Bathing & Massage – We <3 RP newness and discount for November

Galiana Bath Set - Copper TubThe Novemeber round for We <3 RP is just about to start.  I mean it really, as in while I’m writing this it should be opening in like 4 minutes.  So it will be crazy busy probably, it seems like it always is especially at first.

For this month I have a very nice set created.  A whole bathing thing going on.

The main part is a set of tubs.  There are three. One in pewter, one in gold tones, and one copper.  They are all purchased separately.  I didn’t figure people would really want all three colors.  Most of the time people don’t with something like this you know?  HOWEVER they are sets with sooo many little pieces to trick them out so you can create a luxurious and relaxing bath scene.

The tub has a very good selection of animations in it, all embedded.  No more pesky poseballs, some of my past things like this use XPose and while it was nice at the time there isn’t a real big desire for that sort of thing anymore.  Some may recognize parts of this set because I had it used in an event thing but I have since gone and redone the entire thing with some new fixes to the texturing, along with all of the animations.  This thing has a lot more options than the previous design so I’m counting it as a whole new thing.  Besides the other wasn’t available anymore so it really is new.  Galiana Bath Foot Bath & Massage Stool Set

14 singles bathing, and relaxing anims for male and female avatars.  For couples there are 45 sets total, 16 cuddles, and kisses type thing.  14 bathing and massage type stuff, and then 15 XXX adult type things so you can have a really steamy experience if you want.

In the pack you will find draped tables with three different colors of drape – red, purple, and blue.  A stool with 8 singles animations, folded and rolled towels, buckets, decorative bottles, a vase with a big plant in it and a rug.  ALL of it copy/modify and most pieces are either 1 or 2 LI with the tub weighing in at 4.  Lots of options, and leeway here.

The other part of the set that is separate is the foot bath and massage stool set.  The set has two stools in it.  The one is the single animation stool like in the tub set, the second one is a draped stool in the three colors like the table up above.  Red, blue, and purple.

The draped stool has 9 singles sits, and then for couples it has 14 cuddles, kisses, and ways to relax together conversing or spending time.  A bathing the feet animation set, a massaging the feet set and then 8 kinky adult sets so if things get a lil……. out of hand you can have some fun with it.

I placed PG and Adult versions of the draped stool so if you don’t want the extra you don’t have to worry about it.  Just a little nicety that I thought people might appreciate.

Now! Because I’m releasing it for We <3 RP you get to make out.

For the months round you can pick it up there at a 30% discount.  Yay right?! I thought so.

So head over the to We <3 RP Event!!



Bathing Buckets and Rezz Day Refunds

Bathing BucketIt’s Tuesday!  I got on the list!  Have something for you to enjoy.  Bathing bucket, done all up with 10 different animations in it including bathing, obviously, applying lotion, shaving your legs and some other kneels, sits, that sort of stuff so you have a lil spot.  Only 3 LI it gives props when needed.  Embedded, no poseballs…. very nice *nods*  25L today and tomorrow at the landing to the main store.

BUT that’s not the best part about today.

Today…. is my rezz day.

Nine (9!!!) years ago I wandered into SL and I have been knocking about ever since.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed.  I can’t let that pass by without at least doing a little something hmmm?

·!¦[·   REZZ DAY GIFT GIVIN – 75% OFF ONE ITEM ·]¦!·


Come buy something and I’ll refund you 75% of the purchase price.

Just one item, no monetary cap.

If it’s a 5k item I’ll let you have it for 75% off.

If it’s a 250L item, I’ll let you have it for 75% off.

One thing.

I know this means you have to front the cash, but I’m always good to my word and I -WILL- get your refund to you within a 24 hour window barring RL interruptions or problems with my internet connection.

It’s been 9 years, a lot has happened, changed, come and gone….. but I’m still knockin around….. Help me celebrate with my gift to you.


«—-» Send me (Searlait Nitschke) a NC entitled; REZZ DAY 2015 – Your Name Here

«—-» Include the transaction and item that you purchased.  You can find your transaction history here:

I don’t need your balances or anything, just the transaction stuff because it is easier.

«—-» This offer is good at the Roawenwood main store on the Five Blades sim.  Item must be purchased on the days from June 30th through July 1st 11:59 pm SLT to be able to claim the 75% refund on the purchased item.  Item refund will go to the avatar who purchased it if it is given as a gift.  Gift certificate purchases are not applicable to this offer.

«—-» RENAME the NC!  You have no idea how much I get in my stuff.  If it’s “New Note” or something it will probably get lost.


Take care and Happy Tuesday!




Galiana Bath Set for Gorean Gacha

Like gacha?  The first round of the Gorean Gacha opened up with some really neat stuff if you like that sort of thing.  Galiana Bath Gacha

I put together a bath set…. It won’t be available like this in particular except through the gacha.  As an aside that’s one reason why gacha’s are tough for me to do…. I tend to prefer to be able to offer it up so you can get it when you want without the game part.  BUT!!! I do once in awhile give in.  Wouldn’t mind a lil feedback if you’re of a mind to, does it annoy you to not be able to get it when you want?  Anyhow… the set comprises of two tubs as the rares.  Each of them are scripted with multiple options for either singles bathing or a couple.  Bathing, massage, kissing, cuddling, even some sex is thrown in there for the naughtier of you.  It’s a very nice tub done in the rather popular slipper type styling.   Copper or pewter versions.  The set has bottles, rugs, buckets and lil pieces to decorate.

I do like how it all turned out quite a bit.  It is very nice.

Available through the month until Dec. 15th for the Gorean Gacha event.






New chore and furniture set

Ok, now when I say furniture set, I really mean a BIG set this time.  Every once in awhile the creative streak strikes and piece after piece ends up coming out.  Make and work on one… get a new idea for another that matches or works well with the set… Thermae Vanity Table

This is a very large, very detailed set of  furniture that was built as a group with the intent to be able to furnish a bathhouse in sumptuous luxurious comfort.  Bath houses were opulent gathering places where people socialized and whiled away the hours relaxing.  That was the whole idea behind the set that I have placed out.

Over 20 different pieces that work together!  TWO differernt massage tables, one geared towards a full body massage.  Couches, floor seating, a lounger, vanity/dressing table, accessories, plants and much more.

My previously released foot bath, hand washing stand and grooming sets match the new furniture and a part of this as well.

Two copper tubs, one plain… one sitting on a frame with a fire warming the water beneath.  Each has two couples bathing sets included.  While in the midst of all of this I released a more rustic tub as well made out of stone, sculptured accents and two couples bathing sets as well.  It’s really a twist on the copper tubs that I was making for the other set.

Cleaning BootsI -also- have been trying to expand my chore and worker stuff.  I know… I take on too much probably, always doing new things but when the mood strikes you really have to take advantage of it!  This one is something I haven’t seen too often so I’m hoping it finds a spot with a few of you.  It is a boot polishing chore, boot and brush are included which is given with a lil click.  It is almost entirely sculptured prims, a bit rustic looking and can be put just about anywhere.  Only 12 prims so it isn’t something that will hurt too badly if you leave it out.

Enjoy!!! I have sooooooo many things coming up, like usual. LOL


Don’t know where to begin this one

I have been sooo busy in world even if I haven’t posted in a little bit.  I went ahead and added a new set of the Sahar outfit that is ONLY for the lucky chair.  It is a set done in an interesting green color.  I was a bit of a meanie and broke it up into 6 different pieces so if you want it you have to get each piece seperately.  Of course this is good in the sense if you don’t want all of it you don’t have to.  It’s broke up so the main skirts and top along with the cape is in the main set so you really don’t get cheated, honest.  The shoes, anklets, bracelets, armbands, and choker are seperate though.  Makes it a little bit more fun don’t you think?

As far as freebies and gifts go I also put out the Tattered set in purple out as a gift for avatars that are under 30 days old.  Only avies under the 30 day mark can click the box to get the outfit.  I JUST put that out.

rw-foot-bathI have been in the mood to build so this week I’ve put a few new pieces of furniture out too.  A foot bath, a bath house version for the grooming set, and a wash stand that includes a hand washing animation.  They all go together rather well and I’m quite happy with them.  I’m thinking of creating a few more pieces that go along with them.