30L Saturday

30L Sales, Gifts & Updates!




ALL letters have been initially answered… everyone should have received their gift if they sent one. There was A LOT to go through… around 140, so here I am trying to figure out which are the very bestest so they can win a prize.

I’ll be getting prizes and notifications out to the luckiest of those who put some effort into their letters. I am so thrilled with the responses, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so THANK YOU!!! You guys all are awesome.


Rye Bread Bowl with DipOnto the rest… well this weekend there is a 30L Saturday round for some deals. The shopping list is available in the NC I send to my group but I have two items marked down for 30L! My butter churn, and a snuggler.  The snuggler is adorable, it’s a reindeer.  I think it’s so cute but you know sometimes I can be easily amused.  If you want them then go to the landing, they are there in vendors that will stay on through tomorrow.

FREE gifts include a Firepit and a pullsled where you can walk with a bunch of presents.  Sure a lil late but it’s cute too.  BOTH items are free through tomorrow as well.

I did put a little something out there that is new… a rye bread dip thing. I don’t know how many of you have this but it is something that I have seen around me traditionally around the holidays. You scoop out the middle of a round rye bread loaf and put this dill dip inside of it.  The parts you scoop out are cut into cubes, placed around the outside.  Guests generally enjoy it at holiday parties, we have a buffet type thing we do each year for Christmas eve and generally that is one of the dishes on it.

I have it priced at 60L for now, don’t know if I’ll raise it or not but there it is!

Newness, gifts and lots of letters…. Thank you thank you and talk to you soon!


30L Saturday! Stony Pillar Candles

Gettin my butt in gear I got onto the list for 30L Saturday this week.  Decided to do a little something that technically is meant to accent a new item that will be released this coming week!

Stony pillar candles.  A little bit of natural decor, stacked rocks with a candle perched on top of them.  A bit rustic, a bit whimsical, and they could fit in so many places.

On sale NOW for 30L — Today ONLY.

Rock & Stone Pillar Candles


Everybody Likes Cake – A 30L Saturday Special

Sweet Tooth Cake Pack - GoldenSo I’ve been a part of 25L Tuesdays since the get go way back when and I’ve found for the most part I like having those little things around for folks to take advantage of on occasion.  In that vein I’ve decided to try my hand at a weekly event called 30L Saturdays.  It’s been around forever too and while I’ve known about it I never participated.

This week is the first week I have, I was asked to fill in at the last minute for someone who couldn’t do the weeks list so we’re going to have cake.

I’m not sure how often I’ll get on there but it’d be a nice end of the week happy weekend thing right?

So…. cake, ya…. everyone likes cake.  Something not in the store but will be after this.  Two sets technically one with a darker wood plate and one with a golden plate.  Each cake is a very yummy looking thing, four in each pack.  Blueberry, caramel, rum, and chocolate cakes.  We can’t forget chocolate.

They aren’t scripted, they’re decorative.  One prim apiece.

Copy/modify/no transfer

Today only at 30L then they will rise in price to something more ‘normal’ if there is such a thing.

Have a good one and hope you’re having a great weekend!