Tattered Slut….

As promised I have finished up a variation set of rags for the more brazen of us out there.  The Tattered set that was announced and set out awhile back is now joined with the Tattered Slut.  The set has the patched and unpatched version just like the original set of Tattered but this time they’re showier, with more skin showing.  Two crop tops that rest right beneath the breasts, and two skirts set on the waist.  Along with these variations there is a skimpy little prim skirt that has flexible ragged cloth knotted on fine copper rings.  The skirt sits low on the hips, scandelously showing off a slaves body, to round out the collection there is a set of simple armbands to accent along the upper arms.

The Tattered Slut…. in five colors just like Tattered, available on Xstreet or at my in world location.

Tattered Slut

Tattered Slut