The Fantasy Collective

Stone Throne for The Fantasy Collective

So I was playing around in my modeling program.  A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that, playing with sculpting tools. Experimenting really… kind of like, “soooo if I do this and stretch this this way, and then dab over here….” imagine me staring intently at the einarr-stone-thronemonitor, leaning in… ohh wince, yea that didn’t work quite like how I wanted but you know.

In the process of playing I did this….. thing.  It’s kind of like a chair. Kind of, and there’s this base.  While I was working on it I started thinking it’d be kind of cool for a clunky throne. My vision was draped in furs but I end up using some velvet instead with some really bold colors.  I had considered the rugged North or other places where a Viking lord looks over his home or something… I don’t know.  Really I’m just babbling on here but still.  I don’t know if it would work for that or not but it’s something different.

A couple sweeping drapes decorate the oversized chair part and a fur along the base. I kinda like it.  A bit too specific or niche for most people I’d wager. It would look very cool in an outdoors setting but could be elsewhere too, rugged, and all. Who knows, people usually surprise me when it comes to what they might do with something I create.

Anyhow… want to know what it’s got?  This throne is pretty good. Male-Dom oriented though really.  On the outset it has singles animations for up to three people. The dominant male who reclines and sits in the throne itself then two submissives, one on either side of the dias part.  7 animations he can choose from and each girl can choose from 8 different ones. For her there are kneels, a sit or so but mostly submissive postures.  The poses for the girls are lockguard compatible and should be able to have particle chains from the collar to the ring.

After that we have 98 different couples sets with 14 different menus.  There’s naughty and nice menus, play… dancing!  Dancing! I love dancing, but yes…. floor dances for him to watch, some steamy flirty stands to tease, and a lap dance so you can writhe in his lap.  There’s a menu just for interaction with Master with specific sets that work here… cuddles and things on the softer side too…. there’s a discipline menu with a whole spanking scene along with other spanks, and a flogging scene where there’s some teasing involved.  Obviously sex, foreplay, blow jobs, cunnilingus, among other things. Tons going on, tons of options. Really awesome stuff to play with if you’re in the mood or you can just relax and sit.

A threesome menu… room for a male dominant with his two girls from sitting, cuddling and then to some sex… there’s also a couple sets that are two men and one female but only 2.

So like I said… good stuff and lots of options.  People seem to like options but then again not too many or it gets overwhelming.  Now where can you get this?

This is the item I placed out for this months Fantasy Collective.  You can only get it there through this month, though there is an incentive even beyond that.

I have it at a 25% discount for the round.

Yepp, figured why not.

So go… get, if you like it, if not… wait and see what I come up with next!

Taxi — Fantasy Collective


So much new! The Fantasy Collective & We Luv RP

I’m not even sure where to start, there’s a lot of new around the Roawenwood.  I haven’t been announcing things in as timely of a fashion because of real life mostly… things are getting caught up though so here we go, I might do a two part post…. hmmmmm

After Dark Candlelit Lamp Post ADULT*thinks* might be a good idea.

So! For the first bits and parts of this post I am thinking we should start……………………….

With what I put out for the Fantasy Collective (last month *coughs*) but it’s still going for now and it will end up in the actual store so it’s all good.

The After Dark Lamp Post sets. There are two, an adult version and a PG version.  Both versions have 17 singles animations with all sorts of fun things to do, drunk singing, staggering around and some leaning sort of things.  You can hang out or be the life of the proverbial party this way… fun for role play.  Then for the PG version there are 11 couples sets. These are all pretty good, cuddling and talking types of things for those places that aren’t all that seedy.

The ADULT version… k this has quite a bit more. It has the singles things and the same cuddles or standing anims that PG version has BUT now you’re adding on a lot more other sets.  This version has 40(!) couples sets total, this is not only a lamp post, nu uh, it’s also a bondage post.  Bondage, discipline, sex and play all a part of it and it uses the new experiences thing along with auto-attach props.  Even the manacles can be attached through the menus! This my friends is awesome. Particle chains, it rezzes and derezzes the rings so while not in use it looks like any plain old lamp post along any street. This is a fairly nice item and one I’ve been meaning to do for a long long time.

Available at the Fantasy Collective and soon in store!Ghayda FitMesh Chain Top

The second item up for………. your pleasure is a chain top. I don’t always get into clothing like I used to but I do still like to think I should or could.  Recently I found this and just loved how it looked. Everyone should know I’m a sucker for things that show off the body so this won’t be a surprise to anyone.  For this month at We <3 RP I have put together this… the Ghayda Fit Mesh Chain Top!  Ohhh look!! It is fitmesh and it has versions for the TMP body, SLink Physique, Hourglass, and the Maitreya body! This is so great… really.  This makes things so much nicer.  I really do want to be able to offer up more things like this.  This month it is really at a good price, a 25% discount so it is only 147L right now.  With four different metals it can be worn with different colored pieces.

So if you want this… it is at We <3 RP!!

I had planned on having another piece for this event, and if I get the time… doubtful right now but if I do I might add a lil something.  But I have a lot going on, way more than I should and I’m probably not going to be able to.  Poo.

So there two items… in my next post I’ll be putting up some more for two more awesome events!!



A Midsummer Nights Dream @ the Fantasy Collective

Midsummer Romance SwingThe theme for this month’s Fantasy Collective round was A Midsummer Nights Dream.  I believe they wanted to do something a lil more contemporary, see what people could come up with than the classic things or things from the play.  I wasn’t sure what direction to go into with it but you know with my predilection towards fantasy and lately the outdoors I decided to play into Midsummer romances.

Time to spend with loved ones beneath a tree perhaps, shaded and sheltered under its branches.  Sometimes feeling like you’re the only two people in the world as bees buzz or birds flit from one branch to the next.

The piece I made for the round is a pretty swing, draped in a rich fabric, swirling vines with leaves down the ropes along with flowers peeking.  Grass beneath your feet, flowers blooming while the branches arch over top creating a canopy.

So pretty really… something to have in your space for time by yourself since there are 7 female and 7 male singles animations of time spent with someone either using the single animations or the any number of couples sets.  Kept to be sweet there isn’t anything adult in it though there might be a spanking animation snuck in there.  Shhh, don’t tell.

A lot of sweet cuddles, kisses, time spent and even just simple conversation are all available within it.

Standing and leaning against one of the trees.

It’s all in there… a lot of things to make you hope that that sweet summer time slows down and passes by just a little bit slower.

Available NOW and ONLY at the Fantasy Collective for a very reasonable price of 495L

After the event is over it will go into normal inventory, and the price will probably be adjusted.

So go! Now… quick! Before you forget or miss it.


Fantasy Collective – March

Hello hello! I am so so so so so….. *takes a deep breath then exhales as she continues* so busy lately that it’s a wonder that I’m able to get any of this done!

Nightingale Collar - White NTThe Fantasy Collective opened up and I have something for you for my first round back after taking time off for a long long….. long long…. long……. long time.  I always have said I have a soft spot for this event and I suppose I still do though I wasn’t able to participate for awhile.  Getting my… stuff…. together has been a long road though I think we’re getting there.

Now I’ll stop babbling and show you the new!

A collar.

You know… as an aside I realized that I do a lil bit with accessories and things like that.  I didn’t realize how much I do or how much I like to till I was moving vendors around and stuff.

I didn’t use any collar scripts though it DOES have 6 gem and bead colors that can be changed independently of each other that are just so rich and so pretty.  I did the collar itself in two colors.  One in Black, and one in White.  You know you don’t see that many good collars in white… just sayin, and I couldn’t help myself.

If you can’t tell I’m in a weird mood… have lots and lots to do so I’m a bit……… hyper.

Nightingale Collar - Black NCyea… hyper.

Now!  At one time I was talking to a good friend of mine about collars, we were talking about sales and all and the fact that I didn’t sell them with transfer permissions.  Of course my argument is about how most things aren’t transfer now, yadda yadda… and redelivery… more yadda yadda here and he says to me or at least something along these lines….

“But you should offer transfer too because a collar is almost like giving an engagement ring, sometimes a guy wants to be able to give his girl the collar himself without having to send her along to go get it or send it through a marketplace link or as a gift on a vendor panel.”

I actually paused on that one and realized at the time how long it had been since I had been in any kind of interaction with someone who either wanted or gives a collar… so! I now sell my collars with various permissions.

You can purchase it either as a copy/modify/no transfer item… OR you can get it modify/no copy/transfer to give to someone yourself.

Priced at only 150L and brand new for the Fantasy Collective!



New docks for your waterfront

Roughed Up Docks Build SetThis past week the Fantasy Collective opened up.  The theme, swamps… bayou… Voodoo… that sort of thing.  I had so many ideas for this thing, so many things I’d love love to do but I settled on something a little more practical than a few of my ideas.

Docks.  Done in mesh by little old me… different pieces to build what you like with them and a bit on the rougher side.  I tend to lean that way even when I don’t intend to.  The posts have ropes on the top, bark mainly for the texturing and the docks themselves are beat up a wee bit.

They create a bit of atmosphere I would think… I like to do that.  Maybe that’s one reason why I like roughing up things.  Adding depth.

The set is modify/copy…. make them as long or as small as you like.  Just want part then just use part.

Weighing in with the land impact ranging from .5 to 3 per piece it isn’t too awful bad.  They also are either mossy, or not.  So you can choose a different look.

Available at the moment ONLY at the Fantasy Collective event, you can technically take a gander at them at the store.  I have them in the new arrivals section with a land mark to the event.

Happy days!! Have fun!