Group Gifts & Fun

Fantasy Gacha Carnival & 25L Tues!

Petite Grande Room SkyboxI know I been sucking getting updates out but I’m here to fill you in on two events for today.  25L Tues…. since the beginning a fun little way to get a discounted item for yourself.  This week until Midnight SLT I have a skybox available at the main store.  Gothic looking in nature it actually fairly matches some of the bondage furniture I have.  It would all go together quite lovely to be honest.  After today it won’t be on sale any longer.  I might make it a group only type thing.  Haven’t decided yet.

I also have the latest round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival to tell you about.  It technically started the 11th, generally though that first day or two the sim is so packed getting there is really hard so sometimes I stagger the announcement so you can get there easier without all the hassle.  I’m not sure if people prefer that or not and it isn’t that I *don’t* want to announce it.  I just know how frustrating it is to get there.  One time my vendors were all screwed up, or some permissions issue.  Couldn’t get there to fix it for 2 days! OMG what a freekin nightmare that was.FGC Devils Playground Commons

Needless to say I’ve gotten a lot better about double checking things if I can help it.

This round the theme was darker… Gothic, demons, that sort of thing.  Urts, Assassins, and Elves were tossed in there too.  I guess I went with a twist.  I created….. the Devils Playground.  *coughs*  A bit of bondage never hurt anyone right?  Technically conceptually it started out as a terror court type thing.  Hanging posts where the soon to be sacrificed were waiting and there was going to be a throne, among other things.  But then when I was working on it, I just wasn’t feeling the whole throne thing…. I end up just puttering around with different pieces.  A couple places to sit.  A bench with couples poses so they can sit back watching the fun on the bondage cross or the folks hanging around from the posts.  Decorative pieces adorn it.  A draped stage, torches, braziers.

FGC Devils Playground RaresI did make up quite a few pieces for it.  It has an interesting look I think but that fun element.  A friend of mine mentioned while I was working on it that I seemed like I was in a dark place lately…. I laughed, remarked… that or I need to….. *laughs leaving the thought hanging.*

I hope you all enjoy.  The bondage rack has 5 singles bondage anims, 3 singles anims for the dominant to watch or tap their foot, and then 6 rather kinky sex type animation sets with a bit of force to them.  The rack gives manacles to wear and has customized particle chains.  The couples bench which is a rare along with the rack has 17 cuddly snuggly type animations, then 9 sex or foreplay sets.  It’s meant to have a bit so you can sit around chatting or have some dirty fun either indoors or out depending on where you put it.

The commons are varied.  Wall torches, an ottoman with 7 animations in it, hanging decor on chains, a bondage post with 2 animations which also gives manacles.  Two types of braziers, the stage it is all on with a drape, and then the columns throw in for good measure and decorative possibilities.

So a good set if you like it.  Rough but elegant all at the same time.

To get to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival just call for a TAXI and you’ll be there.

Now for fun… and if you’ve read this far!

In noticed in the in world Roawenwood group there is a group gift.  A fabulous revisiting of a long gone item.  Ages and ages ago I had something called the Drama Zone Popcorn Bag.  It was a fun little thing that you wore so you could sit back when drama hit and enjoy yourself or if you found other uses for it.  With a gentle nudge from group chat and some fun in there I decided to resurrect and redo the piece for all of you that have stuck around or those who have no idea what I’m talking about. lol  Drama Zone Popcorn Bag v2


Ta da!

Join the in world group or just check notices and you can have your very own Popcorn Bag to wear, two animations.  One for male, one for female… both are subtly different in how they sit.  Wear it from your inventory, click the bag to pick the animation you want and have some fun.  It’s there for now in notices for your enjoyment.

Take care and happy Tuesday!!


Fantasy Fair Mementos from Tangleshimmer Grove

·!¦[·   FANTASY FAIRE 2015 MEMENTOS  ·]¦!·

Tangleshimmer Grove Stand Alone Fairy RingEvery year I tend to throw a little something to group members from the Faire.  This year I had a lot of feelings about things as the Faire progressed.  The sims disappeared today, I’m always a bit thoughtful when that happens.  Not quite willing to let it all go yet for the year.

So I’m offering up two pieces of the Faire sim from this year.

BUT, only for in world group members…
Tangleshimmer Grove Hollowed Out Log Jail
The group is going to be closed while they are offered as a free gift to you for the next day or two.

After that they will retreat back into the dreamworlds they come from.  I don’t usually end up selling pieces of the Faire builds, don’t know if I will or if I won’t but for a limited 24-48 hour window you can get them for free at the landing in vendors specially placed.

Pay the 1L which will be refunded.  Just don’t forget to wear your group tag.

I hope you are all having a great week.


Group members get a gift! Value up to 1500L

·!¦[· A ROAWENWOOD CHRISTMAS GIFT – 1500L value ·]¦!·

As part of the holidays I usually try to give gifts, or do something special for group members. I’ve done 12 days of Christmas before, and a week of gifts or something… usually try to have a Yule log around. This year I’ve not had the time to do anything like that so it has been buggin me that I didn’t have something. I’ve even been unable to participate with friends trees leaving gifts. I’m really not happy.

In that vein I’ve been trying to come up with something I can do for my group that benefits everyone and think I came up with an idea.

I’m closing my in world group as we speak. ONLY THOSE ALREADY IN THE GROUP CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS OFFER.

A thank you for sticking around and dealing with my babbling.

TODAY – DECEMBER 23RD THROUGH TOMORROW DECEMBER 24TH – in world group members can come to the store and choose 1 item.


______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ THE PARTICULARS ______
______ ______ ______ ______ ______

|I{•——» Come down to the Roawenwood

|I{•——» Choose an item at a value UP TO 1500L

|I{•——» ONE ITEM ONLY!! if your item is 300L then that’s the only one you get. If it’s 1500L then that is what you get.

|I{•——» Make a NC title it: Holiday Group Gift 2014

|I{•——» LIST:

Name of the item.
Cost of the item.
Your Name.
To whom it is intended (yourself, or a friend – no display names please)


|I{•——» SEND THE NC TO Searlait Nitschke


|I{•——» GIFTS WILL BE DELIVERED WITHIN 24 TO 48 HRS OF RECEIVING THE NC barring internet problems or RL interruptions that make it impossible for me to deliver it. Then it will be as soon as I am able.

|I{•——» Wait like a little kid for Santa and your present to come!

I will reopen the group after the deadline.

Happy Holidays and Have a Great Week!


Free… free…. free….. free

I’ve been giving in world group members more gifts or deals lately because it feels like things have gotten so out of whack that the folks who stay in there don’t get much of a benefit.  So many things going on, time flying by.  Well today I’m offering up a lil freebie for only a little bit, not forever.

I even have a story to go along with it.Av attach - Hello Wall

Yesterday while working on some items for up and coming events I was approached by a would be customer.  My little IM tab starts lighting up, they were at an event type thing and could not find my booth/display/whatever.  They had been told I was there, could I help them please.  Sure… no problem.  Which event might that be I inquire wanting to help them.  So I wait for the reply, look at it when I get it.  Pause.


I’m not in that particular event.  Ok, no big deal… express this to said individual.

So… they then pull up a blogger post that has an item of mine on the outfit/in the scene that was indeed for an event at one point or will be…. if you can’t tell I’m leaving this ambiguous on purpose…. a recent post though and according to it, there should be an item of mine at this event for this discounted price or whatever other limitation this particular event has within its rules.

Ahhhh… I see what happened.  The blogger probably under a big pile of boxes couldn’t/can’t/didn’t keep events straight and mislabeled my item.  Honest enough mistake, say this to said individual, tell them where it will be or won’t be available depending on your point of view.

Individual gets defensive.  Wants the item.  Wants it for the price specified, wants me to do what should be done, and that I should be more aware of things like this, that it is misleading… that I should be checking blogs regularly… etc etc.  As I slowly blink trying to take it all in.

I offered the piece, I offered to make them happy, I even end up giving it to them for free when it was said and done all the while listening to them rant at me as I thanked them for the feedback, telling them I appreciated them pointing it out to me…. all of that.  They have decided to not shop my stuff again.  Or so they say.


It isn’t the first time of course that a blogger has made an error where an item of mine is for sale.  For which event or even in my store.  Misspellings happen a lot too.  Not usually that big of a deal, I catch some… might give a nudge… often leave it alone.  But this is the first time I’ve been laid to waste because of it.  I do try to keep an eye on blogs but do you have any idea how many are out there?  The best part?  The blogger purchased the item themselves from an event – it wasn’t just dropped on them or in a group notice for blogging.  It was fun, and all the while all I could think about was how I felt like I was banging my head against the wall.  Then the subsequent thought – even the bloggers can’t keep up with events anymore.

So!  This weeks fun little freebie.


The “Hello Wall” Av attachment.

The most super duperist item to come out of the Wood all year.  A simple wall that you can attach from your inventory!  Wear it and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

Five awesome animations to choose from…. banging your head into the wall, and just because we all have our moods or needs… 2 male and 2 female animations where you can literally talk to the wall.


For those moments where you are standing around or being barraged and nothing else can quite get across your feelings this well.  Adjust the wall, male or female… is simple really.

So that is my adventure for the week.

It is near the landing of the MAIN STORE in the NEW ARRIVALS area.

And to any bloggers out there reading this?

Please PLEASE for all the love that is holy….. double check your posts before clicking publish.






Home Show 2014

Salutations!  Home Show 2014 opened up on April 1st!!  Sponsored by awesome stores like Cheeky Pea, 11th Hour, and Mudhoney it has a lot of really great places represented.  I feel like a lil guy being amongst them.  Honest… and it’s a lot of fun to do things that are a little bit different than my normal.

None too Shabby - Perfect lil garden getaway!I’ve got three items that are available only there through the month of April.  Something a little different because it’s spring time (supposedly) and I wanted to do some items that were lighter.  Of course you have to take into account my normal style but I like how all of them turned out.  The first is the None Too Shabby Garden Getaway.  It’s a little garden shed but inside tucked away is a bed with splashes of color, roses, and romance.  Made for couples it also has a singles menu where you can read, draw, relax… just hang out for both men and women.  So anyone can enjoy the piece.

Then you get into all of the various couples menus.  There’s eating, drinking, relaxing, toasting, lounging… cuddling up, kissing, sitting together.  Honest… tons and tons with 55 different animation sets included all embedded so there’s no pose balls or ugly scripting things.

I do like that you know… being able to offer product that doesn’t kill your sim and also is functional.  Anyhow….

It comes with a couple accessories… a lil stick tree and some hanging pictures that are placed in the back.  I kept them unlinked so you could place them where ever your heart desires whether it is with the shed or in your home or anywhere.  This also lets you not include it if you don’t want lil pictures in the back.  They’re modifiable, so technically you could change the pictures in the frames too!  Maybe you don’t like what I picked… hard to believe I know but it does happen.  Or maybe you have a lot of little snapshots of friends, family, other folks that you want instead.  Have fun with it.

16 embedded couples sets

The second item is more along my normal color scheme… dark reds and things.  A deep red crimson rose arch over a garden arbor with a bench.  The bench has 16 different couples sets.  So this one is also for you lovers out there.  It’s got rose petals you can use at the base or not at all.

And if you’re actually reading this or paying attention…….. I have placed an arbor without the bench, just a decorative piece at the main store as a group gift.  Only members of the Roawenwood in world store group can pick it up.  The vendor says it’s 1L, but it will refund that linden as soon as you pay so it is truly a freebie.

The third set of items that is set up at the Home Show is something you don’t usually see from me…. but should probably once in awhile indulge in doing (I love accessories and little things).  A set of bird houses!  The sweetest things….. each of them have flocks of birds flying along the sides, grass Blue Skies Birdhouse Set - Black Rooftopspainted at the base of each house and gently swaying taller grasses dotting the walls.  Done in light tones, the bluest of skies with two versions.  One with black rooftop and the other a tan type.

They’re adorable and I like them quite a bit.  Can see them tucked into a garden, watching the birds while sitting back lazily in a garden chair the bees buzzing nearby on the flowers.  *breathes in deep* mhmmm… can almost feel the sun too, can’t you?

Each bird house set comes with it just on the post, and one with a tub of flowers at the base.  I thought it was a nice lil addition if you like it.

So that’s it for the Home Show… now open and playing here if you take a taxi.

Items are on display at the main store in the new arrivals section, near the group gift… hint hint.