Tarkhan Furniture Set – We <3 RP December Round

Tarkhan Great Stone BedThis month I went and did a larger set for We <3 RP.  Last month I did too but this one is a little different.  Where last month was bathing this month is the Master chamber.

To begin with we have wall sconces, and a candelabra set.  If you know me at all you know that I like to accessorize.  To create the scene and make it feel full, rich.  I do love to decorate.

So the first pieces are the lighting.  I included scripted versions that you can set to automatically turn on or off when it is day or night, or you can manually turn them on/off… you can also set who can turn them on or off.  Group, owner, that sort of thing.  Just because some people don’t really care to have scripted candles I also included the non-scripted versions.  It’s a nice little twist that helps you out in the end, so technically all in all you get 4 different ones in each pack.  The wall sconces you get an extra.  One has a taller candle, then there’s a shorter one.  Nice little extra to create depth.  I figured it’d really be rude to split them all up.

So then after the lighting we have a warm welcoming and robust fireplace.  I have it at a really good size for a bigger room and it is 8 prims.  If you shrink it down then the prims will lessen and it can fit into different spaces.  I left it modify so no problem there.  I really like how it turned out, it sort of has a Victorian feel to it but in characteristic fashion it is a little rougher than all that.  I enjoyed creating it actually quite a bit. Tarkhan Fireplace I love a nice fireplace.  Actually I don’t think there is any type of fireplace I can’t find a liking for really… unless you could some of the more seriously contemporary ones.  I don’t mind them but I’m kind of an old fashioned gal.

The fireplace itself has a nice operating system.  Mesh flames and then if you click it you can bring up a menu.  The fire has sound, particle smoke, and sparkles.  You can control if it is burning, extinguished, or just smoldering.  You can turn the smoke, sound and sparkles off through the menu too.  As well as all of that you can also choose who has access to it, from owner… everyone to group.

You know it’d make a really nice highlight piece in holiday decorating.  You know…. just sayin. *coughs* Anyhow……..

That brings us to the very last piece.  This is -the- piece, the big one, the centerpiece of the set.

A bed.

Oi, ya right? Not like there isn’t a ton of them out there.  Well……………………. yes.  I know, and I’m sure we don’t need yet ANOTHER bed but hey I had an idea and went with it.  This is a round bed, made of stone with furs and things draped ALL over it, some silken type things.  I intended for it to be a bit more floofy.  Meaning…. it turned out really way more masculine than I intended for it to be.  It’s dark, and yes most of my things are on the darker side this one turned out a bit darker than I thought it would.  You know sometimes I think things like this have their own path or way of doing things.  I just bring it out.  My intention was something else, but this is what we have and I think it turned out fairly well.

It is a larger piece with a bunch of options to it.

16 land impact; 415 total animations.

Tarkhan Candelabra  Tarkhan Wall Sconces

40 cuddle, massage, kissing and snuggling along with some general conversational stuff for couples.  150 adult animation sets with all sorts of sexual naughtiness, flogging, spanks, foreplay and lots of play.  Forwards, and backwards… up then down… er.. ok, well…. you know…. lots of things since I like to make sure ya’ll have some options.  There’s a menu with options for those that like a bit of BDSM or M/s interactions. Now after all of those options there is also a threesome menu.  Male/Male/Female and Female/Female/Male sets.  Some cuddly and relaxing, some way not.  All sorts of play involved.

It doesn’t use poseballs thankfully, I know that those are just really not wanted anymore and really… I don’t blame you, I’ve hated them for years myself.

Tarkhan Holiday Candelabra

On sale now at the December round of We <3 RP at a 30% discount for the month.

Also if that wasn’t enough I am in the hunt there where you can find a 10L item.  It’s a decorated holiday version of the candelabra.  Complete with red bow.  I actually like them a lot, and you can get them for only 10L if you find them at the We <3 RP event.

There’s also tons of freebies under the trees.  I didn’t get time to make something for that but I know there’s tons from other creators.

I hope you are all having a great week and here is to a fantabulous weekend!

>>>> TAXI TO WE <3 RP <<<<


The Femdom Hunt VI

It’s back…….. Another round of kinky naughtiness for the Femdom.  You know for a long time I have had a bit of a weakness when it came to creating for this, I’ve mentioned it before and I have a few pieces meant to excite the imagination.  This time I went with something a little simpler, I have done bigger before but I have for a very long time wanted to Domina - Staked Out Fullmake up something like this for the store anyhow.  It can kind of go hand in hand with a lot of styles of role-play or interaction depending on what you’re looking for.

Within Gorean role-play the group that is the panther girl at the time of moons rising dance in a circle, dance their frustrations, generally of a sexual nature… and if they are lucky enough they have found a male one way or another to have in the middle of their circle secured to four stakes to take those frustrations out on.  Now… I’ve never done this but I have heard of role-plays surrounding this being done and generally speaking I know that there is a decent amount of folks who like to play out the scenario sometimes.

Then there are those who just love the idea of hovering over a bound, tied, and secured man to tease, torment, abuse, use or humiliate for whatever reason, and there are some men who just go weak in the knees to have it done to them.

So that’s where I come in.

I have long been wanting to create a set of simple stakes to place in the ground for these purposes.  Sure I can do one for maleDom type stuff… and I might you never know but there is a distinct need out there for the Femdom in my opinion to have this sort of item to be able to have some fun… outdoors or indoors I suppose though these are obviously wooden decorated stakes.

Four of them in fact in a nice square.Domina - Staked Out-Hunt Version

This is the prize that I created for the Femdom hunt.

I also did a “full” version that is now set for sale along with the free one that you can find.  There are of course differences between the two.

The HUNT version has a nice amount of stuff in it.  It has 15 animation sets for two, the bound male and then the female dominant.

The FULL version which is on sale nearby as well as on display at the landing where the hunt sign/hint is has 40 couples sets for the male and the female PLUS 6 3-some sets so you can have another female friend join in on the fun if you like.  The full version also comes with two options in the pack.  RLV and non-RLV enabled.  You can also get it on Marketplace.

In each the male is bound by rope to the stakes and pretty helpless.  There is everything from standing over him, to sitting next to him, to touching, taunting, straddling his hips and then his face so you can make him writhe, then as a bonus there is some cock & ball torture type animations.  Stand between his legs using your foot to delicately…. or not…. torment him.

A really well rounded piece, each one runs on AvSitter 2, has particle ropes when bound, and gives rope cuffs for him to wear that match.

Get the freebie version or the full version at the main store location on the Five Blades sim.

FOR THE HUNT: Find the red shoe at the main location, LM to the rest of the hunt and next spot are inside!

As far as a hint.  Good fortune will be smiling upon you when you find it.

Good Luck!



We’re all set to ROMP

Draped Pet Bed - Cozy FursSo many things going on all the time it seems like keeping up with letting you know what is going on could become a full time job all by itself!  Here we are barely beginning the month of October and I have a ton of new things to show you and things coming up so wow… keep your eyes peeled.  From autumn to Halloween to gacha things there is a lot.  So let’s get to the latest that I haven’t had time to post about yet.


I think this is my favorite event at the moment.  I relax with it and seem to have more fun doing things because I can add that little twist I always like to do.  Course I have other favorite events. Yes, yes but getting to be kinky and all?  Always a highlight because you can do it in so many ways.  This time around I decided to give into that little animal or owned slave type mentality.  No bondage or cages this time.  I know, you’re probably disappointed but I can always do them later.  This time I made a couple new little beds and some feeding bowls.  For puppy play, slaves, for those so inclined they are a really nice low prim addition to your area.  I just love the beds.  They’re fashioned after a shape I have used in the past for a basket bed…. but look so damned cozy I can see folks just wanting to curl up in there and snuggle in.  There’s two.  One furry, terribly cozy and so far the most popular… the other done in softer tones, and a bit pink.  I tried so so hard to make a very rich silk or velvet version too, I wanted all three to kind of be able to fit into almost anywhere but I couldn’t get that one right.  It just was not cooperating AT all.  So we have two.

Mesh Feed & Water Bowls SetEach bed is draped and swathed in richness and have _ a lot _ of animations to choose from.  This time around I didn’t forget the guys either!  25 different kneels, sits, and emotive type animations…. then 7 for guys.  Then if you peek into those menus there are some lovely self lovin type animations for both men and women.  40 total animations embedded with no poseballs anywhere to screw things up.  Only 4 LI each.

There is also 2 types of feed bowls.  One they are on a small little raised tray, combined and only 1 LI for the entire thing.  The others are separate.  There is a water dish and a food dish that you can throw around wherever you want unlinked. They are 1 LI each as well however if you link them… they STAY at 1 LI, as far as I remember so you can do what you will with them.  Each set includes a lil furry rug to place beneath the bowls if you like.  1 LI for that too.

They include 3 animations for eating and drinking, and then 6 more kneels or sitting type things.  Simple but very useful to create that full bodied scene or living space for your pet or slave.

Right now available ONLY at ROMP!

I also did something for the Cosmopolitan event this past round.  Every once in awhile I get things floating across my desk to try and so I decided sure, why not.  I’m doing a round in Oct. too.  I decided to do something a lil different.  Chair sets, inspired by Dia de los Muertos.  I love this one and often want to do things for it or around it.  I’d like to add to the lines but this is something I worked on.  3 sets of chairs, each decorated a little differently… and a FREE gift!

Dia de los Muertos - Sugar SkullsDia de los Muertos Chair Set - DecoratedDia de los Muertos Chair Set - Vibrantdia de los muertos framed prints




The Secret Affair — Vikings!

Carved Plank ChairsSo today the Secret Affair opens up.  An event that tends to have some really great items in it.  The theme for this round was Vikings, or the Path to Valhalla.  Of course that’s the sort of thing that works for me rather easily doesn’t it?

So, what did I decide to make up.  A furniture set.  We’re having a game night… Viking style.

The set includes two styles of chairs, one carved and one not.  Fuzzy rugs, an horned candelabra and then a small table.  The table has a game on top of it.  While researching and looking up the chairs to try to be fairly accurate I saw this board game.  It was called Hnefatafl, meaning the King’s Table. Hnefatafl Game Table

I had never seen it or heard of it before, well come to find out it is a very old game that was favored by the Vikings.

A strategy game that fell out of favor as chess grew in popularity it looks like.  I found it intriguing thinking of Vikings and the like sitting around in front of a fire or wherever playing strategy games. A way to pass the time. Good conversation and camaraderie during cold months or down times.  A way to add a bit of decor along with opportunities maybe to role-play.  It is purely decorative but I really like how it turned out.

Horn CandelabraSadly my product pictures never really get the way I want my stuff to look.  I want it to look how I see it but rarely get it done that way, in world this set looks so much better in my opinion.

The chairs have quite a few animations.  Room for two people there are 10 singles animations for each, and then there are 13 couples sets.  Some cuddles, sitting in the lap, kisses, kneeling types that are really rather nice if you like the Master/slave type relationship.  I thought it suited it alright.  Quiet moments and all that.

So there you have it, a set fit for a Viking.

You can get it now through the 30th at the event.

Get yer Taxi to the Secret Affair


Branding Set for We <3 RP

Mesh Branding Log SetI have heard time and time again people mention that if I could redo something in mesh or pare back the prim count or do whatever it is I can to make something up that they’d be so happy to see it.

One of those sets is the Branding Log that I had ages ago.  It’s still been floating around and I had it available but for this round of We <3 RP I decided to completely redo it in mesh.

The prim count has been drastically drastically reduced.  The entire set is now only a land impact of 9 prims.  The log, a bucket of water, a brazier with some seriously nice looking flames, a small little stump/table with a bowl of healing salve on it along with a cloth, a couple generic brands, and then a rack of branding irons for decor.  So the set itself has grown.  Before it didn’t have all of that…. it had some barrels, some brands, the log, brazier and some grass I think.  So the look of it not only has gotten better, the prim count has gotten better but you now have more _stuff_.  Which makes it even better.

I know it isn’t for everyone but I am rather pleased with how it turned out.

There’s also been an upgrade to the animations in the log.  For one thing there is now more than one.  There’s three animations.  I decided to have the branding one where her leg is held immobile but then I decided to throw in two more bondage animations for fun.  Either could probably be suitable for a branding, or just a bit of tormenting.  Tormenting is fun.  I like it and I know I’m not the only one.

The log comes in two versions.  One with RLV and one without.  I like to keep your options open so why not offer it right?  Since I can.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it looks much better in world so you can see it at the main store or go pick it up at a 30% discount for this month at the We <3 RP event!

Catch a ride! Take a Taxi to the We <3 RP Event!