Shoes & Footwear

For 25L today only

Greetings and Salutations my friends.  I’m writing up a short but sweet little post for 25L so you can get a peek.  For today two item sets are on sale.Winterlichen Boots in Brown

First off is a nice addition to your winter wardrobe.  The Winterlichen leather boots.  4 different base leather colors and each color has an included low lag texture change HUD that can switch the top from a selection of furs and leather.  10 options letting you have more control over your look.  Rigged mesh in 3 sizes, try the demo before purchase if you like.

The boots come in black, brown, taupe and creme base colors.  Having a flat sole makes it perfect for RP, and those that don’t want to always have to wear heels!

I also tossed the sconces from the Maghnus Collection into the fray for the day.

Ha! I rhymed…. I know… lame right?


Have fun and happy 25L Tues.

>>>> TAXI <<<<



Where to start?

This is one of those things where I wouldn’t know what to start with if I was going to tell you about the updates.  I’ve put out new furniture for petites, and big avs.  I have new clothes for both male and female petites… hunts…. sales…. it feels like I can’t pick what to highlight!

I guess I’ll start with a couple things.  I was challenged!!  A certain someone wanted to be a little god.  *laughs*  Wanted to have a trident to poke the big folk in the toe in when they stepped on him as a petite avatar.  So of course I laughingly said… “omg I could so make that, and and and if I was being really cute I could add the walking staff AO so you could walk around like a little Titan!”  Of course then we started tossing ideas back and forth… within a short period of time the latest in petite wear at Roawenwood was born.  The Titan series.  A roman type looking outfit in 5 colors (white, black, purple, blue and red) all with gold trimming.  A trident with an AO so you can puff out your chest appropriately or stab those big avs for not looking where they are going!  I also shrunk down a pair of sandals I had put together agessssssssss ago…. four color sets for that and they just go soooooo perfectly with this outfit.  It’s just a lot of fun.


I’m going to release a female companion outfit to this as well on some level but since men seem to have such a hard time finding decent things to wear I didn’t want to wait!

Last week I did release the Faylinn Petite Fae outfit, it was in a limited sale over the weekend up now is a part of the main store inventory… so it isn’t like I didn’t do anything for the ladies.  I’ve also done up furniture… a sweet suitcase bed set with a ton of lovin, cuddlin stuff…. and a vanity for the petite who likes to primp.


The furniture for normal avs was a very nice set and is on sale at the landing if you’re curious but I’m feeling impatient today in my writing.  *snickers*

I have tons tons tons going on.  New hunts started around the 1st and 5th.  The Summer Meltdown hunt which is between two spots, find a prize here and a prize there… landmarks are in the hunt prims of course… then on the first the Fairy Path hunt started… which has a lil outfit for petites and a landscaping set for everyone so no one is left out.  There also is the Fun 5 hunt that is part of the Prim Perfect 5 year anniversary celebration.  A wrought iron patio set is the prize for that since the general theme was a garden party.  Very nice set… chairs, table, and some goodies for the table.  It will be part of the outdoor section once the hunt is over with.

On the 12th the Macabre hunt: Dead in Wonderland starts and a new CoLab is coming out soon… I’m hoping to get something in for that, though running a little behind for that particular deadline.

Towards the end of this month is the Home and Garden Expo!  *breathes in trying to fit everything and not pass out from the exertion*  A HUGE event with something like 14 sims or more with all sorts of designers participating, even a breedables fair.  It benefits RFL and lil ole me decided to stake a rather large claim on one of the sims where I am hoping to create an immersive display or showcase of some of my work.  I will be releasing at least 2 new items that are not available in the store for it and their proceeds during the fair will go directly to RFL.  I am going to also participate in their hunt I believe.  So you see I’m busy…. like always but yanno.

That’s the events just going on right now…. not even counting the massive bits I am going to be doing for June!  The Silk Road hunt is coming then, a hunt for petite avatars, and an anniversary celebration for the Cookie Jar… and a hunt involving the 7 sins which I am so going to capitalize on…. I have plans for EXTRA stuff at my store just for groupies during it.

After all of that?  I’m probably going to collapse into a heap after all the fairs and events that have been going on since March.  *laughs*

Have a good one!!




I’ve been bit! Petites!

This past week while wandering I fairly stepped on the cutest little thing.  Literally.  Have you seen them floating around SL?  Petite avatars.  They’re 1/3 the size of a normal avatar.  These little things can quite literally sit on a normal avatars shoulder.  So far I’ve run into a few creators making things for them…. Caverna Obscura has their own line called Minikins I believe and then if you travel to Yabasuka you will find one, and Fallen Gods has quite a few including some male petites.

I was enchanted and snatched up two different ones already…. sadly, well perhaps not so sadly but still… I will probably get a few more too.  I love these little things… they’re so much fun and with the different styles being created from draco types, to fairies, to little elves, demons there could be so much fun playing around with them.  Of course I got myself some outfits, hair, and began wandering around in my new avatar.  I found without too many problems a few places… without meaning to I laughed my way across the grid trying out different things, not getting my work done, completely wasting my time imagination flying with the possibilities of what could be done, found, had, created.

I have to admit and tell you that I have been struggling with my creative feelings lately.  It feels like sometimes that all we do is recreate what has already been done, and I know that is what happens A LOT in everything.  One improves upon or finds new ways to do things and really honestly…. so is this.  It is a variant, a different type of thing but really mostly done before right?  Maybe.  But I haven’t… and honestly I have been having so much fun with the idea of what I could play around with that I have already jumped in to make up some fun new product to add to my store.

I have this quirky love for creating things for people.  To see what they do or come up with when they have it, to create immersive atmospheres or accessories so people can plunge in and have fun wherever it is that they are.  To challenge myself.  It gets me excited, sparkly eyed and makes me grin.  It isn’t all about the Lindens or cash for me… never has been, even though I work hard for it and the problem lately was feeling rather uninspired.  I had been noticing a rather dark outlook creeping in sometimes that made me uncomfortable.  In a way, these little guys have pulled me out of that too, or at least started to.

I have ideas flooding in… and while perhaps this is something of a fad, I would like to think that a subculture could be created perhaps… and I want to be a part of it.  I already got myself into the Petites group, and have a few fun things for people with lots more coming up I think.  I think one of the great things about these avs is that because they are rigged mesh the movement of the av works much better.  Small avs were in the past often limited because if you couldn’t find the right animations or something it just wouldn’t work.  There’s a lot more flexibility for creators as well as people wearing them because of how they move with the avatars skeleton.  At least I have found this to be true so far for myself.  It is another reason I am so excited with the prospect.  Limitations have been lessened when it comes to creating for them.

I’m not going to forget the rest of my store either, I always have lots of ideas or things going on because I can’t just work in one area.  If I do then I burn out or become stagnant feeling.  Working in different things keeps me fresh and moving forward.

Here’s the latest…. a set of silks modified to fit the smaller av, with its own accessories and a set of boots.  Don’t like to always be barefoot do we?

The silks come in a few different colors and the Golden set pictured is in the Lucky Chair!!

Hope you enjoy and keep checking back…. I WILL be making up fun role play sets or furniture along with clothing.  I EVEN want to make clothes for MALE petites a little bit… that is so rare it isn’t even funny.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!



Wow, what happened?!

This week has flown by!  Here we are, it’s just about Sunday and I haven’t updated or done anything on the blog this week.  *mutters under her breath*

Phoenix Rising Golden - Black & GoldIt’s been crazy.  So much going on that here at 2 am my time I’m finally realizing… whoops!

I released a set of sandals that are awesomeness this week.  I know, I’m so modest right?  I can’t help it, I like these ones.  They’re called Phoenix Rising.  I picked the name because the way the prim work at the bottom of the tongue/top are turned out.  It reminded me of a phoenix.  Just an impression I got so I went with it, sometimes those are the best kind.

In 7 different versions… golden and black base texturing and then different variations in either pewter or gold ornamentation.  The black and the gold ones are my absolute favorite, the coloring just stands out and looks really good to me.  I like all of them but that is my favorite.  I think they’re a great accessory for fantasy, maybe Greek or Roman?  A rather pampered slave girl?  Maybe…

I also released a set of cages.  A stacked set of three for role-play.  One girl can be in each cage giving a nice look for capture rp scenes or a slavers home or something.  The other two are singles cages but are RLV enabled with scan and capture.  Once the girl is captured she’s placed within the cage, Cage - Capture & Holding Straw RLVstripped and held.  I like them, made almost entirely of sculpted prims… shaded nicely too.  One has a linen mat, the other has strew strewn within the bottom so if you feel like being nice letting em have a blanket orrrrrrr not so nice……

You decide!

The Myths and Legends 2 hunt started yesterday too.

I have that out with some hunt tracks, no hint… it’s really not that hard to find.  The hunt prim shoots off yellow sparkles in every direction.  *laughs*  So if in doubt, just look for the lil yellow particles floatin.Cage - Stacked Holding

The Gorean Grid hunt is starting soon, this time they’re not doing numbered stores.  It’s one of those where you start wherever you want and just sorta pick up the trail as you go.  Never been in a hunt that did this before so I’m a lil curious how it will turn out.

I decided to do the Fortnight Freebie down at the GFM, so if you’re a bargain hunter I’m supposed to be doing that for the next two weeks, I’m setting up tomorrow/today.

Going to keep this short, I’m tired.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


For the love of all that is holey…

A new release for the downtrodden, the less than fortunate… for she-urts, vagabonds, hobos and the like.  For slave girls, bond maid, and whoever else that can’t afford a good shoe, or who just don’t care for shoes but still want something covering up those toes especially during cold weather.

Old and worn sOld Socks - Whiteocks have arrived at Roawenwood!  Sculptured prim heavy knitted socks in 11 different colors, worn, and shaded, slouched down at the ankle.  You get the whole socks, and you also get a sock with a hole in the end of the toe… sculpty big toe stickin out ever so nicely too!

A great role play accessory for men or women.  The socks are sized for women but they can be stretched to fit a mans foot as well.  I tried, and honest it works, I might resize and put a male set into the boxes just to make it easier and then add they are unisex however I haven’t yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  *grins*

They look real nice… and are a lot of fun.  A couple of the colors, plum and copper I believe, have been added to the lucky chairs along with the exclusive outfit that I put in there earlier this month.