Lucky Chairs and Stuff

Getting Twisted!

It’s here!!!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe you didn’t hear me….

IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!  *bounces around in circles eyes shining before collecting herself, clears her throat fluffs her hair a few times then settling upon one of the perches around the landing before jumping back up with a bell in her hand clanging it madly.*   IT’S HERE!  IT’S HERE!

·!¦[·      TWISTED HUNT FALL 2011 – UNSEELIE        ·]¦!·

I have had SOOOOOOOOO much fun with this theme you can’t even imagine.  I might have gone a little overboard but I had planned on doing this stuff for the most part anyhow.

The main prize is twisting and turning not too far from the landing point for you to find… I had to be a teeny bit devious, there’s a couple decoys.  *coughs* but I was nicer than some folks, least mine don’t tp you to different spots around the store!

The starting point of the hunt is if you want to go from the beginning:


Over tucked along the flagstones there’s a small space where you will find a set of dark ruins where the Unseelie hold their court.  There are NINE gifts hidden amongst the rubble and grasses…. Seriously, I wasn’t planning on quite that much but then I couldn’t decide which ones to not use so you got them all.

|I{•——» TWISTED GACHA «——•}I|

The CUTEST little sit spot for foresty types or whoever, perfect for your garden and they’re in the gacha so each one is ONLY 15L, the BEST part?!  I made them transfer so you can collect, or trade them up as you get them if someone else is nearby who wants the color you have.  Each one has a different sit or fun pose to play with.  There’s 7 different colors

╚»╚»   They’re in the Twisted Skully Gacha Machine near the Twisted Easel at the landing point  «╝«╝


I’ve been contemplating rotating out the souvenirs each week so there is a new one each week for the hunt, which would make 4…. so in that spirit here’s the first one.  Twisted Hunt folks will appreciate the fun in it.   It’s out for sale at the base of the easel at the landing point.

·!¦[·      LUCKY CHAIR UPDATES        ·]¦!·                                               

It’s the first, which means I like to update this anyhow but also because of the start of the hunt it’s -perfect- timing.  I left the Faylinn outfit in there for now but added two other little accessories in honor of the color scheme and hunt theme.   There’s a pair of wings, and a new set of leggings.


Each month the Roawenwood  rewards its tried and true or otherwise so inclined for having us in their Picks.  At random at the end of the month someone is chosen from the list kept for a chance to win 2000L and a store credit to be used at any of the sims in the main store group for another 2000L!

This months winner of 2000L and 2000L Roawenwood store credit is:

✔  Carolin Silverfall

Yay!! Congrats and Thank You for being a part of my SL!!

Remember it is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  The list has once again been wiped clean and everyone has a fresh month to try again.

I’m going to get my backside around and do the 60L weekend sale again too so you have that to look forward to if all this isn’t enough.  Other than that… I am not sure what else to say.  I stayed up wayyyyyyy too late trying to get things done for the hunt, and things will be shifting and changing throughout the month!!  Take care and have a great rest of your week!


Romps and Sales!

·!¦[·      REZZ DAY ROMP       ·]¦!·

Did you know that today June 30th is my rezz day?  Five whole years, a half of a decade *winces* of memories, experiences and weirdness here in Second Life.  I just couldn’t not find some way to commemorate this small but significant moment within my SL.  I’m going to share in the celebration and we’re going to have a romp around the sim.

Five (5) Rezz Day Cakes have been perched and placed around the Five Blades sim.  None are on the sims next door, I wasn’t that mean this time.  Five things for you to hunt for and have some fun with.  I’m hoping that everyone enjoys.  Example cake and info sign at the landing.  The Rezz Day Romp will run June 30th through sometime July 3rd when I decide to clean up the crumbs.


WOW, geez this is getting long.  Ya’ll are going to end up missing bits and pieces so I’m probably going to end up leaving a little note over the weekend.  Ok, first off.

╚»╚» L.O.W. SALE:  «╝«╝

The rules have changed and the L.O.W. Sales are going to only be three days BUT this weekend because of the fourth it is going to be 4 days.  I’m attaching the list for ya’ll to peruse of the participating merchants but remember the bulk of these are NOT FOR SALE UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Mine are out for sale already at the landing near the L.O.W. Kiosk because I won’t be here at midnight.  I’ve put three things out for sale including:  The furred lap serve pillows, all four colors of the Andromeda outfit, and then the new Gardeners Pull Cart

╚»╚»  LUCKY CHAIR NEWNESS!!!  «╝«╝

Since I put out a new outfit I threw together a color for the lucky chair too… a very pretty soft sage type color of the Simplicity Silks, kind of fitting since I did up the physicians outpost this week… which is a lot of green! lol  Enjoy.  Don’t forget that the fairy set is in there AND I added a special color of  Tatyana that won’t be for sale in the store.

I’m in the Midsummer Nights Dream 2 hunt, and the Naughty Toys Hunt at the moment… along with the CAW hunt for life, some really nice things in there too…. like wow, I got a lot of stuff out there huh.  lol


Roman Inspiration – the Livia Gown

The Livia gown is a Roman inspired dress that has a whole lot of options to wear.  I created it with some very deep dark colors, along with a few lighter shades. Each gown has the option to be worn with either a cropped top or a full length one that covers up all that belly.  Shoulder drapes or a sash that wears like a cloak almost.  When I was trying to make up the posters I really had a tough time.  Between the gloves and then the arm wraps… the two different tops, the drapes, and all of that when you start to mix and match you begin to realize how versatile it could be.  Formal or a little less formal depending on what accessories you wear.

When I began putting it together I started seeing other outfits using some of this as a base so I might very well be creating ohhhh one or two more things.  I can see some silks… maybe some harem pants?  I think I might also flirt around with an idea that I have seen tossed out there.  There’s a person or two who’s said that creators constantly create full outfits and they’d like to see some separates offered so they can choose colors or different ways to wear it, spending their lindens in that way.  With this outfit it has me thinking a little… about maybe offering some of it like that.  I’m not sure but I might try it.  We’ll see.

There’s 8 colors for sale; Black & Silver, Black & Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Gold….  the lucky chair at the moment has a version of the white with silver trim… but only the cropped top, not the full one or the extra shoulder sash. If you’re a groupie a very special limited edition color that won’t be for sale ever was sent out today.  Only groupies can get that one… I’m trying to make the group something ya’ll find useful 😉

I hope everyone is having a great weekend…. and I’ll talk to you soon!


I did it!

Woot!  Yay!  **throws confetti all over the place**

I got the store open and rolling on the first.  OMG, I thought I was going to lose my mind!  Well, as I have been told before that would imply that I had something of a mind to begin with. *snickers*  Ok, so now that the pressure is off I can breathe a little.

I have 4 (FOUR!) hunts going on, the What’s your Sign hunt started today.. the Twisted Hunt… the Falling in Love Hunt… and the Hunting for Role-play hunt.


And if that wasn’t enough I threw something new into the lucky chairs for ya’ll to try to win… it’s a cute little number that I’m going to work on and get around for release.  Tempting LC Blue

Then I also started a special Roawenwood only hunt.  I have scattered around the sim 10 little clusters of glowing mushrooms for everyone to find with prizes in them.  They are nice items, most not in the store even at this point.  Check out the sign at the store and see an example of what you’re looking for.

I’m seriously on the cusp of exhaustion so I’m taking it easy… and hope ya’ll are enjoying yourselves with what I’ve been having going on around the store.  I’m planning on hopefully putting some newness in the lucky chairs and getting the midnight mania boards back up this week. I might write up a blog post of some of the new items that were released this week… or I’ll edit this one later *grins*  But I gotta get right now… food is almost done!

Take care!



This week I was feeling a little naughty, I love all things strappy and fun when it comes to outfits and I just couldn’t resist passing that along to you guys…. so we’re getting belted!  Don’t panic, don’t panic… not -that- kind of belt… none of that chastity stuff round here… nope, this is a sexy impish lil outfit where you’ve taken yours (or your Master’s, personally I like this scenario) belts and snuggly fit them around those oh so luscious curves.

Belted RED

The outfit has 4 different tops, though it is technically 6 if you count all that is included.  Two camisk like tops with fabric sweeping along the breast and down low on the hips but not too low.  Then one version has belts across both breasts making it sorta of modest… and then one where one of the breasts is exposed.  Then there are two with just the belts, and I also included the belts on shirt layers so you can mix it up with other clothes too.  I’ve been wearing it with jeans and all sorts of things.  It’s quite fun.

Belted LC v1Through Saturday (7/31) the outfits are going to be at a 50% discount.  I often do this with new releases so the early birds out there can get a great deal.  It comes in 6 different colors; black, blue, cream, green, purple and red…. there is as an extra bit of fun, and a bonus a special pretty pink version in the Lucky Chairs that WILL NOT be offered for sale in the store.  Mhmmm, an exclusive color just for the lucky chairs and won’t be released otherwise.  I’m still trying to decide if while it is in the chair if I should offer it for sale so ya’ll can get a sort of one of a kind thing w/out having to camp for it if you don’t want to.  Hmmmm… decisions decisions.  That’s almost worth a poll type question to my groupies lol

Anyhow, now that I am rambling on… This is a good one, I like it… hope you guys do too.