Grid Hunts


Heya!! So now that the opening blubbery post is done there is the next one.

The one that actually TELLS you what’s going on besides me being all sniffly because it feels like I’m letting you all see my baby. Sniff.


Twisted Hunt started today! OMG!

I’ve been doing this for so so long and I love love love it. Always. I have a gift out too……. woot! But besides that there is a HUGE ass sale going on just for today.

Since I was re-opening and it is the beginning of not only Twisted Hunt but the Renaissance Hunt I decided to go for it and put the store at a 50% discount/refund thingie for the day.

September 1st Only there is 50% off the entire store excluding gift cards.

All vendors, all things… slashed.

Not a bad deal I suppose.

I’ll be hopefully adding to the Twisted fun things. I’m going to be doing more stuff this month getting things around and have a lot of plans up and coming.


There be two free hunt gifts around the landing.

One for the Renaissance Hunt and one for Twisted Hunt! Those are the latest newsworthy pieces along with the 50% off sale and re-opening of the store.

Have a good one and take care. Talk soon.


Soooo…. how’re you all doing?

It’s busy as usual around my place. Even when I say I’m not doing as much I still am which is kind of funny. Most people who know me think that I’m rather on the insane side. I swear, I’m slowing down and not working as much but they usually do one of those… ‘yea yea… sure.’

I don’t know why they’d think that. *blink blink*

This post will be a bit of a round up of newness from the beginning of this month.

Firstly we have We <3 RP.

Knitting and Sewing Pillow Set TXTAwesomeness abounds with some revisted favorites… some sewing fun.  I get a lot of feedback that my sets and different things like this are really the favorites from my store so we’re going with it with a little more gusto lately getting back to my roots… plus the things I enjoy rather than trying to accommodate for every one else. yay me!

There are two versions as there was before.  A stool and a pillow set.  Obviously the main difference is where you’re sitting. The stool is very cute, has a lot of options to change the color of the cushion and a lot of things to do.

I amp’d up the animations.  You can sew, embroider, sit, relax, have a cup of Knitting and Sewing Stool Set TXTcocoa or some tea.  There’s crocheting, knitting… it even has a few sits in it for the male types if they feel like taking a load off.  See I did try to think of everything, and I suppose you know… guys did sometimes have to sew.  Even if it might have been under duress it DID happen. Along with the cute lil stool you get rugs… two of em, braided and woven.  Then there’s some balls of yarn, a basket with sewing and knitting things in it.  A nice lil set. Use parts or the whole thing all weighing in at 1 to 2 LI.

Then there’s the pillow… you get a slightly modified version of the accessories, the quilt is shaded a lil different under the basket lol but you get the same rugs, balls of yarn and all… instead of the stool you get a…. well pillow.  Texture change for it too though not as many colors.  There are more sits and kneels sort of thing for the pillow so that it can be used for the slave types that need to do chores.  It has less crafty things… sewing, knitting and embroidery and sorry… no cocoa. I suppose I could have dug through and found the crosslegged one I have but I didn’t.

Each of them are out at display for We <3 RP, and each of them are at a 30% discount.

Take a taxi to get there

The second event thing is Twisted Summer RFL sort of benefit.  The people for Twisted hunt do a thing where they raise money for RFL during the summer, Cool right?Av Attach - Sweeping the Floors

Well the stuff I have for over there is a couple of cool things… It was Twisted Fairytales and while I didn’t twist it up too much I created a few pieces.  First since it always seems like there’s a lot of sweeping going on in stories from Cinderella to many other characters I did an av attach broom.  Chore-worthy something you wear and work anywhere. You know how it goes and how I’ve made these things… they’re usually favorites for people that like to be able to do things on their own.

It has 5 animations in it.  Sweeping for men and women, you click it to bring up a menu after wearing it and choose how you want to be. Woot.

Huntsman Camp SetSecondly I revamped up something I made awhile back but has not been available in the store… a camp set, this one is meant for huntsman or miscreants…. either way it works or for whoever. It’s got some good pieces and a real nice defensive perimeter LOL

Both sets are 100% donation to RFL during the event, I added some other vendors with donation set to RFL as well like I usually do.

TP me please, they says as they clicks the lil line in the text.

There’s also a freebie, a 100% freebie at the landing of the main store. But you have to find it. hehehe

I decided to get into a hunt, I know I haven’t been much lately but on occasion and I got to thinking… why not.  I mean really, this is a good way to get people around, and to give them something to do along with having a lil something to go home with.

It’s the Silk Road Hunt, so I made up a simple thing.

Spice baskets meant for a merchant but anyone could use them.

Spice Merchant Baskets - Hunt Gift

If you want them you need to come to the MAIN STORE, and hunt around the landing for the lil pergola thingie, click it and be rewarded. It’s not outside of 30 meters so don’t want too far.

That be about it for now… hope you’re having a great week.

Take care.






Twisted HUNT!!! A lil bit of fortune telling.

Haruspex TableTwisted Hunt has come around again. I always have fun trying to come up with something for it.

This time the theme that was suggested was Divination. I knew that it would be a popular one and the one thing that I also knew was that for the most part people think of the popular types. Astrology, Tarot, crystal balls. That sort of thing.  I do too so it isn’t anything off, and generally speaking… you know I’d love to make those things but because I wanted to do something a lil different I decided to think about what I might be able to do.

In an odd sort of way and with a weird streak I decided to make a table for the Haruspex.

I’ll give you a second to look that up if you’re not familiar with it…..

—- waits —–

Ok, I won’t make you look it up.  General definition, a haruspex is someone who looks at an animals entrails to divine the future, that sort of thing. Eww right? Yea, a practice not generally seen today one would hope but at one point and among a great many people it was a fairly regular practice.

So for this Twisted hunt we got a little bloody… but I hope you enjoy.  And yea… I also know that’s a lot of entrails, I was thinking along the lines of a sheep since that was fairly common animal to use for this sort of thing.

Out NOW at the main store in one of those twisty lil cubes.

I DO have decoys out with the prize not set for sale but there IS one that is set for sale.  Plus all my lil block piles. I haven’t exactly done a ton of decorating but a lil bit.

Will have souvenirs and a few things out and about throughout the month.  Have fun and don’t go too crazy doing the hunt.

Get yer taxi here


The Femdom Hunt VI

It’s back…….. Another round of kinky naughtiness for the Femdom.  You know for a long time I have had a bit of a weakness when it came to creating for this, I’ve mentioned it before and I have a few pieces meant to excite the imagination.  This time I went with something a little simpler, I have done bigger before but I have for a very long time wanted to Domina - Staked Out Fullmake up something like this for the store anyhow.  It can kind of go hand in hand with a lot of styles of role-play or interaction depending on what you’re looking for.

Within Gorean role-play the group that is the panther girl at the time of moons rising dance in a circle, dance their frustrations, generally of a sexual nature… and if they are lucky enough they have found a male one way or another to have in the middle of their circle secured to four stakes to take those frustrations out on.  Now… I’ve never done this but I have heard of role-plays surrounding this being done and generally speaking I know that there is a decent amount of folks who like to play out the scenario sometimes.

Then there are those who just love the idea of hovering over a bound, tied, and secured man to tease, torment, abuse, use or humiliate for whatever reason, and there are some men who just go weak in the knees to have it done to them.

So that’s where I come in.

I have long been wanting to create a set of simple stakes to place in the ground for these purposes.  Sure I can do one for maleDom type stuff… and I might you never know but there is a distinct need out there for the Femdom in my opinion to have this sort of item to be able to have some fun… outdoors or indoors I suppose though these are obviously wooden decorated stakes.

Four of them in fact in a nice square.Domina - Staked Out-Hunt Version

This is the prize that I created for the Femdom hunt.

I also did a “full” version that is now set for sale along with the free one that you can find.  There are of course differences between the two.

The HUNT version has a nice amount of stuff in it.  It has 15 animation sets for two, the bound male and then the female dominant.

The FULL version which is on sale nearby as well as on display at the landing where the hunt sign/hint is has 40 couples sets for the male and the female PLUS 6 3-some sets so you can have another female friend join in on the fun if you like.  The full version also comes with two options in the pack.  RLV and non-RLV enabled.  You can also get it on Marketplace.

In each the male is bound by rope to the stakes and pretty helpless.  There is everything from standing over him, to sitting next to him, to touching, taunting, straddling his hips and then his face so you can make him writhe, then as a bonus there is some cock & ball torture type animations.  Stand between his legs using your foot to delicately…. or not…. torment him.

A really well rounded piece, each one runs on AvSitter 2, has particle ropes when bound, and gives rope cuffs for him to wear that match.

Get the freebie version or the full version at the main store location on the Five Blades sim.

FOR THE HUNT: Find the red shoe at the main location, LM to the rest of the hunt and next spot are inside!

As far as a hint.  Good fortune will be smiling upon you when you find it.

Good Luck!