Home & Garden Expo 2016!

A couple things to pester you with today.  The Home & Garden Expo for RFL has kicked off.  I’m late in getting these announcements out because of a very hectic RL but I’m getting to it now.

Complete awesomeness in the making you know.  Anyhow… I have three items out at the expo that are set to give 100% donation.  I would have done more but like I said, crazy life is making it really hard to.

They are some really nice spring like things for your landscaping.

Heartstones Stepping Stones Flowering Spring Trees Heartstones Open Heart Stepping Stones

Take a taxi to HOPE 4 to see the exhibit and wander the sims.

Tangleshimmer Treasures - Sitting StumpsI actually like the way my display looks, if you’re interested should take a peek.


20Twenty… an in store event where you get an item for a 20% discount for twenty days I believe it is.I’ve been in a spring like outdoorsy sorta place so I pulled together something for the foresty in all of us.  The set of stumps have sits for male and female avatars.  11 apiece so you get a nice selection, sit and chat or while away the time… then there’s a couple cuddles set up in it.  Nothing major but a couple.  Makes it so you can if you want but no pressure.

It’s colorful and comfy in my most humble of opinions, perfect lil spot to hang out.  Not too bad on the Land Impact and at a discount… only 360L

Not bad eh?

Lastly, this is just me being bad. Bad, bad, bad.  An event I didn’t even get the time to tell you about.  The XOXO hunt, it’s a lil different. Everyday come to the store say xoxo in chat and it’ll tell you you can have the gift for nothing or try again tomorrow type deal… or you can buy it outright for 50L.

Now it’s technically over. I know…. bad bad bad.  But I checked and it seems the script still works so I’m going to leave it out for a few more days.  If you want to try to win it… come down and try, or you can purchase for 50L.

Heartsy Lovers SpotSo basically that’s everything for the moment I think.  I’m running around and trying to remember but I do believe that’s it.  I’ll be sticking my head out again soon, March is coming… can you believe it?  Which means Twisted Hunt and a bunch of other goodness too.

So until next time!




20Twenty – Baxter Collection Armchair @ a 20% discount

Baxter Armchair SetHi again!  Well I said I’d be posting another something for another event before going too far yes?

Ok so here’s the thing… I have an event opening technically tonight at midnight but because I am actually not running behind, late or any other number of words you can use to describe the grind that happens right before events happen I have my stuff all set up already!

Wow right? So this round which runs from tonight at midnight for 20 days meaning it ends around the 9th of Dec. I believe I put out a chair set.  An addition to a line that I started awhile ago called the Baxter Collection.  The piece I had before is a lap dance type thing, quite adult and this piece is more PG friendly.

The chair is similar in fashion to the other so they work together very well of course with the same coloring, texturing, and look, the back is shaped a little differently and it’s a prim less on the LI scale too weighing in at 4.  The set includes not only the chair, but the planting that is in the other and the black rug that I’ve used to spice up the scene in my store so you can decorate a little bit.

The chair itself has 9 male sits in it, 8 female sits in it…. and then 9 couples sets.  The couples sets are some very sweet cuddly sorts of things.  Nothing adult in this one but I thought it worked.  Rounding out the set a small bit, giving something there that can be in anyone’s living room or space.  I do have a few other pieces for this that I’m trying to work on too so you never know, might see more in the coming months.

This lovely set is available NOW at the main landing to my store because I’m ahead of myself and at a 20% discount.