Petite Mesh Avatars

Enchantment & the Secret Affair — Thumbelina & the Druids

Simple Offerings Forest Alter

Simple Offerings Forest Alter for the Secret Affair

Two events opening up within a day or two of each other.  Enchantment and The Secret Affair!

Run by lovely people and with tons of really awesome stuff.  This rounds theme for Enchantment was Thumbelina and for the Secret Affair it was ‘The Light of the Earth’ Alban Eilir – the Druid festival of the Spring Equinox. Ok, so you know… both are pretty good themes for me right?  I enjoyed them both very much.

For Enchantment we played around with some fairy fun and I even went out there sizing one for Petite Mesh Av’s.  I get asked about this on occasion, or talked about in group… when and if I’ll make things for this wee group of folks on the grid.  This seemed like a good time to don’t you think?  Might as well.

First item for Enchantment is a tea set made out of acorns and things. Very cute and it comes with the tea tray scripted or unscripted.

Scripted gives a tea cup to wear and drink tea.  The other is just decorative.  There is also a small cup included so you can decorate extra.  Low in land impact and really cute.

Thistleberry Mushroom PlantersThe second item for Enchantment is a set of mushroom planters.  Something from the fairy garden, acorn tops flipped over and a small arrangement of mushrooms inside them.  The set comes with 4 different little arrangements, mushrooms moved around in different ways.

They’re adorable really and only available at the moment through Enchantment.

Get yer taxi here for Enchantment

The NEXT thing is for the Secret Affair.  This is a relaxing piece.  An alter of sorts that is foresty in nature.  15 LI it is an all in one spot including ground cover type thing so all you have to do is rezz and go to be honest.  A rock formation with candles all along the top then a fire at the base with offering of grain outside the fires.  Cut sprigs of mistletoe are cast between the bowls of grains.

Inside the alter there are 6 different prayer or meditation type animations.  It could be used for other things of course… but I think it really is lovely for those who might find use for it.

Thistleberry Tea Set

I like it.  I wish I had more time to play with it and make it more of what I had in mind in my head but I think this is a good try.

I’ve been doing a lot of outdoors stuff lately, seems to have hit a cord.

ONLY available at the Secret Affair

Taxi for the Secret Affair

Both events are in full swing and ready for you to come visit!!


Simply enchanting

Today’s daily discount for the week is the newly released Enchanted Pumpkin Hideaway.  Technically the shell for this piece was released as a CoLab kit but it didn’t have anything in it, like animations… just the decorated shell.  I’ve since gone ahead and added a full menu of couples cuddles, kisses and relaxing animations sets along with a singles menu with sleeps, drawing, reading… that sort of thing.

It really is a nicely done piece.  The texturing is rich and robust each color accenting the other creating a very nice atmosphere within and without.  Pumpkins strewn around outside of it just highlight it nicely.

Today ONLY it is discounted at half off as an introductory offer.  Nice huh?

The hideaway is offered in different sizes…. one for full sized avatars, one for petites… and then the shell which can be resized to whatever you like – bigger, smaller.  I wouldn’t recommend resizing the scripted ones only because it will throw off the poses but you can and adjust them if you like.

See the pic for details!  But…. I will say… the picture does not really do it justice, you should come down to the landing and see it rezzed.



25L Lovin & Petite Cuteness

*groans picking herself up eyes half closed while she cradles her head*

Morning… I think.  Shhhh…. no loud noises…. Last night I went to see Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.

I didn’t get in until 3 am or so…. and had to be up again at of all ungodly hours 6.  *sips her coffee carefully*  I spent a good part of the evening dodging the drunk guy in front of me as he swung his arms wide howling through the show….

And why do I always wear shoes to things like this that make me question my sanity by the time I am trying to find the car in the parking lot afterwards?  I mean really…


·!¦[·      25L SALES!!!!        ·]¦!·

Today I’m on the list….

I’ve placed out a set of silks, the Shiri ones in all of the colors so you can pick & choose.  Plus the beggar lady set.

The cuteness that I speak of is an AO that I was tickled with playing after I made it.  I couldn’t help myself.  The idea just kinda popped into my head.

Isn’t it great?  hehehe  Available in world and on the Marketplace.

Have fun and enjoy… I’m going to go recuperate, maybe try to get some work done…. sleep…. yea, sleep sounds good.


This coming week

So much stuff been going on and I don’t always put it all on the blog.  All last week was the season of sin at Roawenwood where groupies were given a gift every day for the week.  It was a lot of fun with bondage, captive, and naughtiness that I think everyone had some fun with.  It saw the release of the Bondage and Captive Wheel, the Over the Barrel set and other new items over at Splinter’d.  I think that area has been severely neglected which will have to be remedied.

Other stuff that is going on now…. Well there’s a new camisk!  One of the gifts last week was this cute little number in green, but now all three colors are for sale along with a demo so you can try it out if you want.  It’s not a half bad looking thing I think, I thought it might be an interesting tidbit to wear as a bath girl maybe?  Or just to flaunt it if you want though I did include a thong for those a little less daring.  I’m sure it could be added to other outfits too.  Rigged mesh and moves with the body for the most part.  In Nutmeg, Sky Blue, and Green.  It’s on Marketplace already so you can check it out there if you like.

So what else is going on?  I did CoLab this round!  The theme was summer celebrations and I made up a set of beach chairs with refreshments and fireworks.  CoLab is cool because it is a group working from the same colors and/or theme to kind of match… sometimes, we all of course have our own styles.  It also is a great chance to get something great for a great price since nothing is ever more than 60L.  I like seeing what themes come out and the colors…. it’s a lot of fun for me, kind of like a little challenge each time one comes out.  I’ve missed the last few which I really did want to do… camping/fishing and pirates because of lack of time but this time I did it.  So at the landing there’s a nice little set done in blues that is only 60L for the round.  Then it will either be retired or the price increased to a normal one.  I’ve been considering adding a small room/display for CoLab kits that have been done so people can find them.  I have honestly had people ask about picking up old ones often enough.

This weekend I missed 60L sales but that is partly because I’m going on a small bit of vacation!  I’m going to be out of town and offline from tomorrow morning until Tues. (6/26), I doubt I’ll be around Tuesday but I will be ar

ound on and off the rest of the week.  Though I probably will not really be ‘available’ or working much until the 1st or 2nd.  It depends really on how the week goes but it is going to be a fly by the seat of my pants week.  Though I do have a couple other highlights.  I have something goin on for sale for Petites this weekend for the 45L event… and I reworked the Beating the Heat Refuge for the 50% off sale for the week.  It’s funny… I don’t mean to load up on graphics or different things… not realizing how much I did or put out this week.  Amazing eh?  Hope you have had a great week… and an awesome upcoming weekend!




Where to start?

This is one of those things where I wouldn’t know what to start with if I was going to tell you about the updates.  I’ve put out new furniture for petites, and big avs.  I have new clothes for both male and female petites… hunts…. sales…. it feels like I can’t pick what to highlight!

I guess I’ll start with a couple things.  I was challenged!!  A certain someone wanted to be a little god.  *laughs*  Wanted to have a trident to poke the big folk in the toe in when they stepped on him as a petite avatar.  So of course I laughingly said… “omg I could so make that, and and and if I was being really cute I could add the walking staff AO so you could walk around like a little Titan!”  Of course then we started tossing ideas back and forth… within a short period of time the latest in petite wear at Roawenwood was born.  The Titan series.  A roman type looking outfit in 5 colors (white, black, purple, blue and red) all with gold trimming.  A trident with an AO so you can puff out your chest appropriately or stab those big avs for not looking where they are going!  I also shrunk down a pair of sandals I had put together agessssssssss ago…. four color sets for that and they just go soooooo perfectly with this outfit.  It’s just a lot of fun.


I’m going to release a female companion outfit to this as well on some level but since men seem to have such a hard time finding decent things to wear I didn’t want to wait!

Last week I did release the Faylinn Petite Fae outfit, it was in a limited sale over the weekend up now is a part of the main store inventory… so it isn’t like I didn’t do anything for the ladies.  I’ve also done up furniture… a sweet suitcase bed set with a ton of lovin, cuddlin stuff…. and a vanity for the petite who likes to primp.


The furniture for normal avs was a very nice set and is on sale at the landing if you’re curious but I’m feeling impatient today in my writing.  *snickers*

I have tons tons tons going on.  New hunts started around the 1st and 5th.  The Summer Meltdown hunt which is between two spots, find a prize here and a prize there… landmarks are in the hunt prims of course… then on the first the Fairy Path hunt started… which has a lil outfit for petites and a landscaping set for everyone so no one is left out.  There also is the Fun 5 hunt that is part of the Prim Perfect 5 year anniversary celebration.  A wrought iron patio set is the prize for that since the general theme was a garden party.  Very nice set… chairs, table, and some goodies for the table.  It will be part of the outdoor section once the hunt is over with.

On the 12th the Macabre hunt: Dead in Wonderland starts and a new CoLab is coming out soon… I’m hoping to get something in for that, though running a little behind for that particular deadline.

Towards the end of this month is the Home and Garden Expo!  *breathes in trying to fit everything and not pass out from the exertion*  A HUGE event with something like 14 sims or more with all sorts of designers participating, even a breedables fair.  It benefits RFL and lil ole me decided to stake a rather large claim on one of the sims where I am hoping to create an immersive display or showcase of some of my work.  I will be releasing at least 2 new items that are not available in the store for it and their proceeds during the fair will go directly to RFL.  I am going to also participate in their hunt I believe.  So you see I’m busy…. like always but yanno.

That’s the events just going on right now…. not even counting the massive bits I am going to be doing for June!  The Silk Road hunt is coming then, a hunt for petite avatars, and an anniversary celebration for the Cookie Jar… and a hunt involving the 7 sins which I am so going to capitalize on…. I have plans for EXTRA stuff at my store just for groupies during it.

After all of that?  I’m probably going to collapse into a heap after all the fairs and events that have been going on since March.  *laughs*

Have a good one!!