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We Luv RP Discounts and Newness

Roughed Up Docks Build Set

25L Tues. Discount 5/9-5/10

Before going away for the beginning of the month I did get the We Luv RP stuff out. It was a little bit uncertain for awhile but got quite a few things up there for discount. A new something along with some nice somethings marked down for the month that aren’t in the main store yet but before I get into all of that I’m going to be posting first about the 25L deal for today and tomorrow.

Deeply discounted for Tues. and Wed. because I like to have it straddle the week for those different time zones is my docks set.  It’s something that’s been around for awhile but quite versatile and I don’t believe I have ever put it into the discount bin…. don’t quote me on that though, there’s the possibility I have.  So if I did… well, you know… I tried, otherwise – yay!

So what else… that’s right, We Luv RP. It opened earlier this month so a  lot less busy right now.  Hopefully you don’t mind a bit of a wait on the post and all though to be honest… with how little I’ve been posting it’s a rather big deal that I’m getting to it. *snorts, snickers and adds a good laugh at the end*Tavern Mistress Gown

Sooo… what was new. A dress! I used to do clothing more often than I do now. I would like to potentially be able to do this sort of thing more often. It’s a different mindset really completely when I work on clothing even if it is just the texturing and it can be relaxing. This is almost a redo sort of thing. A long long time ago I had a dress called the Tavern Wench. This is an updated version done in mesh…. quite close to what was done before really – I couldn’t help it.  It was always a favorite design and well received too. Simple enough but flattering for a variety of scenes.  Nine different color combinations included all in one.

I also went and put up quite a few things I’ve had knocking around or in my inventory.  Things not quite in store inventory yet but have been either in events or done for lil sales things. Some of these would include a line of fencing and gardens that I did earlier this year.

They’re really cool honestly.  Wattle styled fencing.  Woven and looks very interesting. I’ve always liked this look.  It’s great for RP, medieval as well as Viking sorts of builds. There is the fence set itself so you can use it for where ever or whatever you like.  Then there are two gardens.  An herb garden, and a vegetable garden. In the style of my old reclaimed garden that used sculpts this all mesh. A lil prim heavy in some ways but it looks real good and has animations to suit different worker sorts.  Weeding and planting, watering and trimming.  You know I enjoy creating these scene type things. It’s always fun for me to create atmosphere.

  Wattle Fence Kit Garden - Herb Garden - Vegetable

Some other things on discount for We luv RP is a camisk in two styles of cloth.  One silky smooth and one a bit more textured with some variations in the fabric. Each with 9 fabric options, 4 leather looks and then 3 different colors for the rope belt around the waist.  Lots of color, lots of options and all neatly done in one package.  I think they’ll do well enough. Compatible with a few of the different bodies out there just like the dress is.

Hebe FitMesh Short Silk Tunic Camisk Hebe FitMesh Short Woven Tunic Camisk

So there is another lil something, a slave display sorta seat thing for the garden… you can go check it out but seriously getting so many pictures on this post I’m feeling a lil heavy so I’m going to leave the one off for now… or should I, I dunno but it just is how it is and I’m going to do it my way. *laughs*

ALL of the items on this post are discounted in one fashion or another.  The docks AT THE MAIN store location for today and tomorrow.

The REST?! ONLY at We luv RP for the month… after that they will be in the store… eventually when I get them rezzed.  So you never really honestly know when that might be.  Discounted prices for all items at We luv RP are between 25 and 50% off!

AND since it is the birthday round for We luv RP there’s a FREE GIFT if you go. So go… what are you waiting for?



Phaedra Rigged Mesh – 50% off for the week

Just a little something that I whipped together for a friend who needed something a little special for an evening they were having.  I don’t generally do requests, but I liked how it turned out and it was kind of pretty so I threw together a few colors for the store.  Figured why not right?

Rich brocade like fabric sweeps down to the ankles highlighting and showing off a well turned hip, and an exposed breast.  Not for the faint of heart showing off the body but keeping just enough hidden to make it catch the eye.  I thought high slave when I was making it up.  What do you think?

Short and sweet post today, I’m kind of taking it easy this weekend so I’m not going to babble too much.

Done in 7 different colors, with a few silver combinations along with gold.  Armbands, and bracelets are included to round out the outfit.  Red, Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Blue & Silver, Blue & Gold, Purple, and Green.

Rigged mesh is no modify while the jewelry pieces are unrigged mesh and adjustable/modify.

This week ONLY the outfit is at a 50% discount so you can pick it up for like 98L in specially marked vendors near the landing!

Get down there to check it out, demos available or you can pick one up on the marketplace.

>> Marketplace DEMO <<


I’ve been bit! Petites!

This past week while wandering I fairly stepped on the cutest little thing.  Literally.  Have you seen them floating around SL?  Petite avatars.  They’re 1/3 the size of a normal avatar.  These little things can quite literally sit on a normal avatars shoulder.  So far I’ve run into a few creators making things for them…. Caverna Obscura has their own line called Minikins I believe and then if you travel to Yabasuka you will find one, and Fallen Gods has quite a few including some male petites.

I was enchanted and snatched up two different ones already…. sadly, well perhaps not so sadly but still… I will probably get a few more too.  I love these little things… they’re so much fun and with the different styles being created from draco types, to fairies, to little elves, demons there could be so much fun playing around with them.  Of course I got myself some outfits, hair, and began wandering around in my new avatar.  I found without too many problems a few places… without meaning to I laughed my way across the grid trying out different things, not getting my work done, completely wasting my time imagination flying with the possibilities of what could be done, found, had, created.

I have to admit and tell you that I have been struggling with my creative feelings lately.  It feels like sometimes that all we do is recreate what has already been done, and I know that is what happens A LOT in everything.  One improves upon or finds new ways to do things and really honestly…. so is this.  It is a variant, a different type of thing but really mostly done before right?  Maybe.  But I haven’t… and honestly I have been having so much fun with the idea of what I could play around with that I have already jumped in to make up some fun new product to add to my store.

I have this quirky love for creating things for people.  To see what they do or come up with when they have it, to create immersive atmospheres or accessories so people can plunge in and have fun wherever it is that they are.  To challenge myself.  It gets me excited, sparkly eyed and makes me grin.  It isn’t all about the Lindens or cash for me… never has been, even though I work hard for it and the problem lately was feeling rather uninspired.  I had been noticing a rather dark outlook creeping in sometimes that made me uncomfortable.  In a way, these little guys have pulled me out of that too, or at least started to.

I have ideas flooding in… and while perhaps this is something of a fad, I would like to think that a subculture could be created perhaps… and I want to be a part of it.  I already got myself into the Petites group, and have a few fun things for people with lots more coming up I think.  I think one of the great things about these avs is that because they are rigged mesh the movement of the av works much better.  Small avs were in the past often limited because if you couldn’t find the right animations or something it just wouldn’t work.  There’s a lot more flexibility for creators as well as people wearing them because of how they move with the avatars skeleton.  At least I have found this to be true so far for myself.  It is another reason I am so excited with the prospect.  Limitations have been lessened when it comes to creating for them.

I’m not going to forget the rest of my store either, I always have lots of ideas or things going on because I can’t just work in one area.  If I do then I burn out or become stagnant feeling.  Working in different things keeps me fresh and moving forward.

Here’s the latest…. a set of silks modified to fit the smaller av, with its own accessories and a set of boots.  Don’t like to always be barefoot do we?

The silks come in a few different colors and the Golden set pictured is in the Lucky Chair!!

Hope you enjoy and keep checking back…. I WILL be making up fun role play sets or furniture along with clothing.  I EVEN want to make clothes for MALE petites a little bit… that is so rare it isn’t even funny.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!



Lots of Goodies and Sales

Way back when I first first first started puttering around with clothes I had a set that has been pretty much retired for awhile now. Recently someone sent me a nc asking me if I still had them, pleading because they couldn’t find them anymore and wanted them. I was surprised really. Had thought they were forgotten so I put them on and looked at them tilting my head from one side to the other going… “hmm, these aren’t half bad I wonder what I’d do with them if I played around a little.” SO!! The silks that were once called Suadela have been revived and redone. They look a bit different though using the same fabrics that I had used ages ago and some of the other elements. Includes: Skirts, belly bands, sculpted wrap top, armbands and earrings have been added. Release of 5 colors for sale:  Red, Violet, Purple, Salmon and Burnt

Ok, as if ALL of THAT wasn’t enough.  There is NEW NEW NEW lucky chair and mini mania prizes to be had!

I haven’t decided if I am going to put these for sale, but I have whipped together two OTHER colors for the Suadela silks and placed them in the Lucky Chairs!


Another item, another update.  This one majorly because it needed it to an extent (scripts), but I also added MORE animations into it to make it even BETTER!  The rose arbor is a long favorite… the Lovers Rose Arbor is an awesome way to have a lovely garden space for two to spend some time together.

21 different couples animations sets including Slow Dances, a couple faster couples dances, and an array of kissing, cuddly, loving sets.  There are 4 different rose colors available, from the traditional deep red, to a more Gothic darker look.


·!¦[·      UP & COMING STORE HAPPENINS       ·]¦!·

So… now only what’s going on in general around the store.  It’s the END of the month!  Means you have about a week to sign up for the monthly drawing of 2000L store credit and 2000L prize.

*cries!!!*  Twisted Hunt is going to be coming to a close.  Mini hunt, souvenirs and all the like are going to be swept clean soon.  The Medieval Hunt, STEAM and Cookie Jar hunts will also be finishing up on the 31st.

BUT!!  On the first we have some newness…. The Black Egg cracks open a week for a 30L style hunt, prizes are to be a bit better quality, kind of like a shopping circle of merchants.

So what else…… I’m not sure actually.  I know I have tons coming up with faires and things over the next coming months.  Hope ya’ll are having a great week, talk to you soon!


A little bit of everything

This past week there was a few releases that I highlighted.  In general I have new things floating around all of the time anyhow so I just pick and choose which ones I’m going to be telling ya’ll about well… I’ve been something on a clothes kick even though I haven’t entirely stopped doing other things either.  I just can’t sit still for very long.  Something is always rolling around waiting to be plucked and put out there for you.  What I REALLY want to do again is what I have done in the past.  Work on and save things releasing them a little at a time so I don’t have a “omg what do I do now” kind of thing going. *laughs*

Gitana Rigged Mesh Corset

Gitana Rigged Mesh Corset

I have two new outfit types…. and one I think is confusing folks a little even though I do label the box, I think I’m going to have to add an extra label or two.  It’s a rigged mesh corset.  The great thing about mesh is that it moves with the body.  This corset is so neat.  It attaches to the hand because the corset itself is already rigged to the SL avatar, so it doesn’t matter which attachment point it is on really… you could change it to anything and it will still sit on the correct spot.

Secondly, the viewer.  If you’re not using a viewer that can see mesh like the LL viewer or something like Firestorm then all you are going to see is a bunch of funky textured balls and no corset.  I know for a fact that viewer issues is one of the big reasons why mesh hasn’t been a huge BOOM on the grid yet.  People don’t want to switch, they like their Phoenix, they like their _insert viewer name here_.  To be entirely honest I don’t even really use a mesh enabled viewer all the time.  I’ve worked with mesh some with a couple outfits and things but when it comes down to it I retreat back to Phoenix for ‘everyday’ use.  The corset looks very cool, and I have one in the Lucky Chair even because I thought it’d be a nice lil present.

The corset is named Gitana and it comes in some very harvesty autumn like colors along with a couple others.  Purple, Red and White, Red and Black, White and black, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Plaid,  and the one in the lucky chair is Harvest Plaid.  Each corset comes with alpha layer to hide the parts that aren’t supposed to show which reminds me – not EVERYONE will be able to wear this outfit happily.

Yeira Silks in Red

Yeira Silks in Red

One thing about rigged mesh clothing is that it can come one size fits ‘most’, and that’s what we have here.  I only have the corset in one size unfortunately so what that means is there is a DEMO for you to try it out beforehand to see if it will fit your avatar the way you like.

The second outfit that I did up is a very stringy lil thing.  Not a whole lot to it, which of course shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has known me too long.  I like to show off the body often enough, a new set of silks called Yeira.  The silks come with skirts, shoulder drape for the back, top & bottom, bracelets, armbands, and anklets.  It covers everything but has lines drawn across the body to show off the hips, belly and breast quite nicely I think.  Coming in four different colors… Red, Black, Silver, and Purple.  The RED is in the Lucky Chairs for now even!  Very nice hmm?

Last but not least I redid a chore.  The Butter Churn has been one of those favorite little things people like to pick up.

Churning Butter Workset

Churning Butter Workset

In the slow but steady evolution of my chore line I added some accessories, redid the permissions, and added an extra animation.  I have been rounding out and making the chores a little more for different reasons, partially if you’re going to spend your hard earned lindens you should feel like you’re getting a little something extra in some ways.

I am going to wrap this up for now… I have to get going!  The day is just about to get started and I don’t want to run late.  Talk to you soooooon I promise!  Have a great week.