Group members get a gift! Value up to 1500L

·!¦[· A ROAWENWOOD CHRISTMAS GIFT – 1500L value ·]¦!·

As part of the holidays I usually try to give gifts, or do something special for group members. I’ve done 12 days of Christmas before, and a week of gifts or something… usually try to have a Yule log around. This year I’ve not had the time to do anything like that so it has been buggin me that I didn’t have something. I’ve even been unable to participate with friends trees leaving gifts. I’m really not happy.

In that vein I’ve been trying to come up with something I can do for my group that benefits everyone and think I came up with an idea.

I’m closing my in world group as we speak. ONLY THOSE ALREADY IN THE GROUP CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS OFFER.

A thank you for sticking around and dealing with my babbling.

TODAY – DECEMBER 23RD THROUGH TOMORROW DECEMBER 24TH – in world group members can come to the store and choose 1 item.


______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ THE PARTICULARS ______
______ ______ ______ ______ ______

|I{•——» Come down to the Roawenwood

|I{•——» Choose an item at a value UP TO 1500L

|I{•——» ONE ITEM ONLY!! if your item is 300L then that’s the only one you get. If it’s 1500L then that is what you get.

|I{•——» Make a NC title it: Holiday Group Gift 2014

|I{•——» LIST:

Name of the item.
Cost of the item.
Your Name.
To whom it is intended (yourself, or a friend – no display names please)


|I{•——» SEND THE NC TO Searlait Nitschke


|I{•——» GIFTS WILL BE DELIVERED WITHIN 24 TO 48 HRS OF RECEIVING THE NC barring internet problems or RL interruptions that make it impossible for me to deliver it. Then it will be as soon as I am able.

|I{•——» Wait like a little kid for Santa and your present to come!

I will reopen the group after the deadline.

Happy Holidays and Have a Great Week!


Free… free…. free….. free

I’ve been giving in world group members more gifts or deals lately because it feels like things have gotten so out of whack that the folks who stay in there don’t get much of a benefit.  So many things going on, time flying by.  Well today I’m offering up a lil freebie for only a little bit, not forever.

I even have a story to go along with it.Av attach - Hello Wall

Yesterday while working on some items for up and coming events I was approached by a would be customer.  My little IM tab starts lighting up, they were at an event type thing and could not find my booth/display/whatever.  They had been told I was there, could I help them please.  Sure… no problem.  Which event might that be I inquire wanting to help them.  So I wait for the reply, look at it when I get it.  Pause.


I’m not in that particular event.  Ok, no big deal… express this to said individual.

So… they then pull up a blogger post that has an item of mine on the outfit/in the scene that was indeed for an event at one point or will be…. if you can’t tell I’m leaving this ambiguous on purpose…. a recent post though and according to it, there should be an item of mine at this event for this discounted price or whatever other limitation this particular event has within its rules.

Ahhhh… I see what happened.  The blogger probably under a big pile of boxes couldn’t/can’t/didn’t keep events straight and mislabeled my item.  Honest enough mistake, say this to said individual, tell them where it will be or won’t be available depending on your point of view.

Individual gets defensive.  Wants the item.  Wants it for the price specified, wants me to do what should be done, and that I should be more aware of things like this, that it is misleading… that I should be checking blogs regularly… etc etc.  As I slowly blink trying to take it all in.

I offered the piece, I offered to make them happy, I even end up giving it to them for free when it was said and done all the while listening to them rant at me as I thanked them for the feedback, telling them I appreciated them pointing it out to me…. all of that.  They have decided to not shop my stuff again.  Or so they say.


It isn’t the first time of course that a blogger has made an error where an item of mine is for sale.  For which event or even in my store.  Misspellings happen a lot too.  Not usually that big of a deal, I catch some… might give a nudge… often leave it alone.  But this is the first time I’ve been laid to waste because of it.  I do try to keep an eye on blogs but do you have any idea how many are out there?  The best part?  The blogger purchased the item themselves from an event – it wasn’t just dropped on them or in a group notice for blogging.  It was fun, and all the while all I could think about was how I felt like I was banging my head against the wall.  Then the subsequent thought – even the bloggers can’t keep up with events anymore.

So!  This weeks fun little freebie.


The “Hello Wall” Av attachment.

The most super duperist item to come out of the Wood all year.  A simple wall that you can attach from your inventory!  Wear it and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

Five awesome animations to choose from…. banging your head into the wall, and just because we all have our moods or needs… 2 male and 2 female animations where you can literally talk to the wall.


For those moments where you are standing around or being barraged and nothing else can quite get across your feelings this well.  Adjust the wall, male or female… is simple really.

So that is my adventure for the week.

It is near the landing of the MAIN STORE in the NEW ARRIVALS area.

And to any bloggers out there reading this?

Please PLEASE for all the love that is holy….. double check your posts before clicking publish.






Season of Sin

This weekend on Sunday the 7 Deadly Sins 30L Hunt started.  The concept for it is a little different than most hunts.  You have to pay 30L for the item being offered, however because of this they also have it set so that each merchant has to have a notecard in a special hint giver set out that has the item highlighted so you can decide if you want to take the time to hunt for it.

Of course this is a handy and reasonable thing to do.  I made up a couch based on Sloth as my sin.  Lounging around and all.  It’s not too bad really.  I have it out at the landing so ya’ll can actually see it too.

Not too bad for 30L.

That being said… I also decided to have expound on the already going event for the week and offer up Roawenwood’s Season of Sin.  A FULL week of sales, gifts for the groupies and whatever else strikes my fancy I suppose.

I started out by offering up a little bit of vanity for the groupies.  A free outfit that you can only get if you are a part of the Roawenwood in world group.  Latex… mhmmm, something a bit outside of what I usually do eh?  Yea well I’m not really as one dimensional as you might think, though that shouldn’t be a surprise by looking at my store… I mean really.  It has so many different things it isn’t even funny.  I likes me some latex so I played around with the outfit.  It is out for the Season of Sin but then after that it either won’t be at all or will be available only for sale.


The next day we got a little bit more wicked and went over a barrel.  I have soooooo many things that I have intended to do over the years or things that just didn’t come together and this was one of them until recently.  You’d be surprised really but this sweet little set has some really good stuff in it.  It’s a barrel on a stand, with 14 different couples animation sets and a threesome set in it too.  It is RLV enabled so you can capture and have some basic functions built right in.  Rustic looking, I worked a decent amount on the texturing I think to make it stand out pretty well.

Animation sets include spanking, flogging, paddling, sex, kiss, cuddle, aftercare, fondling and a few other fun surprises.  There is the full tricked out version if you want it which is copiable and modifiable.  It’s only 4 prims, comes with a 3 prim decorative accenting barrel for fun too.  Because I’m such a great gal and there is a group gift version.  Drawback to the group gift one?  Only one animation set (but it’s one of the good ones), and it has no real permissions.  no copy/no transfer/no modify.  Poses are embedded and you can adjust it through the menu or swap if you need to.  You get a taste…. though a very wicked taste.

This is over in the Splinter’d section.

So far that’s the Season of Sin at Roawenwood, but more is coming… I haven’t released anything yet today! lol




The 12 Days of Christmas

I’m a wee bit behind on the blog else there would have been lots of posts on this.

Every year I toss around the idea of doing the 12 Days in the more traditional style of the days after Christmas rather than leading up to.  Well this year I bit the bullet and decided at the last minute to go ahead and just do it!

Most everyday (I’ve run late a time or two, actually to be completely honest I have not put out yesterdays gift yet lol) there has been a new gift and a marked down item from the store.  I’ve twisted it around, been a smart ass a time or two or just blatantly decided to play along with different parodies to create something of my own 12 days of Christmas.

Day 1 I was looking over the list and realizing that there was a hell of a lot of birds in this song.  If I do this again I’m going to have to account for it.  Gift for day one was a whole pear tree set with chores and all.

Day 2 Two Turtlenecks!  I grew up listening to a parody ( and the second day was two turtlenecks.  So an outfit we had… a saucy thing with skirts, and a naughty top.

Day 3 I went back to the normal version but twisted mine around.  The Three Hens Sewing Circle was the gift.  A furniture set for three women to sit, gossip or generally bitch about life.  The grumpy anim is just classic, I added an expression to it so you get a real fun little thing.  Very nice set.  I adore it and intend totally to have it available somehow after the event.

Day 4 I made you breakfast.  Breakfast tray for one going back to Bob and Doug, 4lbs of bacon, and the day before for them was french toast so why not.  I like this tray too to be honest.  Can read in bed, eat a couple different foods… rezzes and derezzes props.

Day 5 Golden Rings!  Redone anysia silks with brand new jewelry.  Seriously liking these too, body drapes and all.  Mhmmm, spoilin ya’ll

Day 6 See we’re back to birds, and I realized with the geese-a-layin and all that my butchers accessories didn’t have any poultry. Hmmm, well we can’t have that so we redid the butchers sets and the work table was todays gift.

Day 7 Swans-a-Swimming in a lovely foresty pond for your garden.

Day 8 Maids-a-Milking.  Ummmmmm I got naughty here, she ain’t milkin no cows in this one! 0.o

And now we’re getting to where I’m at…. I have to put out 9 ladies and 10 leapers.  Yanno, I’m strugglin with the leapin lords.  *scratches her head*

All gifts are for in world group members only but placed around the tree down at the landing all pretty like.


Getting Twisted!

It’s here!!!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe you didn’t hear me….

IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!  *bounces around in circles eyes shining before collecting herself, clears her throat fluffs her hair a few times then settling upon one of the perches around the landing before jumping back up with a bell in her hand clanging it madly.*   IT’S HERE!  IT’S HERE!

·!¦[·      TWISTED HUNT FALL 2011 – UNSEELIE        ·]¦!·

I have had SOOOOOOOOO much fun with this theme you can’t even imagine.  I might have gone a little overboard but I had planned on doing this stuff for the most part anyhow.

The main prize is twisting and turning not too far from the landing point for you to find… I had to be a teeny bit devious, there’s a couple decoys.  *coughs* but I was nicer than some folks, least mine don’t tp you to different spots around the store!

The starting point of the hunt is if you want to go from the beginning:


Over tucked along the flagstones there’s a small space where you will find a set of dark ruins where the Unseelie hold their court.  There are NINE gifts hidden amongst the rubble and grasses…. Seriously, I wasn’t planning on quite that much but then I couldn’t decide which ones to not use so you got them all.

|I{•——» TWISTED GACHA «——•}I|

The CUTEST little sit spot for foresty types or whoever, perfect for your garden and they’re in the gacha so each one is ONLY 15L, the BEST part?!  I made them transfer so you can collect, or trade them up as you get them if someone else is nearby who wants the color you have.  Each one has a different sit or fun pose to play with.  There’s 7 different colors

╚»╚»   They’re in the Twisted Skully Gacha Machine near the Twisted Easel at the landing point  «╝«╝


I’ve been contemplating rotating out the souvenirs each week so there is a new one each week for the hunt, which would make 4…. so in that spirit here’s the first one.  Twisted Hunt folks will appreciate the fun in it.   It’s out for sale at the base of the easel at the landing point.

·!¦[·      LUCKY CHAIR UPDATES        ·]¦!·                                               

It’s the first, which means I like to update this anyhow but also because of the start of the hunt it’s -perfect- timing.  I left the Faylinn outfit in there for now but added two other little accessories in honor of the color scheme and hunt theme.   There’s a pair of wings, and a new set of leggings.


Each month the Roawenwood  rewards its tried and true or otherwise so inclined for having us in their Picks.  At random at the end of the month someone is chosen from the list kept for a chance to win 2000L and a store credit to be used at any of the sims in the main store group for another 2000L!

This months winner of 2000L and 2000L Roawenwood store credit is:

✔  Carolin Silverfall

Yay!! Congrats and Thank You for being a part of my SL!!

Remember it is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  The list has once again been wiped clean and everyone has a fresh month to try again.

I’m going to get my backside around and do the 60L weekend sale again too so you have that to look forward to if all this isn’t enough.  Other than that… I am not sure what else to say.  I stayed up wayyyyyyy too late trying to get things done for the hunt, and things will be shifting and changing throughout the month!!  Take care and have a great rest of your week!