A bit of Kink – ROMP style

This round of ROMP has officially opened and been open for a few days.  I tend to stagger announcements at times because it gets so busy on opening… and while I know people love to be there first… I send you a lil later so you can maybe not lag so bad or even just so you can get in.

Sybian Pleasures SetROMP – kinkiness.  This time I don’t think I fail to disappoint in that regard however for the most part it is all about the ladies.  From pleasing herself to taking pleasure in someone else this round I broadened out on the Domina series that I have going and added a bit of playful fun.

Three main items.

A sybian, a set of hitching posts, and a scrub bucket.

Sybian Pleasures - Black Wood SetThe sybian comes in two different woods, low to the ground with animations for self pleasuring funness, 8 of them along with some normal type sits/lays.  I know that sounds weird probably.  What kind of person is going to lounge around something like this… wellllll I dunno, but it has them.  The part that gives that bit of pleasure, the attachment is hidden when not in use and when you aren’t on one of the adult styled animation sets.  Nice huh?  So you don’t have to worry about it being out and about really.  Technically.

The second sitter does have their own animations to play with on their own.  A few arousal type ones, and normal ones.  So they can play voyeur if they want.  Delicious possibilities abound.  After those, there are 5 couples sets so you can really have some playtime together.

Two different wood tones sold separately, either black or brown and each set includes two cushion colors – black and red. Most things like this in real life seem to be rather bland, black without a lot of fun to it looks wise.  I did try to spice it up a bit and give it a different look thinking it would be more interesting overall.Hitch & Ride - Domina Series

The second bit of stuff is a hitching type post set.  Made out of stone pillars, with a log attached to the top.  This thing is meant for the dominant female type.  Definitely in the Domina series this has 15 animations for a male submissive to sit and/or be displayed at the post while waiting for her if she so chooses.  Then there are 15 animation sets for the Lady and her toy to play.  Pegging (strap on fun! yay! lol) , riding, teasing him, all sorts of things to do that just seems like it could be so much fun.  I don’t see why it couldn’t be used indoors but outside would be great.  Using particle chains to bind him by his collar to the piece this is a fun thing that will add nicely to this line.

Last but not least another fun lil item in the Domina series.  A scrub bucket.  Big whoop right? Yea, I know… there’s chore buckets and things all over the place but this one……. this one is not meant for a girl to be dutifully cleaning her Masters Scrub Bucket - HISchambers or whatever else.  It is for HIM to be on his hands and knees scrubbing away.  Ahhh, a wee bit of balance in a not so balanced world.  Who says he shouldn’t earn his keep? hmm?  The bucket has a scrubbing animation of course and gives a scrubber for him to use that auto-attaches.  There’s other various sits, kneels I think… that sort of thing.  Keep him on his knees and then… there is a set of couples animations.  Subtle things, no sex in this one… Sorry, but it does have some wonderful sets where she uses him like the piece of furniture I would suppose you could say.  Reading a book, reclining, sitting type things then some other sorts.  Standing on his back, putting her foot up on his shoulder, a good spanking.  Fun stuff.

ALL items are new.

ALL items are marked down 25% for ROMP while the event is going and then it will go into normal store inventory.

Open until April 29th.

Come on and ROMP! (taxi)


Lil bit of Lovin for the end of ROMP

Quiet Reflections Chair SetHey!! ROMP ends on the 22nd and because I just love this event I decided to throw something out there that is almost like a gift… who doesn’t love some kinkiness eh?  So we have something that is almost a gift.  A 50L offering.

Until the end of ROMP I have placed a brand new lil something out at my booth that I have priced down to 50L.  After the event it will be normal pricing in the store.  An accent piece to the Tantra Chair this is a small rather unassuming piece that can be tucked away into a corner with a wee bit of kink.

Since I think of a rather peaceful scene when I think of these sets I added some meditation and singles sits for the first sitter.  So you can relax and breathe in deeply before being joined by someone if you so choose.

The set includes both PG and Adult versions, the full version has 17 different couples sets.  Sex, cuddles, kisses and some very nice sets that are geared towards the Master/slave.  Kneeling and talking or spending time.  Master getting something to eat.

So there you have it, a wee lil offering before ROMP ends and an excuse to go back down there to check it out.

Have fun my friends and talk to you soon.

Your taxi to ROMP


Elegantly Romping — Tantra Seductiveness

Tantra Chair SetI have always loved the sleek and rather seductive look of a tantra chair/couch.  The way that it flows wave like and all of the sensual implications of it just fascinated me.  I have on and off throughout my time creating in SL played with having one in my store but I was never happy with the outcome most of the time.  Plus I wanted to make sure I could offer something that had some interesting things within it so it was a functional piece.  Not just a pretty decorative thing because that is how I do things.

So… with this round of ROMP I took the time to create it.  Finally.

I am working on an additional piece to accent the set and go with it but for now here is something I’m actually quite pleased to present.

It has 16 different texture options for the cushion.  Somewhere someone was mentioning that there wasn’t enough pink or lighter tones for things like this so I also tried my hand at offering some of those.  So if you like light or bright, dark and sleek you can have either options.  Leather options, textile, and a few subtle patterns are all included for different looks.  I hope that it is well suited for the piece, I like it personally.  Of course I rarely make something that I don’t actually like on some level.

It comes with single sits to lounge for both men and women so you don’t HAVE to only use it when you’re feeling froggy however there is also 27 different couples sets.  The couples sets include all sorts of sexual stuff of course but also some cuddly and affectionate things.  So no matter the mood you can drape yourself along the sleek contours of this rather meditative piece.

I hope you enjoy it.  Released for ROMP exclusively and will not be in the store until after the event you can also get it at a 25% discount!


Take your taxi to ROMP!!

I’m also going to highlight quickly the Seasons Story opening.  For the winter round I set up a fairly nice lil campfire set.  With snowdrifts, bare branched saplings, a campfire set up to have all sorts of controls from burning to smoldering, sound and light there is also a lovely log bench.  Rustic in look with singles animations along with couples sets to warm yourself by the fire, cuddle and kiss… perfect for those crisp and cold wintery months.

Wintervale Campfire Set

ONLY at the Seasons Story


We’re all set to ROMP

Draped Pet Bed - Cozy FursSo many things going on all the time it seems like keeping up with letting you know what is going on could become a full time job all by itself!  Here we are barely beginning the month of October and I have a ton of new things to show you and things coming up so wow… keep your eyes peeled.  From autumn to Halloween to gacha things there is a lot.  So let’s get to the latest that I haven’t had time to post about yet.


I think this is my favorite event at the moment.  I relax with it and seem to have more fun doing things because I can add that little twist I always like to do.  Course I have other favorite events. Yes, yes but getting to be kinky and all?  Always a highlight because you can do it in so many ways.  This time around I decided to give into that little animal or owned slave type mentality.  No bondage or cages this time.  I know, you’re probably disappointed but I can always do them later.  This time I made a couple new little beds and some feeding bowls.  For puppy play, slaves, for those so inclined they are a really nice low prim addition to your area.  I just love the beds.  They’re fashioned after a shape I have used in the past for a basket bed…. but look so damned cozy I can see folks just wanting to curl up in there and snuggle in.  There’s two.  One furry, terribly cozy and so far the most popular… the other done in softer tones, and a bit pink.  I tried so so hard to make a very rich silk or velvet version too, I wanted all three to kind of be able to fit into almost anywhere but I couldn’t get that one right.  It just was not cooperating AT all.  So we have two.

Mesh Feed & Water Bowls SetEach bed is draped and swathed in richness and have _ a lot _ of animations to choose from.  This time around I didn’t forget the guys either!  25 different kneels, sits, and emotive type animations…. then 7 for guys.  Then if you peek into those menus there are some lovely self lovin type animations for both men and women.  40 total animations embedded with no poseballs anywhere to screw things up.  Only 4 LI each.

There is also 2 types of feed bowls.  One they are on a small little raised tray, combined and only 1 LI for the entire thing.  The others are separate.  There is a water dish and a food dish that you can throw around wherever you want unlinked. They are 1 LI each as well however if you link them… they STAY at 1 LI, as far as I remember so you can do what you will with them.  Each set includes a lil furry rug to place beneath the bowls if you like.  1 LI for that too.

They include 3 animations for eating and drinking, and then 6 more kneels or sitting type things.  Simple but very useful to create that full bodied scene or living space for your pet or slave.

Right now available ONLY at ROMP!

I also did something for the Cosmopolitan event this past round.  Every once in awhile I get things floating across my desk to try and so I decided sure, why not.  I’m doing a round in Oct. too.  I decided to do something a lil different.  Chair sets, inspired by Dia de los Muertos.  I love this one and often want to do things for it or around it.  I’d like to add to the lines but this is something I worked on.  3 sets of chairs, each decorated a little differently… and a FREE gift!

Dia de los Muertos - Sugar SkullsDia de los Muertos Chair Set - DecoratedDia de los Muertos Chair Set - Vibrantdia de los muertos framed prints




Pretty cages and pampered pets. ROMP July

Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Stimulation CageIt’s here! It’s here! ROMP fair for July is here!  I look forward to this one EVERYTIME.  Love working with these people and love the event.  Yay!  I have something really great for you this time around too.

Firstly a cage set.  This isn’t just any cage of course, it is all freshly meshed goodness and while it has its rough, gruff exterior it also has its mushy interior.  The cage itself depending on which you use is 4 or 8 LI.  The one with the deep red drapes of course is higher but it still not that much.  Not really.  I have a full decorated set here.  A draped silken bed for your pampered slave or submissive to use.  A deep furry rug, table decorated with pretty little things and some goblets along with a vase in the corner with peacock feathers.  On one edge there is a tether.  This tether has animations embedded in it along with some sex type things for the cage while the person within is helplessly kept, they can have a bit of fun with someone on the outside.  You can use or not use whichever pieces you want.  It’s all included in the pack.

The bed has 26 animations in it, the tether has 17 singles, and 6 couples sets.  Not a bad bit.

Treasured One Slave_Pet BedIt is Kool Doors scripted so you can lock or unlock it, set access to group or whatever else.  That makes it handy doesn’t it?  The cage itself is designed with the Gorean concept of a stimulation cage.  I know not all are fans of the series but conceptually speaking if you take out the pampered slave part girls were sometimes housed in a cage that was decked out with all sorts of different types of sensory treasures so she becomes more sensitive to them and as something of a training tool.  The cage itself was just tall enough so if she stood upright she would not be able to raise her head so yes, the cage isn’t really meant to be stood up in, and the door is short… one can only crawl to get within.

Delicious concept all by itself isn’t it?

Treasured One Slave_Pet Bed FurredThe other pieces are variations of what is in the cage.  Two other beds were created that look a little different.  One furred and one that just has a different frame but has the same deep blue silk that the other has.  26 animations, it’s a little bed to place in a corner or at the foot of the bed of the Master or wherever.  A bit of fancy.  Sometimes we need a bit of fancy.  There’s nothing wrong with having things for your pet that makes your pet feel good or makes them look pretty.


The last piece is a variation of the tether.  It doesn’t have any adult sets for couples in it but it is a basic slave tether.  30 Bindings Slave Tetherdifferent animations in it, it has particle chains from the ankle cuff to the tether itself as does the one in the cage.

The tether has animations for BOTH male and female avatars.  I think it rounds it out nicely.

ALL items have versions in the pack that are RLV enabled as well as ones that are not so you can use it if you decide or forgo that feature.

I like to do that, doesn’t take much but gives you a lot more options to play with.

Have a great weekend and have fun ROMPing!!