Hump Day Happenins

25L Tues! Giving Circle

I kept January a slow month, after the stress of the holidays and all I don’t have a lot of new things right now as far as events but I am going to be trying to do next months things, and maybe a few new things in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye out.

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·!¦[· 25L LOVIN — Wintery Discounts ·]¦!·

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Wintervale Campfire SetSo I just did a discount. I have been getting myself straightened around, a New Year!
New things! New goals! and some old ones.

So for this week we have a discount:

Not sure if I’ve put it on sale before or not but it’s a nice lil set and for 25L


Today and tomorrow!

Happy Shopping!

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Each year a few friends of mine like to do this awesome thing.  A circle of giving. Each place usually has a holiday tree with gifts.

We all go to each others stores dropping off a little something for people to get.

This year I didn’t do a tree but I did do a cute lil winter scene.

I have 4 gifts out there last time I checked, and will probably add more.

There’s also gifts from Fallen Gods, On a Lark, The Looking Glass, and Artisan Fantasy.

Roawenwood Giving Circle

I haven’t picked it up yet so I’m reminding ya’ll that it’s there. I’m considering making a lil display for group type of things to have there always.

I have a spot for group gifts but its so out of the way most wouldn’t know it is there if they didn’t use the TP pads. So I guess we’ll see.

Depends on if I find a way to make something that I like lol

Have a good one and talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!


Hump Day Happenins — Reborn?

Springtime Sapling Tree ClustersIn a galaxy far far away….. er…. ok, maybe I’m stretching it a lil bit here.  A long time ago I used to do something called Hump Day Happenins.  It was an in store event or concept where weekly I offered a sale, a lil gift, a special offer or limited thing for the day or leading into the weekend.

Like a sale that ran from Wednesday through the end of Friday or something.  A way to break up the week and the end of it.  Something to look forward to and to have a little fun with.  I did everything from hunts to gifts to whatever struck me that week.  It never was the same, rotating ideas and all.  I’ve missed it and have thought on and off that I should reinstate it.  Yanno, for those interested in a lil something different but one thing concerns me… with SOOOOO many events constantly opening/closing and whatever else will it even be a wee blip on your radar?

And it is a bit of a commitment isn’t it.  We’ll have to try it out and see what happens, and if nothing else you have this weeks bit of fun.

Soooo…. what do I have for you this Hump Day?Summertime Sapling Tree Clusters

Group gifts!!  In world group members can have a few things that I have set at the landing.

There’s technically three.  One the Drama Zone Popcorn bag that awhile back I released through the group.  It’s been added to be out at the landing, priced at 145L for NON-Group members, if you were your Roawenwood group tag then it will be free.

The other two are tree sets!  Variations of the different trees I’ve been playing with.  Springtime and Summertime.  Two awesome seasons now with their own lil sapling sets.  Neither are for sale and the vendors are set to group only.

At the landing to the main store!  Take a Taxi

So Happy Hump Day!




Twisted Hump Day Happenins

·!¦[·    THE TWISTED HUNT KICKS OFF!    ·]¦!·

I am in a –fabulous- mood!  With eyes aglow, deviant grin twisting my visage having finished the final preparations that painstakingly were wrought I welcome you to the spring edition of the Twisted Hunt.  Ahhh sweet surcease of days toil we now embark upon a journey together through a twisted trek that meanders amongst merchant, creator and twisted folk alike… stops along the way, events, surprises and an end game that I hear is more difficult than ever.  I sincerely look forward to this hunt and know that a lot of others do as well.

Roawenwood has not only the main prize that you must find amongst the rubble at the landing zone but a Mini Hunt being held in the graveyard with _FIVE_ more prize sets to be found.  The prizes are ALL EXCLUSIVE to the hunt, and will not be set for sale within the store.   See the notecards and things in world for landmarks and info.  Want a sneak peek of some of the prizes that are being offered?

·!¦[·    TIMELESS ELEGANCE    ·]¦!·

Remember awhile back I released the rugged outdoor shower for rustic rp?  I promised at the time I was working on a more elegant version and I’ve decided to release that this week.  Timeless Elegance is apt for this item I believe having the awesome limited edition shower animations, and a sleek lovely design that I thought turned out real nice.


Once again I’ve placed out a limited buy vendor… this one set up to sell only 30 copies of the new shower at 50% off!

·!¦[·    GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE    ·]¦!·

Just because I felt like doing it I’ve decided to put ALL GIFT CERTIFICATES near the landing on a 50% off Discount for the next couple days.

·!¦[·    OTHER STORE HAPPENINS    ·]¦!·


So the other day I picked from the list that is generated by all of you down here at the main store to see who gets a nice little gift for just being a part of my SL.     The Winner for this past months 2000L and 2000L store credit isssssssssssssss……

>>     Estate Organiser   <<

Remember it is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  The list has once again been wiped clean and everyone has a fresh month to try again.


A few other things, I put out a new MM board but it keeps locking down quick… it has for today too.  A nice little choker that I threw together.  Can try your luck tomorrow maybe, still have the three outfits along with the shoes in the chairs… and the mini manias going so lots there too.

The Hunt for RP hunt also started…. I have a lil bag of goodies down here for that one too.  Neither item being available in the store as of yet.

That’s it for now…. and I’m going to try to catch a bit of time to relax.  Take care and I hope ya’ll have a great week.


Can you feel it?

The anticipation… it’s killin me.  I’m working extra hard because tomorrow…. (OMG!) tomorrow I’m going to be getting the sim around to open back up.  I have lots of last minute things to do and things to get ready!

I feel like the rabbit in Alice of Wonderland… “I’m late, I’m late!”

It took way longer than anticipated to get a build done.  I tried several and nothing was working… the one I had planned flopped horribly.  Then it became an exercise in trying to not pull out all of my lovely long hair in finding something that I could live with.  I don’t know if ya’ll know yet but I’m something of a perfectionist in some ways and a build that doesn’t *feel* right will make me very uncomfortable.  It took try after try after try….. and I found something unexpectedly that will work…………………….. for now.  I figure I can torment and tweak the thing or change it later if I need to but right now it suits.

A rather relaxing build, things are categorized pretty well, though…….. fair warning.  It’s big.  I figure if you’re going to do it, might as well go big!  Woot!  I do believe though that anyone that is close to me or knows me even a little bit has threatened bodily injury to me if I so much as breathe the word rebuild anytime soon.  I swear it, I’m not making this up.  Anyhow…. so get ready!  Tomorrow.  I’m not promising it will be like 7 am and me standing at the landing zone all done… nuh, should know me better than that.  But tomorrow it is and I have lots going on!

Three hunts start this week, one of them the TWISTED hunt and I actually quite like what I made for it.  I’m going to have sales specials every day, Thurs, Friday, and through the weekend.  I have -tons- of new items mixed in with other inventory and I’m going to have a Roawenwood hunt, something just on the sim…. so how can you really go wrong.  I’m hoping ya’ll will like the new build, and that no one gets too awful lost.

Till then!

Sept 1-blog


Wow huh?

Ahhh SL has been so much fun the past day or two… they’re doing some updates and such so things have been acting up.  I’ve got more “omg help me!” requests today than I have in a long time.  *laughs*

Yesterday was the Hump Day Happenin fun stuff… I didn’t write up anything because it came into being so very late in the day but I have some discounted items at the group nets around the landing area.

Five different chores marked down at more than 50% off, the Fireside Couples Rug is at half off, and then I put out an outfit marked down more than 50% off too.  I’m not givin it away though, if you want to see you have to at least take a trip down to the store.  haha

I kept it short and sweet yesterday…. Discounts will run through tomorrow 4/30 at least but I could end up extending it if I feel like it since last night and a lot of today was just SL borky funness!

Have a great day and I hope your week is shaping up to an even better weekend!