25L Tuesday!

Short and sweet update. Don’t forget about the quest too!! (see previous post for this, ha! Going to make you read it!) Brand new item today, not part of store inventory or just a discount.

Today’s offering is a couple of stumps tricked out with some animations to just lounge around and a couple for well… couples. Wow, this is some bad writing today. It’s not me, it’s the uhm…. weather. Yea, I’ll blame it on the weather.

That and the fact that I’m probably wanting to get this posted before much more of the day passes by. How’s that for transparent?

For today and tomorrow you may come down and pick up either one of these babies or both for ONLY 25L. I mean really… that’s just a few pennies when you get down to it.

Have fun and don’t forget the quest!!


25L Newness – Harika Lounger!

harika-lounger-setSooooo I have this cool looking chair thing that just was a bit on the fun side.  It looked like I could fix it up, make it look a wee bit on the fancy side… fabulous fabrics and satiny damask to make it look like something found in some upscale boudoir.

I loved the swirl, the curl, and swank feeling I got from it soooooo what’d I do?  I added some cute, some singles anims and some definitely naughty things to make it interesting.

Uhhuh… and the best part?

BRAND NEW and…. 25L for today and tomorrow.

Wow right? Yea… you can’t go wrong for that.  Normally priced much higher take advantage of me and get it for 25L.

Go ahead.  I dare ya.

3 singles animations for female avatars, 2 for males.  Then 24 couples sets.  Cuddles, kisses, sex, and naughty play all wrapped up in a nice tight little bundle.  The lounge also has texture change for the body of it — 11 different ones to choose from.

A sweet set and criminally low in price for the next two days only.

At the main store only on the 5 Blades sim


Newness for 25L

Grinding Grain - KneelingIt’s Tuesday!

This week I got on the 25L list and while I’ve fiddled with the idea of offering items whether I’m on the list or not this week I am sooooo I decided to put together a little something.  I used to have this as a set a long time ago with less to it of course, almost all my old chores and things didn’t have as much as newer ones.

100% all in mesh and fresh out of my modeling program is a resurrected grinding grain chore.  This is a bit of a rustic piece, I like the roughness of it but it could be used in lots of rp type places. This version has all that you see, dual baskets, a filled basket, and a single basket along with the chore. The chore itself has 6 animations in it instead of just one. The working animation then a few different kneels and a lazy type of bored sit.

This chore set uses auto attach props AND if someone enables experiences on their sim it doesn’t even have to ask for permission over and over and over again. Totally Awesomeness.

To be honest this is the first of this type I’ve used the auto attach thing and it is brilliant.  I don’t know really why it took me so long to get around to it.  Well technically that’s because I haven’t been working on chores and things with props like I used to which is my bad really.  I should update the most recent with it probably.  It isn’t that hard and makes for your experience with an item to be that much easier.  I’m so old fashioned seeming… *gets out the cane* “back when we started out we had to attach our items from our inventory…. it didn’t do it for us and we liked it that way!”

uhmmm… yea.


The other item I tossed out there is the filled basket with a few different fillings in it. Figured why not. Not entirely happy with the texturing on the baskets but I’m going to keep that a low end type of item so it can be an add-on rather than priced like I would normally. It’s separate from the chore because well……. not everyone really likes or wants the chore.

So that’s today’s update. Two new items at 25L just for today and tomorrow because by default I leave my 25L items up for 2 days rather than one.



Donuts for 25L!

Donut Platters SetToday is 25L Tuesday and I have something sweet for you.  Literally… I made donuts!

So why is it we are having donuts this week?  Well I have something of a story….

My other half and I tend to talk… a lot.  Sometimes hours on the phone just for the sake of and no real particular reason, we just do…. so we’ll be talking bout his work, my work, whatever comes up and a conversation may go something like this….

Me: I want to make something new for 25L this week, what do you think would be decent or a good idea? I’m tapped out at the moment.

Him: Donuts!

Me: Thanks I think, guess I’ll keep thinking.

This said because this is like a default response from him, at this point I’ll change the subject mulling over what the hell I feel like making or something to do.  Well this week we had one of these little exchanges so I decided to hell with it… this week we’re making donuts!

Ha! Now when I ask he’ll have to come up with a different answer, though that might be a bad thing.  One can never be certain what his mind will come up with.  Seriously…. *purses her lips thinking*


Soooooo I made doughnut platters, they actually turned out looking suitably yummy.  The picture here really doesn’t do them justice, but it was late and I was done. *laughs*  The pack comes with THREE different plates filled with sugary sweetness.  Frosted, unfrosted cake type, and one of them even has some of those lil glazed doughnut holes.  I included scripted and unscripted versions.  Scripted versions will give you a donut to eat and enjoy.  Unscripted obviously don’t do anything, they’re just to look pretty.

ONLY 1 LI for each plateful.

TODAY and tomorrow I’m leaving them up in the 25L vendor.  So enjoy!  BEST part is… these don’t have any calories!

At the main store landing in specially marked vendors.



Bathing Buckets and Rezz Day Refunds

Bathing BucketIt’s Tuesday!  I got on the list!  Have something for you to enjoy.  Bathing bucket, done all up with 10 different animations in it including bathing, obviously, applying lotion, shaving your legs and some other kneels, sits, that sort of stuff so you have a lil spot.  Only 3 LI it gives props when needed.  Embedded, no poseballs…. very nice *nods*  25L today and tomorrow at the landing to the main store.

BUT that’s not the best part about today.

Today…. is my rezz day.

Nine (9!!!) years ago I wandered into SL and I have been knocking about ever since.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed.  I can’t let that pass by without at least doing a little something hmmm?

·!¦[·   REZZ DAY GIFT GIVIN – 75% OFF ONE ITEM ·]¦!·


Come buy something and I’ll refund you 75% of the purchase price.

Just one item, no monetary cap.

If it’s a 5k item I’ll let you have it for 75% off.

If it’s a 250L item, I’ll let you have it for 75% off.

One thing.

I know this means you have to front the cash, but I’m always good to my word and I -WILL- get your refund to you within a 24 hour window barring RL interruptions or problems with my internet connection.

It’s been 9 years, a lot has happened, changed, come and gone….. but I’m still knockin around….. Help me celebrate with my gift to you.


«—-» Send me (Searlait Nitschke) a NC entitled; REZZ DAY 2015 – Your Name Here

«—-» Include the transaction and item that you purchased.  You can find your transaction history here:

I don’t need your balances or anything, just the transaction stuff because it is easier.

«—-» This offer is good at the Roawenwood main store on the Five Blades sim.  Item must be purchased on the days from June 30th through July 1st 11:59 pm SLT to be able to claim the 75% refund on the purchased item.  Item refund will go to the avatar who purchased it if it is given as a gift.  Gift certificate purchases are not applicable to this offer.

«—-» RENAME the NC!  You have no idea how much I get in my stuff.  If it’s “New Note” or something it will probably get lost.


Take care and Happy Tuesday!