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We Luv RP Discounts and Newness

Roughed Up Docks Build Set

25L Tues. Discount 5/9-5/10

Before going away for the beginning of the month I did get the We Luv RP stuff out. It was a little bit uncertain for awhile but got quite a few things up there for discount. A new something along with some nice somethings marked down for the month that aren’t in the main store yet but before I get into all of that I’m going to be posting first about the 25L deal for today and tomorrow.

Deeply discounted for Tues. and Wed. because I like to have it straddle the week for those different time zones is my docks set.  It’s something that’s been around for awhile but quite versatile and I don’t believe I have ever put it into the discount bin…. don’t quote me on that though, there’s the possibility I have.  So if I did… well, you know… I tried, otherwise – yay!

So what else… that’s right, We Luv RP. It opened earlier this month so a  lot less busy right now.  Hopefully you don’t mind a bit of a wait on the post and all though to be honest… with how little I’ve been posting it’s a rather big deal that I’m getting to it. *snorts, snickers and adds a good laugh at the end*Tavern Mistress Gown

Sooo… what was new. A dress! I used to do clothing more often than I do now. I would like to potentially be able to do this sort of thing more often. It’s a different mindset really completely when I work on clothing even if it is just the texturing and it can be relaxing. This is almost a redo sort of thing. A long long time ago I had a dress called the Tavern Wench. This is an updated version done in mesh…. quite close to what was done before really – I couldn’t help it.  It was always a favorite design and well received too. Simple enough but flattering for a variety of scenes.  Nine different color combinations included all in one.

I also went and put up quite a few things I’ve had knocking around or in my inventory.  Things not quite in store inventory yet but have been either in events or done for lil sales things. Some of these would include a line of fencing and gardens that I did earlier this year.

They’re really cool honestly.  Wattle styled fencing.  Woven and looks very interesting. I’ve always liked this look.  It’s great for RP, medieval as well as Viking sorts of builds. There is the fence set itself so you can use it for where ever or whatever you like.  Then there are two gardens.  An herb garden, and a vegetable garden. In the style of my old reclaimed garden that used sculpts this all mesh. A lil prim heavy in some ways but it looks real good and has animations to suit different worker sorts.  Weeding and planting, watering and trimming.  You know I enjoy creating these scene type things. It’s always fun for me to create atmosphere.

  Wattle Fence Kit Garden - Herb Garden - Vegetable

Some other things on discount for We luv RP is a camisk in two styles of cloth.  One silky smooth and one a bit more textured with some variations in the fabric. Each with 9 fabric options, 4 leather looks and then 3 different colors for the rope belt around the waist.  Lots of color, lots of options and all neatly done in one package.  I think they’ll do well enough. Compatible with a few of the different bodies out there just like the dress is.

Hebe FitMesh Short Silk Tunic Camisk Hebe FitMesh Short Woven Tunic Camisk

So there is another lil something, a slave display sorta seat thing for the garden… you can go check it out but seriously getting so many pictures on this post I’m feeling a lil heavy so I’m going to leave the one off for now… or should I, I dunno but it just is how it is and I’m going to do it my way. *laughs*

ALL of the items on this post are discounted in one fashion or another.  The docks AT THE MAIN store location for today and tomorrow.

The REST?! ONLY at We luv RP for the month… after that they will be in the store… eventually when I get them rezzed.  So you never really honestly know when that might be.  Discounted prices for all items at We luv RP are between 25 and 50% off!

AND since it is the birthday round for We luv RP there’s a FREE GIFT if you go. So go… what are you waiting for?



50% off Group Nominated Sale

Ok so I have in the past done lil things like group sales where members have the chance to pick the sale items.
It’s usually great fun and people love being able to have a say in what is discounted… so on a whim the other day while working late I threw it out in the group.

Want to have a say? Nominate what you’d like to see go on sale and I’ll make a list. From that list 5 items will be chosen to be placed at a 50% discount for two days.

Items were placed on sale Monday the 10th, and will be for sale through today… Tuesday the 11th and tomorrow the 12th.

IN WORLD location: Near the 25L item that is for sale and in the sales gazebo thingie near the center ring.
Roawenwood @ Five Blades


if you don’t want to go to the in world store you can get them on Marketplace!


50% off Items on Marketplace

Have to have your maturity level to see everything for that link.

Enjoy! Have Fun!

Two days only… have fun and thank you for those who put in their suggestions.
There was more than 5 so I tried to make a bit of a mix of things so different people got what they were hoping for.



25L Newness – Harika Lounger!

harika-lounger-setSooooo I have this cool looking chair thing that just was a bit on the fun side.  It looked like I could fix it up, make it look a wee bit on the fancy side… fabulous fabrics and satiny damask to make it look like something found in some upscale boudoir.

I loved the swirl, the curl, and swank feeling I got from it soooooo what’d I do?  I added some cute, some singles anims and some definitely naughty things to make it interesting.

Uhhuh… and the best part?

BRAND NEW and…. 25L for today and tomorrow.

Wow right? Yea… you can’t go wrong for that.  Normally priced much higher take advantage of me and get it for 25L.

Go ahead.  I dare ya.

3 singles animations for female avatars, 2 for males.  Then 24 couples sets.  Cuddles, kisses, sex, and naughty play all wrapped up in a nice tight little bundle.  The lounge also has texture change for the body of it — 11 different ones to choose from.

A sweet set and criminally low in price for the next two days only.

At the main store only on the 5 Blades sim


It’s that time of year…….. Let’s have a SALE!

** Hums softly to a familiar Christmas carol though it may or may not apply, mumbling along something about the most wonderful time of year… her mood light and eyes sparkling merrily she decides to give everyone else a lil something to have a good mood about **

Today is the first day of school here where I live!!

Well, not for me but most kids are back in school now no matter what it is they do.  And for parents this sort of day is monumental. Ya love your kids sure but you know, the summer can feel really really……………. really………….. long.

So! Today I thought I would pass along some good cheer.

A marketplace sale.

The following items are marked down drastically for today and part of tomorrow!

Bondage Chair! Regular Price: 550L SALE: 185L

Tender Moments Straw Bales Set Regular Price: 895L SALE: 300L

Galiana Copper Bath Tub! Regular Price: 995L SALE: 335L

Bahir Lanterns! Regular Price: 195L SALE: 10L

Happy Hump Day and Back to School!



Chains and Bondage for the Fetish Fair

Hung from Above Bondage ChainsThe Fetish Fair has been going on for just about a week now and there is one more week for your kink on the event running till Sept. 2.  From everything I hear the sim has been really busy so one can never be certain how they are going to get there even.

I have a couple things for you for it and during the fair they are at a 50% discount!

Hanging chains, dancing chains… chains of all shapes and sizes.  Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration however there are decorative pieces that can be resized or thrown about just as well as the other more functional ones that have animations.

Firstly we have the Hung from Above Bondage Chains. Made to attach to the ceiling or to a frame the chains hang down creating a different sort of bondage piece.  Suspension bondage with rezzable props that help create a few options.  Inverted, up, down, on one chain or another there are 44 couples bondage sets and 4 singles. Everything from watching, waiting to sex, play and punishment.

The piece uses experience keys and auto-attach for all props or accessories.  You can have the manacles placed right from Enchained Dance Setthe menu while you’re on it and it will refresh to show the chains without having to get off or back on! Seriously love that feature, so much more seamless when it comes to the bondage scenes.  Props and all things work for you and make it as painless as possible…. or at least the icky parts that can ruin a scene. The pain part is up to you.  Copy/modify and includes decorative chains and three metal colors, bronze, brass and pewter.

The next piece is a set of dance chains. One in a more traditional dance pole type of set up and the other a hanging chain.  This makes this rather unique and I think it just looks cool all around. I actually got the idea from a movie I was watching, there was this strip club scene, chains all around… just got me to thinking.  So that’s where it started.  I do love this sort of dancing, can’t help it… it’s a weakness.

They both have 28 different pole dances… for men and women! Though there’s a lot more for the women… I’ll grant you that. A few animations thrown in there so you can lean on it or wait around too. The set comes with the decorative hanging chains, three colors of metal for each version… the hanging and pole versions.  All very cool.

ALL at the fetish fair and at a 50% discount during the event!!!

Take a Taxi!