nicer for homes and then of course…. a camisk.  Aha!  Couldn’t help myself.  Anyhow….

rw-naughty-bitsIt was called the Naughty Bits Camisk.  Reason being is I cropped it up real high on the hips, and then opened up the front along with the back so that there was really hardly anything there.  Sweeping widely across the breasts exposing the nipples and then a real low cut down the front past the belly button type of thing.  Mmmhmmm, a wee bit naughty eh?  Well I got some awesome feedback on it during the hunt, anyone who missed it can still get it but now its just being offered like any other camisk in my place.  At 150L it really isn’t a bad price so don’t feel too badly.

Naughty Bits Kirtle

Naughty Bits Kirtle

However as a twist as I was drifting off trying to think of new things to do I thought to myself… “oohh, that’d make one cute sexy ass kirtle too!”  Sooooooooo after the hunt I went up to my workshop, piddled round in my paint program to get a texture for the skirts and then made one.  Sitting low on the hips with ropes and fabric, and I added a couple sleeves to give it a wee bit of a rugged look.  It turned out real nice I think and the great thing is, of course, that the top can be worn by itself as the camisk if you wanted something a little different!  I put it down in the clothing section and the new area at the landing point for now for 225L.  Enjoy!


Beauty in a simple garment

Last night very late before I was heading off to bed I released a new camisk.  It is a little different than what I generally release clothing

Zhen in Chocolate

Zhen in Chocolate

wise but it is something that I wanted to work on here and there anyhow.  I like camisks, simple… basic clothing that usually isn’t that expensive, along with the fact that if done right can be quite pretty.  Silks are nice, but not always practical… especially in laggy sims or around and about.  Zhen is available in 5 colors, Chocolate, Green, Red, Grape, and Blue.

I also released a new gardening chore… simpler than the large garden that I put out last week which has room for 5 workers, the gardening chore is a sculptured prim wheel barrow, a small set of plants, a few accessories and a gardening animation to work.  Can be placed just about anywhere really.

In other news I moved the main buildings of my store up into the sky at about 500 meters and I’m clearing the land beneath it to redo the layout.  For awhile the whole thing has been bothering me (which I think I’ve mentioned before in previous posts and announcements) but I haven’t been able to really work on it.  Part of it was because I just didn’t know what to do with everything while I was working.  It’s really not so good to be throwing prims around peoples heads as they try to browse through the store, and I really didn’t want to close down completely either.  The what if’s started… like… “what if I end up taking longer than I expected.”  or “what if I can’t get it right.”  Well at least if the bulk of it is up above then I can work in relative peace and hopefully unveil a new layout that will work better and be fun to be around.

One thing I’ve always prided myself upon and tried to do is make my place not so much a ‘store’, to make it not feel like a dull spiritless place of commerce but something that had a feeling… something that was relaxing as well as enjoyable even if you don’t buy a thing.  I didn’t want stale, and I’ve never wanted to be just like everyone else.  That’s one thing, I like to be unique at least on some level… which to be honest can be rather difficult within SL oddly enough.  And so that’s where that is at….  I’ll keep updates coming and hopefully when I get things set the way I like, I’ll reopen the main part of the store with some new stuff, new look, maybe a sale and other goodies.


And for the working girl…

I’ve added a few chores recently, working on a few more and figured why not toss out there something for the working slave girl.  Ragged, worn, and patched this is a decent set of slave rags in a truer sense than what I have otherwise.  My other ones are a little nicer, these are scuffed up and perfect if you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive.  I’m keeping these at a lower price (250L as of this writing) than my other sets but offering great options with it.

Tattered - All Colors

Tattered - All Colors

Each set has patched and plain versions included; two skirt layers, two tops, two flex prim skirts, and a prim coiled rope belt for the skirt layers in five different colors. Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, and Red.  No jewelry or anything like that to muck it up this time.

Can purchase them through Xstreet or at my main location all together in a fat pack or separately.