15 Years of the Roawenwood

Most of you may not realize that this year is the 15th anniversary of the Roawenwood.

Most years I don’t bring it up a whole lot but this year, it just feels like it wouldn’t be right to not do something or say something.

There is going to be suitable yumminess coming up towards the middle of the month along with some ramblings of mine.

Just can’t get me to be too quiet once I get rambling, so you’ll have to bare with some rather nostalgic reminiscing on my part.

But this is the set up post… the warning…

There is much to do… much to do…

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A very good and long time friend of mine is having their annual celebration month for their store anniversary.

Fallen Gods has been around 14 years and Alia has a lot going on. A market, contests, things to do… a hunt or two. It’s just a lot… He let me have a lil spot on his rooftop, and there’s a new item out over there, you should check it out.

And if you do his hunt there’s a huge prize vault with tons and tons of stuff in it. I was a bit on the joking/fun side.

>> Swing by Alia’s w/this Handy Taxi <<<

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·!¦[· 25L TUESDAY ·]¦!·

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Each week a bunch of fairly awesome merchants get together to offer an item discounted to 25L for the day.

I, of course, the over achiever that I am tend to have my item up for sale not only on Tues. but also on Wed.

Yay right?

This weeks offer seasonal and cozy… get it while you can.


And the beat goes on…

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a lot which is reflective I think of what I am finding is important to me, what I want to carry on with and where I’m going when it comes to Roawenwood.

I love this place.

It sings to me. It is the first place I really worked on and created all those years ago to show some of who I am, what I like, build… share… extend all those things. It’s really shaped me into who I am today.

The confidence, the drive, the ability to create something from nothing. Little pixels gathered together to make creative content that other people can immerse themselves in and enjoy.

There’s always been that selling hook, the things that we do to make a buck or all the events that I got involved in trying my damnedest to keep up. To remain relevant.

Sometimes I’d forget where I was along the way and sometimes I would end up just being a little crazy, or a little too withdrawn. Life hasn’t been easy over the past 13 almost 14 years that I have been in SL. That’s crazy right there, that number. How long I have been involved in this world and created for it.

My focus now isn’t on what it used to be on, but what I want to achieve, what I want to give back has mellowed like a fine wine. I’m an old soul to begin with and maybe some of that is catching up to me as I want to share in a softer way. Not the crazy omg there’s another event and deadline we need to get moving! But more along the lines of, hey c’mere I got something to show you… and have it there at my home, at the sim so you can swing by to enjoy both the place that is much more than a store, and the stuff I create.

There’s SOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff. I mean if you dig in you can get lost for hours just trying to find things or look at items I’ve created over the years. I forget constantly what I’ve made, then realize wow… yea ok.

I was recently invited to an event… start up one… so hasn’t had it’s first round, and I was interested. An adult themed weekly one but they had a criteria to have only 100% original content in the entire store. Yea sure I could do that but do you KNOW how much content I have from over the years? Some of it is original, some of it uses legal resources from SL content creators, and some of it is collaborative. So no my store is not 100% original mesh that I made myself and it never probably will be. So even though I was invited originally to participate, and even if I promised I’d make the pieces for that event all mine they said no to my brand unless I retire all those other things.

I celebrate creativity and always thought why not showcase it all? Support the community, give back to keep the ball rolling around, and people will take advantage using content they shouldn’t or nudging into those grey areas or use resources from SL even if you try to keep it all 100% original. I’ve been around forever, no one wants to see the same textured prims redone over and over sure but even that doesn’t mean we don’t see the same items over and over. How many collars, how many skirts and knotted tops, sarongs, mini skirts, furniture pieces… how many times do we redo the same thing over and over just like in real life because there’s only so many ways to do it. It’s all about the style my friends, the style.

I know some creators who make what is available so unique to themselves that even though you know the mesh was created by someone else you only see them. Their ideas and creations, making them original. An example would be Alia Baroque, have you looked at some of the things he’s come up with for Libertine? Just beautiful and there’s no way you can’t tell me that that isn’t original. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to gather those pieces, to make them your own? I’ve gone into a mini-rant but essentially I think we shouldn’t be so freekin uptight. *laughs* Celebrate the artist, period.

This has become something of a hey… see where we’re headed sort of rambling post. My idea of waking up to have a cup of coffee with you all so we can talk for awhile. I have to get moving here in a few to start the rest of my day but if you’re game stick around.

I’ve been doing some good things to share and more will be upcoming.

Till then and next time. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Take care.


Spoonful of Sugar – A benefit for Dr.’s Without Borders

Hello my lovelies. There is a festival going on that I decided to get behind when I heard about it.  Not a shocker I’m sure once you hear and all.  Awhile back someone nudged me thinking I might be interested because I do work with RFL.

einarr-rugged-outdoor-retreatIt is for Doctors without Borders.  An organization that is trying to do something decent for other people.  So… I decided to get a spot.

For the event I have a very nice space set up with some of my store inventory… and then a few new things. Things are set to either go 100% donation or 50%, so no matter what they are getting something back.  I only really had to have 2 things at 100% and nothing else but I decided to do better than that.  I have 4 items at 100% then whatever along the walls of my display is at the 50%.

So… you want to see what I have that you can get that is brand new but only there for now? It’s a good time to get it, it will go into my store but benefiting others is always a plus, and it’s a good cause.

The things I made up in general are meant to work together, something of a scene I suppose. A retreat to take away the stresses of the day but you can do what you will with it right? I’ll start with the biggest item I suppose though I’m leaning towards the lesser parts to an extent… *muses then decides* So I guess I’ll start with the lesser part… the shed. To be honest I like how this came out, the texturing and the feel of it is intimate to me and creates this nice little scene area.  You can place this outdoors and can either pick up the accessorized version or the one that is the shed all by itself since you might not want the lil pieces I placed inside.  The accessories are for the most part lil pieces you might find around my store or even in a gacha so I’m not saying it’s all new in that sense but it is sold as a pack together, it looked nice and I just had to offer it up. The shed isn’t available anywhere in my store or in a past thing at all, so that is.

The accessorized shed comes with a planting, wall hanging, lil table with wine on top of it, a plate of food and a couple candelabra from the Tarkhan set.  So you get these lil pieces to tuck inside or use wherever. Pieces are between 1 and 3 LI though the shed itself is a heftier 24 LI.

einarr-fur-couples-rug-pgThe second piece that I have for you looks really nice tucked inside and used amongst the things I placed in it.  It’s a set of furs, a rug lying on the ground with some pillows and a furry blanket draped over. I know there are tons of these things out there… everyone has their style or way of doing it.  As a set, this looks just…………. Let’s just say I really like it. Intimate feeling, soft, plush and I’d love to snuggle up in there with someone.

This version is PG, I am going to make an adult version with other fun things in it but this one for this event is mostly other things.  It has a ton in it though. IF you aren’t going to want the adult version this one is perfect…. but I am warning up front that I will have a fuller version out in store later on, I’ll make a deal though… ANYONE who buys the PG version while it is at the event and the 100% proceeds goes to the Dr.’s without Borders organization…. I will give them a FREE upgrade to the adult version once it is released after the event is over with.  I’m good for it, might be a few weeks but I won’t leave you hanging forever.

So!  What is in this version?  4 singles animations for each male and female avatars… and then 48 total couples sets including 20 different massages so you can do a full body massage.  Cuddles, talking, spending time… it’s all in here. See it is fairly decent already even without the other extras.  Spend time together and relax, I really do like this one.

There is much more at the place… a set of meadow flowers that I use around my sim a lot.  A bench with some singles sits in it but furred up with a drape.  I have a nice lil set up and it’s rather pretty inside if you decide to take a peek.

So go! Now! Right now! or at least….

Go before it ends on the 25th.

>>> Taxi for Spoonful of Sugar for Dr.’s without Borders Home & Garden <<<


Enchantment & the Secret Affair — Thumbelina & the Druids

Simple Offerings Forest Alter

Simple Offerings Forest Alter for the Secret Affair

Two events opening up within a day or two of each other.  Enchantment and The Secret Affair!

Run by lovely people and with tons of really awesome stuff.  This rounds theme for Enchantment was Thumbelina and for the Secret Affair it was ‘The Light of the Earth’ Alban Eilir – the Druid festival of the Spring Equinox. Ok, so you know… both are pretty good themes for me right?  I enjoyed them both very much.

For Enchantment we played around with some fairy fun and I even went out there sizing one for Petite Mesh Av’s.  I get asked about this on occasion, or talked about in group… when and if I’ll make things for this wee group of folks on the grid.  This seemed like a good time to don’t you think?  Might as well.

First item for Enchantment is a tea set made out of acorns and things. Very cute and it comes with the tea tray scripted or unscripted.

Scripted gives a tea cup to wear and drink tea.  The other is just decorative.  There is also a small cup included so you can decorate extra.  Low in land impact and really cute.

Thistleberry Mushroom PlantersThe second item for Enchantment is a set of mushroom planters.  Something from the fairy garden, acorn tops flipped over and a small arrangement of mushrooms inside them.  The set comes with 4 different little arrangements, mushrooms moved around in different ways.

They’re adorable really and only available at the moment through Enchantment.

Get yer taxi here for Enchantment

The NEXT thing is for the Secret Affair.  This is a relaxing piece.  An alter of sorts that is foresty in nature.  15 LI it is an all in one spot including ground cover type thing so all you have to do is rezz and go to be honest.  A rock formation with candles all along the top then a fire at the base with offering of grain outside the fires.  Cut sprigs of mistletoe are cast between the bowls of grains.

Inside the alter there are 6 different prayer or meditation type animations.  It could be used for other things of course… but I think it really is lovely for those who might find use for it.

Thistleberry Tea Set

I like it.  I wish I had more time to play with it and make it more of what I had in mind in my head but I think this is a good try.

I’ve been doing a lot of outdoors stuff lately, seems to have hit a cord.

ONLY available at the Secret Affair

Taxi for the Secret Affair

Both events are in full swing and ready for you to come visit!!


A bit of Kink – ROMP style

This round of ROMP has officially opened and been open for a few days.  I tend to stagger announcements at times because it gets so busy on opening… and while I know people love to be there first… I send you a lil later so you can maybe not lag so bad or even just so you can get in.

Sybian Pleasures SetROMP – kinkiness.  This time I don’t think I fail to disappoint in that regard however for the most part it is all about the ladies.  From pleasing herself to taking pleasure in someone else this round I broadened out on the Domina series that I have going and added a bit of playful fun.

Three main items.

A sybian, a set of hitching posts, and a scrub bucket.

Sybian Pleasures - Black Wood SetThe sybian comes in two different woods, low to the ground with animations for self pleasuring funness, 8 of them along with some normal type sits/lays.  I know that sounds weird probably.  What kind of person is going to lounge around something like this… wellllll I dunno, but it has them.  The part that gives that bit of pleasure, the attachment is hidden when not in use and when you aren’t on one of the adult styled animation sets.  Nice huh?  So you don’t have to worry about it being out and about really.  Technically.

The second sitter does have their own animations to play with on their own.  A few arousal type ones, and normal ones.  So they can play voyeur if they want.  Delicious possibilities abound.  After those, there are 5 couples sets so you can really have some playtime together.

Two different wood tones sold separately, either black or brown and each set includes two cushion colors – black and red. Most things like this in real life seem to be rather bland, black without a lot of fun to it looks wise.  I did try to spice it up a bit and give it a different look thinking it would be more interesting overall.Hitch & Ride - Domina Series

The second bit of stuff is a hitching type post set.  Made out of stone pillars, with a log attached to the top.  This thing is meant for the dominant female type.  Definitely in the Domina series this has 15 animations for a male submissive to sit and/or be displayed at the post while waiting for her if she so chooses.  Then there are 15 animation sets for the Lady and her toy to play.  Pegging (strap on fun! yay! lol) , riding, teasing him, all sorts of things to do that just seems like it could be so much fun.  I don’t see why it couldn’t be used indoors but outside would be great.  Using particle chains to bind him by his collar to the piece this is a fun thing that will add nicely to this line.

Last but not least another fun lil item in the Domina series.  A scrub bucket.  Big whoop right? Yea, I know… there’s chore buckets and things all over the place but this one……. this one is not meant for a girl to be dutifully cleaning her Masters Scrub Bucket - HISchambers or whatever else.  It is for HIM to be on his hands and knees scrubbing away.  Ahhh, a wee bit of balance in a not so balanced world.  Who says he shouldn’t earn his keep? hmm?  The bucket has a scrubbing animation of course and gives a scrubber for him to use that auto-attaches.  There’s other various sits, kneels I think… that sort of thing.  Keep him on his knees and then… there is a set of couples animations.  Subtle things, no sex in this one… Sorry, but it does have some wonderful sets where she uses him like the piece of furniture I would suppose you could say.  Reading a book, reclining, sitting type things then some other sorts.  Standing on his back, putting her foot up on his shoulder, a good spanking.  Fun stuff.

ALL items are new.

ALL items are marked down 25% for ROMP while the event is going and then it will go into normal store inventory.

Open until April 29th.

Come on and ROMP! (taxi)