An end to the madness…

Twisted Hunt ends very soon (always hate when this one ends. *sniffs*) but there’s something new too.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is picking up on October first, opening up so that the masses can try their luck at winning a prize, their hearts desire, or a trinket for someone else.  Truth be told this is my first real gacha event.  I’ve had a gacha once in awhile for something but really I haven’t had that much experience with it.  Awhile back I asked for feedback from folks.  What they thought worked or didn’t work because I was at a loss as to what to make for it.

I have a bit of a better idea now but I’m still kinda sorta strugglin.  A lot of work goes into these and I swear that the creators for this particular event seem to go above and beyond.  Some awesome stuff is being released for it and I have to admit there’s a bit of humility in there when I look around at some of the creative genius that is amongst us.  That said… I’m going to highlight in this post one part of my gacha goodness.

This item was thought up and created based on an idea from a groupie.  They said something along the lines of…. “A seat you can wear as an attachment with a sit pose (maybe different poses in different stools, I’ve wanted something of the sort at events where they’ve run out of seating)”.  Hmmmmm…. says I.  Thoughts start going in circles some trying to think, so how do I make that appealing or worth while.  I don’t want something that looks like crap, nothing too big probably but if it’s too small then it’s just well…. boring.

I wanted to find just the right look for it, just the right seat form.  If it doesn’t look right then what’s the point.  I didn’t want too rugged, so ya’ll can use it wherever but didn’t want too fancy either?  But then again, some DO want rugged, some DO want fancy.  You see where I’m going with this?  So unable to really come to terms with what I wanted the idea sat in the back of my mind.  Plus I have to admit a chair with a single pose in it just seemed kinda cheapish, stuck forever sitting the same way… I’d like some versatility, I like my options… so I’d want versions where you can have more than 1 sit in them.

You shouldn’t be too surprised though that I came up with something.  So yes… one of my gacha prizes are WEARABLE Seat Attachments for your avatar.  Really how cool is this huh?  I mean… most of the time when I’m out wandering or in those rare moments of role play just how often do we stand around staring at each other with our thumb up our…. I have often when doing so looked around proverbially speaking, wishing that somewhere there was a place to sit down.  Relax a little, have some role play… DO something.  Because we all know that you really can only lay out so many prims on a sim… plus I mean… not EVERYONE has the same tastes when it comes to what they will use or work with.  Right?  Now, I realize that most of the time… whipping a chair out of your inventory magically isn’t going to work for most rp’s. *laughs* But I’m sure that in some instances there are some pretty smart people out there who can invent a reason to do it.

There’s three levels of prizes.  Common, Rare, and Epic.

The common prizes only have 1 sit in each chair…. though there is a male and female version within each pack so you do get two chairs per…. I broke all of them up that way, I thought it was nicer.

Yes did you see that…. I actually did something for the GUYS!!!  You have any idea how often I hear that the men get forgotten and want stuff too?  Well I tried my best to not leave them out.  So there are male and female versions of the chairs within the packs.  Woot!

Anyhow…. the rare and the epic versions of the chairs are scripted so you can switch between 5 different sits suited for each piece of furniture.  Now see, I think that’s pretty cool.  Reclining, lounging, sitting proper…. there should be an option in there for each.  And as I said, male/female versions are in each pack so you’re getting a pretty decent deal.  Commons are more rugged… a comfy pillowed seating crate, and a foresty type camp chair.  The rares are a posh bench, blackened frame with a drape, rich fabric and rolled pillow.  The epic is one of the pillowed crates with a lil table thing next to it, pitcher of wine and some refreshments, and then the benches tricked out with furred rug, and refreshments.  The idea was that the epic peoples are a bit on the spoiled side.  hahaha, I just liked the idea.  Think they look pretty cool.

There are different texture or color options available.  In the crates there’s a couple different woods, metals and leathers used.  For the benches there’s four different colors that you can get… green, red, blue, or a nice plum that is subdued and looks just awesome in my most humble of opinions.

Sooo!!  There you have it… my first item that you can get for 50L a pull is wearable seating for you to enjoy your time in SL a wee bit more.  You just add/wear from your inventory to set your butt just about anywhere.  Turn off the AO usually, the only drawback is well… if you walk, you might look a lil funny if the walk takes over and you have a piece of furniture swinging off your backside.  Might wanna, I dunno.  *coughs* stand up first.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens TOMORROW!! October 1st!

I can’t wait!  I’ll be doing another post highlighting the second item in just a bit.

Have a good one, and happy Monday.


25L Lovin & Petite Cuteness

*groans picking herself up eyes half closed while she cradles her head*

Morning… I think.  Shhhh…. no loud noises…. Last night I went to see Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.

I didn’t get in until 3 am or so…. and had to be up again at of all ungodly hours 6.  *sips her coffee carefully*  I spent a good part of the evening dodging the drunk guy in front of me as he swung his arms wide howling through the show….

And why do I always wear shoes to things like this that make me question my sanity by the time I am trying to find the car in the parking lot afterwards?  I mean really…


·!¦[·      25L SALES!!!!        ·]¦!·

Today I’m on the list….

I’ve placed out a set of silks, the Shiri ones in all of the colors so you can pick & choose.  Plus the beggar lady set.

The cuteness that I speak of is an AO that I was tickled with playing after I made it.  I couldn’t help myself.  The idea just kinda popped into my head.

Isn’t it great?  hehehe  Available in world and on the Marketplace.

Have fun and enjoy… I’m going to go recuperate, maybe try to get some work done…. sleep…. yea, sleep sounds good.


Roawenwood Updates

Sooooooooo much has been happening around my place.  Events, sales, and new releases.  The notecard for this week by itself was HUGE.  I’m shocked really that people read as much as they did.

So I’m going to try to go over some of the latest and greatest without being too drawn out but I’m not sure if I can *laughs*

·!¦[·       SWEET SIMPLICITY – NEW OUTFIT      ·]¦!·

I got into the creative spirit and decided to work on a very simple silk type outfit.  Semi-transparent crop top, and skirts float around the girl giving her a feminine appeal without going over the top.  None too ragged they can be worn whenever, accented with an included belly jewel… I just love showing off the belly.  Available in three colors:  Rose, Golden, and Blue along with a special Sage color in the lucky chairs.

·!¦[·       PHYSICIANS OUTPOST       ·]¦!·

For AGES folks have been asking me if I would ever consider doing some physician or healer type things.  I didn’t get around to it but then very recently I was asked again if I’d consider making up a small shed or shack thing to go along with the rest that has become something of a line without it meaning to become one.  I started with the bakers things and it just…. boom, kept going.  Now we have another one!  A Physicians Outpost!  Rather rugged, a small building outfitted and accessorized.

Created a whole new build with shack, desk, examination table, recovery cot… accessories, wash basin.  It all looks really great together and is set up at the moment near the landing.

·!¦[·       TO MARKET, TO MARKET  – PULL CARTS FOR YOUR RP        ·]¦!·

Ever want to role-play out going or coming from the market?  Have a garden but wanted to bring along your tools?  Well I decided to start a new line of pull carts so you can enhance your role-play.  Each one works like an AO with walking and standing animations so you just wear it from your inventory.  Each comes with filled and empty versions of the cart.

╚»╚» CHALLENGE!!! «╝«╝

I’m going to give those few who actually read this far down an opportunity.  I am wanting to create a few different types of this sort of thing, and I have plans for other variations however… I can’t __always__ come up with everything, I get tired… yanno?  Anyhow… Here’s the challenge:

Send me a notecard with your ideas for what might make up a good something to be pulling around in a cart (name it something like… Challenge; Pull Cart) and if I use the idea then you will get a set for  — FREE!!! —

·!¦[·      ROAWENWOOD ACRES        ·]¦!·

I finally got the landscaping, outdoor and seasonal area around a little bit better.  At the very least, well enough that I’m willing to mention it.  It will go through final tweaks and things will be added but if you are curious you can take a quick look.  I’m going to be placing outdoor furniture and things over here along with plants as I make them.

I’ll put sale info in a new post.


25L Tues Lovin

Woot!  I was able to get into this weeks 25L round.  It’s been tough even with a little bit of warning of when reservations are going to be I keep missing them.  Hard to catch the right time and I swear… Tea Service - Towerscouts honor the last time I actually got into the round… it was almost entirely full ‘cept for a couple in the time it took me to get the notice reservations were open, try to tp there, crash, log back in and go to the spot.  *laughs*  All of maybe 10 minutes?  15 tops…. sooooo ya, I’m not getting into the rounds so well.

Sooooooo I put out something that I don’t have in my store even…. an animated tea tray with the tower pose.  It runs through the kneel, and then sits with the tray propped on your hands.  It’s not too bad, though I’d probably mess with it a wee bit more for an actual release it looks good.  Silver tray and gives out cups of tea to drink on click.

I also marked down the Skulls n Denim outfit.  Figured for the time of year why not… and I like that one even if not everyone does.

So for today only you can get these wonderful items for just 25L.

I’ll have more tomorrow, it is after all Hump Day.  I’m trying to decide when to put out more of my Halloween/Autumn type stuff.  Don’t want to too early, cuz yanno… well… you just don’t, but don’t want to wait TOO long either.  Plus plus…. it’s just well……… FUN!

Talk to you all soon.


Everyone deserves a little bit of pampering

This week I tossed around a few ideas for what I was going to release or do for my Wednesday thing.  I try to do things that I think will be of interest at the time.  For a better part of the day I had mulled over exactly what I could do for Mother’s day coming up on Sunday.  And then it hit me…. so simple really.

Breakfast in bed!  What woman doesn’t warm or melt when the one she cares for takes the time to think of her… bringing her a warm toasty breakfast, awakening her to the sweet company of those she cares about and giving her a few moments of soft fuzziness.Breakfast Bed Tray So I set to it… working away up in my workshop and came up with a lovely piece that I am happy to release.  A tray with an embedded couples animation set.  The female sits back propped against pillows, headboard, what have you… her legs stretched out in front of her, tray over her lap while her S.O. sits alongside relaxed, arm over her legs talking to her.  What a fine fine thing don’t you think?  The plate has a yummy breakfast all prepared… eggs, bacon and toast with a warm muffin along the side.  Made mostly of sculpted prims it looks lovely… good enough to eat!  Touch the tray to receive a fork to wear… female sits first, and then the male.  No poseballs, and the sits are adjustable through menu.

My other release this week is a set of slave beds.  I have a couple over in the slave gear section but they’re older, use a texture change script that can end up being messed up if you reset it wrong so I finally redid them to something that I prefer a little bit more.  One of them even suspiciously looks like the furred couch/bed that I released awhile back.  Hmmm…. go figure.  There’s four of them, a couple basket types… a couple with the darker outside. Slave Bed - Furred Most have texture change, either the linens can be changed or the basket or both.  One of the great things about it is firstly, it is a lower prim item.  7 prims for one of them and 6 for the others… then obviously the texture change.  Tons of options with those so you can decorate or personalize them a little bit more… then… I made them copiable!  TA DA!  I know, not a big deal right?  Well this is one of those items where if you have multiple slaves then you can let them have their own beds, or use them in a kennel… or stable… or wherever, it makes things so much easier for you the end user I think.  Of course the permissions limit so you can’t transfer but well… can’t have everything.  They’re very reasonably priced for a copiable item like this so come down and see.  Each bed comes with 7 different animations or poses from curled sleep to pleading.

That is about it for now… soooooo much coming up and out in the near future.  I feel a sim rebuild comin on and some brand new naughty goodness to taunt….. err… tempt you with.

Take care!