Roawenwood Builders Guild

What is the Roawenwood Builders Guild?

This is as of 2016 something of a new project for me.  Over the past 10 years I’ve been asked if I could share resources or things that I have created.  I haven’t…. yet.

I am reassessing this and in the spirit of the wood, of my loving to share, and loving to see what people can create with a little bit of magic I’ve decided to start a guild!

Gamers might appreciate the fun of it but if you aren’t then let me explain my vision.

My idea is to offer up pieces of things I’ve created.  I may offer up some meshes, things of that nature and I am going to be throwing textures out there.  In some of my builds for the Roawenwood main store I have used resources and still do use resources that I’ve obtained from other creators here in Second Life.  Meshes, textures, scripts, sculpts, over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection.  I have always believed that it was something like that whole circle of life thing.  If I support them, then they support me, they make money… I make money, so we create a circle. Some things… like animations because I just really do NOT want to animate I needed and that circle was important.

NOTHING from that collection of full permission product will be a part of the Roawenwood Builders Guild full permission lines. Referring to textures, and things I bought with the intent to use on a build or in a build. Meshes or builds, animations and the like collected by me or purchased by me would only be offered with no transfer or no copy permissions and/or as part of a build, never full permission. So don’t ask.  I may create a list of full permission creators that I have used in the past to share, or do things to help promote them. Supporting creation is always important.

Anything you find at the guild will be done from legally obtained resources, original photographs, and the creative happenstance of one Searlait Nitschke, a.k.a. Roawenwood Resident.

Is there really a Guild?

Essentially… yes.

The Roawenwood Builders Guild is going to be an in world group along as being the name of the entity providing components and resources for SL builders.  Some product or resources will be full permission while others may not be.

The guild or in world group will have benefits such as an automatic 20% discount on any and all building components offered within the area designated as the Roawenwood Builders Guild as part of being a member of the group.

There will be special offers, gifts, and things given to members of the guild.  Whether these gifts or promotions are full permission, a building component to be used as a full permission item or something with other permissions for personal use will be on a case by case basis.

How do I become a member of the Guild?

Technically… at the moment you just join the in world group.

The in world group is going to have a moderate fee to join. Initially it is going to be 100L to join the group while there is a limited inventory of items to benefit from with the discounts. When inventory increases so will the group join fee though I do not think it will ever exceed 500L.

What kind of stuff can I expect from the Guild?

I’m looking to offer up resources and things that I find interesting or helpful to people who like to create for role players and the like. I know that a lot of things cross over into different genres but the things I look for tend to skew towards a different sort of build… that is what I’m hoping to offer up.  I don’t always want to have the same things as others though there are obvious themes or things everyone wants… like a good wood texture.

Guildies can offer advice and support to other guildies and as ideas arise to help or create a loose community of sorts we’ll figure it out.

Will we have a guild hall?!


More coming….

This will be fleshed out more as I go but I wanted to get it out there, started, and a direction going.



Ideas, content, name Roawenwood Builders Guild etc copyright 2015 to Searlait Nitschke, Roawenwood Resident and the lady who resides behind the computer.

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