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The Bears & the Bees Plus Sugar Shock Sweetness!

The new Genre round is about to open up, and the CoLab round began at the end of last week.  The CoLab round was everything to do with bees, bears, honey and that sort of thing.  The PERFECT time for a revisiting of the beekeepers line!  I decided to update it, and revamp it completely.  Some new texturing, new scripts, new animations anndd…. MESH!! The set has been converted to mesh for better performance and seriously knocking off a bunch of the prims from the old version.

For example…. the bee skeps in a cabinet?  Old was 18 prims and now it is only 6!  The square frame hives?  From 5 or 6 down to 1 prim!  I also worked out the skeps so they can be stand alone to place wherever, one great thing about them though alone they are 1 prim when you link 2 together it is still only 1 prim.  Awesome.  I love lil things like that with mesh. Also a change is that the old version was transfer, back when I was doing most product like that… now for almost the same price they’re all set to copy so you can have one helluva large bee farm thing if you want. LOL  I don’t know if you’d want to but hey yanno… some might yes?

The stool now has some sits and other animations besides just the one work animation too.  It’s kinda fun to play around with things.  Shelving all of it looks much nicer, and much more functional.

The part that I offered up for CoLab is the now meshed Honey Extractor.  It still has the working crank animation in it, it still is very cool in that fashion but the prim count has been knocked down to half of what it was.  ‘

On that account the Honey Extractor is a very low 60L through the CoLab round and the rest of the set because I was feeling loverly when I put it out is marked down 50%!

GENRE!!  You know I love these themed events, keeps me hoppin… we go from bears and bees toooooo LOLITA!  Heh, seriously… not something I’ve worked on much eh?  Pinkified cupcake goodness for some folks and that’s the direction I went in for the round.  I flirted around with doing a vanity or something, you know… white wood… pinkish accents where a girl could primp herself up but decided instead to do a set of shoes.  Yepp, a real interesting twist but I think they turned out rather well.  Three colors, and each color has a texture change HUD with 4 different variations.  So you can either have the lacy one…. or the striped one….. or the plaid one….. or the one that is plain but has stripes across the toe.  Not bad eh?  Bet you wanna see huh…. I’ll be attaching a picture here shortly.  Yepp yepp.

Colors offered are Cotton Candy Pink, Grape, and Mint!  They’re kinda cool, but not something that will work for the Gorean crowd or Medieval type.  Sneaker wedges… *snickers* way outside of my normal type of thing but yanno… that’s part of the point of 5&20, so I can play!

Genre event for the month means that all three pairs of shoes are offered at 100L each.  Demos at the event and only for sale there!

>>> GENRE TAXI! <<<


Captured! New bondage gear & CoLab kit

Ohh this week I have some really naughty fun for you along with a new CoLab kit.  First off, we have a new set of bondage and captive posts.  Recently I was given the task of finding a bondage pole type thing for someone.  I looked and sincerely couldn’t find anything with ALL of these products, merchants, and listings on marketplace that would suit their needs.  I honestly was trying to save time by purchasing one.  Hey I don’t ALWAYS want to have to do all the work.

Anyhow… I really just didn’t find what I was looking for.  I wanted a rustic type pole that would work outdoors…. most were dungeon/indoor based with rings, pillars and what not looking very odd outdoors.  I wanted something with ropes, not chains for the particle effects.  Don’t think I saw too many with rope or if they had ropes on the pole the particles were chains.  Really? Ugh.  I needed something that had various options… and yanno what they say, If you want something done?  So!  Up to my workshop and to rummage through my animation sets… did I have what I wanted/needed?  Of course, I collect things.

The full version of the captive & bondage pole has sets for BOTH male and female victims.  32 couples animation sets total with 7 single bondage animations.  Xpose scripted and enabled with basic RLV capture & functionality.  With sets to compliment most situations there are kisses, cuddles, fondling, fellatio, cunnilingus, backwards and forwards facing, flogging, spanking, paddling, whipping…. whew, there should be something in there right?

The post is 3 prims at rest and up to 16 prims with the props that can rezz including the balls.  (I hate those balls but sometimes somethings… ah well)  Anyhow, after about 20 minutes the thing derezzes those things and goes to rest so it won’t add to your script issues on your sim or eat up prims.  The post has the items needed like whips, paddles and all that can be given through the menu.  The ferns are included for outdoorsy folk who want them but are not linked… completely optional so you can use this indoors or outdoors.  Matching particle ropes specially colored so it adds to the immersive feel of the piece while using it.  I did add a few facial expressions for those sets that need them, but they can be turned off too.  In general I don’t add facial expressions, they don’t really ever seem to look right to me though I know some people like them.

Along with the full version I did a male only bondage version and a female only bondage set.  I know not everyone wants the full package and only need one or the other.  Some like to spend a little less but getting the full version is cheaper than buying the other two separately.  Copy and modify you can put these wherever you want, don’t have to worry about inventory loss and all those good things.  Available this week in world at the store for 50% off as an introductory offer!

Also available on the Marketplace Here.

The new CoLab theme for this round was “Spring Cleaning”.  The pic had laundry and sweeping and all of those miscellaneous chores or what have you on it.  Wow, right up my alley eh?  The color scheme is a little different than I would normally choose or use but it actually turned out pretty nice.  I made up a Spring Cleaning Laundry set!  Wheeeee…. It will end up in normal store inventory though for this round which last about what…. 2 weeks, it will be at an obnoxiously low price of 60L.

The set has a screen/shutter thing with cloths draped on it, mesh table with tiles on the shelving, laundry basket and two chores.  The chores aren’t linked to the table, they just lie atop of it so really this is a pretty neat little piece.  Washtub with scrubbing laundry and a bunch of cloths/towels with a folding clothes animation.  You can put these wherever you want and ditch the rest even.  Eh, it’s all good right?  Well I kinda like it.

There’s a bit coming up.  The next round of We <3 RP is set to start on the 4th or so, and I have two hunts starting on the 1st.  The Silk Road hunt and then an adult oriented hunt called FantasmaGor Hunt I think is going to start so there will be a couple new freebie type things going on.  Though I do think the one hunt charges 1L, some have reprimanded me before saying if it is 1L then it isn’t a freebie…

Anyways!  Home and Garden Expo is going on strong until June 2nd.  Make sure you go over there and help out a great cause.  Talk to you all soon and have a great weekend.



We <3 RP! Fishin for CoLab

This weekend a new shopping event opened up and I’ve added my own little brand of fun for it.  The list of creators that are participating is rather impressive, some favorites of mine are on there too.  I created a set for the entertainers out there.  A full role play set for 6 people to be able to perform upon a stage.  Stage, lighting, and accents all included.  The set has various spots to drum, a flutist, as well as a spot for a dancer/performer up front.  Entirely up to you who goes where and does what but a cute set for those looking to have a dedicated entertainment area.  Tavern, outdoor, indoor… you can use the stage or not.  The music drum that is included has 16 different songs that can be played… it’s also not all that hard to add your own.  Instructions are included.

It’s a bit on the rustic side with thick furry rugs. To get this piece you HAVE to go to the We <3 RP Event grounds.  I have a test version at the main store, but you can’t buy it there till after the event… till then you have to go > HERE <, and it is on a 30% discount!

Also released over this past weekend was the new CoLab kit.  Fishing!!!  Something that I used to adore growing up, sitting out on the boat in the early morning as the fog lifted.  Was something I always did… don’t get to as much anymore but I have a fondness for it.  The store has been woefully bereft of fishing gear since the retirement sale… so I revamped and redid the fishing pond for CoLab.  I love this thing anyhow but now it’s a lot better.  Lower lag scripts, and spots for three folks to sit to relax… so even if you don’t like to fish you can hang out.  Marked down at the ridiculous price of 60L for the duration of the CoLab round it will raise after that.

Hope you all had a glorious weekend.  Back to work for me!



Good morning and salutations!

I’m going to highlight the couple weekly things I have going on so ya’ll have a little something to gander at.  Might as well and it’s a simpler post. heh Anything to make life a lil simpler these days eh?

CoLab!  I didn’t highlight that but this rounds item is a few sweet little Easter/spring like items.  I know I haven’t really done much for Easter this year and that’s ok.  I’m sure you guys are getting slammed with lil bunnies, pastel colors and all sorts of things all over the grid.  I do like the gardening though it’s a good one and a favorite.  Digging into the earth, growing things…. watching them bloom.  Love it.

So this round, and for this week still, these items are marked down A LOT.

First for the Petite Mesh avatars I made these cute lil buggers:


The two sacks with eggs in them are available for sale and then the one with the chick is a bonus one tossed into the packs so you get two rucksacks.  They’re cute and I think marked at 35L each.

The next one is the garden.  It’s full sized…. for regular avatars.  It’s one of those things that I want to add onto.  You know it could be fun to do lil packs… herb packs and things so you can shift or change it or crate a larger garden based off of the lil one.  But for now this is what I have for you, a nice compact garden with fencing and different animations to work.  Two workers can care for the garden at a time, with 6 animations for each of them.

I think in the regular version of this I would add a few animations that aren’t in there.  We’ll see yes?

This week I didn’t get into 60L.  I’m not sure what direction that list is going into but seems to be having some bumps as things get worked out.  I’m considering other options for the weekend sales or special offers for the store, so I suppose that means if someone has something they think would be a good idea or something I’m all ears.  You know how I like to hear from folks and to find new opportunities.  It’s good for me…. good for you.  Anything that helps keep the creativity flowing is an added plus of course.

So, onto the next…. Simply the Best weekly sale offer!!  This is a nice lil twist… at least a 50% reduction on an item.  Now… generally speaking I like to do something newer or something that I haven’t placed on sale before.  In general I don’t like to rehash things and give you something to look forward to.  This week is an interesting item.  While working on a larger set I made this up.  It’s basically an ottoman.  Yea I know right, boring but not this one.  Low prim, toss it into a corner for those lil spots you want to be able to have some…. *coughs* fun without having to go find your bed.

The Minim Stone Couch, if you’re of a Gorean mindset you might realize the twist… or not… but hey I tried.  It’s a mini-stone couch rather than a big bed. heheh, richly textured with a slave ring on it’s side that emits particle chains to the collar.  Different animation sets to suit it so you can have some kinky fun.  Great to put into a corner of a tavern maybe… bedroom, wherever really since it isn’t overtly made for any specific room it can fit into just about any.

Have at it, and have fun…. this week it is marked down to 198L.  A really nice deal on it I think.

So I think that’s about it for this post.  I’ve been working and preparing for the Fantasy Faire mostly.  I have a few events coming up this coming week.  Hunts and things so keep your eyes peeled.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!




CoLab #63 – Hanging by a Thread

The latest CoLab kit was all about knits, warm sweaters, sewing and all sort of things.  Of course I knew that focusing on knitting would be easy but I decided to take the secondary theme of sewing and make up something that I’ve promised to make for a very long time.

A seamstress/tailor set.  I kept the name a bit more generic by calling it a Clothiers workset but it really is nice.  Right now during the round nothing in this set is over 60L.

Honestly, you can’t really beat that can you?  Four different sets that make up an interactive scene.  The coloring for it is a bit different.  It uses a lot of blues, purples, greens and a mauve or rose type coloring.  I’ve included fabric bolts, rolled fabrics, rumpled, wall racks… bobbins, tons of accessories.

It will be on sale for the CoLab event until the next round which begins next Thursday, January 24th.  After that it will be added to normal store inventory with a ‘normal’ price.