We Luv RP Discounts and Newness

Roughed Up Docks Build Set

25L Tues. Discount 5/9-5/10

Before going away for the beginning of the month I did get the We Luv RP stuff out. It was a little bit uncertain for awhile but got quite a few things up there for discount. A new something along with some nice somethings marked down for the month that aren’t in the main store yet but before I get into all of that I’m going to be posting first about the 25L deal for today and tomorrow.

Deeply discounted for Tues. and Wed. because I like to have it straddle the week for those different time zones is my docks set.  It’s something that’s been around for awhile but quite versatile and I don’t believe I have ever put it into the discount bin…. don’t quote me on that though, there’s the possibility I have.  So if I did… well, you know… I tried, otherwise – yay!

So what else… that’s right, We Luv RP. It opened earlier this month so a  lot less busy right now.  Hopefully you don’t mind a bit of a wait on the post and all though to be honest… with how little I’ve been posting it’s a rather big deal that I’m getting to it. *snorts, snickers and adds a good laugh at the end*Tavern Mistress Gown

Sooo… what was new. A dress! I used to do clothing more often than I do now. I would like to potentially be able to do this sort of thing more often. It’s a different mindset really completely when I work on clothing even if it is just the texturing and it can be relaxing. This is almost a redo sort of thing. A long long time ago I had a dress called the Tavern Wench. This is an updated version done in mesh…. quite close to what was done before really – I couldn’t help it.  It was always a favorite design and well received too. Simple enough but flattering for a variety of scenes.  Nine different color combinations included all in one.

I also went and put up quite a few things I’ve had knocking around or in my inventory.  Things not quite in store inventory yet but have been either in events or done for lil sales things. Some of these would include a line of fencing and gardens that I did earlier this year.

They’re really cool honestly.  Wattle styled fencing.  Woven and looks very interesting. I’ve always liked this look.  It’s great for RP, medieval as well as Viking sorts of builds. There is the fence set itself so you can use it for where ever or whatever you like.  Then there are two gardens.  An herb garden, and a vegetable garden. In the style of my old reclaimed garden that used sculpts this all mesh. A lil prim heavy in some ways but it looks real good and has animations to suit different worker sorts.  Weeding and planting, watering and trimming.  You know I enjoy creating these scene type things. It’s always fun for me to create atmosphere.

  Wattle Fence Kit Garden - Herb Garden - Vegetable

Some other things on discount for We luv RP is a camisk in two styles of cloth.  One silky smooth and one a bit more textured with some variations in the fabric. Each with 9 fabric options, 4 leather looks and then 3 different colors for the rope belt around the waist.  Lots of color, lots of options and all neatly done in one package.  I think they’ll do well enough. Compatible with a few of the different bodies out there just like the dress is.

Hebe FitMesh Short Silk Tunic Camisk Hebe FitMesh Short Woven Tunic Camisk

So there is another lil something, a slave display sorta seat thing for the garden… you can go check it out but seriously getting so many pictures on this post I’m feeling a lil heavy so I’m going to leave the one off for now… or should I, I dunno but it just is how it is and I’m going to do it my way. *laughs*

ALL of the items on this post are discounted in one fashion or another.  The docks AT THE MAIN store location for today and tomorrow.

The REST?! ONLY at We luv RP for the month… after that they will be in the store… eventually when I get them rezzed.  So you never really honestly know when that might be.  Discounted prices for all items at We luv RP are between 25 and 50% off!

AND since it is the birthday round for We luv RP there’s a FREE GIFT if you go. So go… what are you waiting for?



We Luv RP June! New Tunic & Trees from the Thicket

Mourningvale Thicket Trees - Red LeafedA new round and some new stuff!  This month I am placing a tunic drape thing that I thought some rp’ers might find of use and a set of trees from Mourningvale Thicket.  Specifically the red leafed ones that were around the landing.  I got A LOT of people asking me about those particular trees so I put them into a box and decided to place them at a discounted price at the RP event.  There’s 4 trees in the pack… two different tones in the bark.  One is a little greener while the other is mainly just blackened.  Two types of trees, one thicker… one the thinner.  I did like them a bit anyhow so it’s fun that other people liked them too.  I do plan on releasing or placing out other pieces from the sim or whatever in general.  Have the blackened trees and the more barren ones already boxed just not placed anywhere yet.

It’s funny, I don’t think of myself as a landscaper sort but I am consistently getting people asking me for the little pieces I do create.  I guess in some ways I am, I have tons of things like this in my inventory but not really any in the store.  Ponder that one hm?  I might change that, used to want to have a dedicated ‘garden’ section to the place.  Maybe I should rethink that.  Sacked Rigged Mesh Tunic in Brown

Anyhow… I’ve had a few disappointed IM’s and queries in relation to these since they weren’t available at the time at least I’m fixing that now.  So hopefully ya’ll will enjoy them.

Now the tunic.  What I envisioned.  Workers, slave girls, kettle girls, captured or the beggar lady, the transient… those types needing a lil bit of clothing to be able to represent themselves in a given RP.  The drape itself is open on the sides with a bit of frayed fringe along the bottom on the front and the back.  I have to tell you…. being honest here, it isn’t really the most figure flattering piece of clothing out there but I suppose…. It’s not meant to be!  It’s kind of like wearing a burlap sack. *nods* Yepp… the fabric is burlap, though there is an edging to it with some leather that makes it a lil less sack like.

There are 5 colors.  I had only planned on doing the one, that being brown but then I was feeling like that just wasn’t really that great either.  I like color and it felt so….. limiting.  So there is black, red, green, blue, and brown.  Covers most basic needs I would think.

Along with the colors there are options for each tunic.  Yay for options!

This is where the RP’ers thing comes in…. there are four looks for each tunic.  Clean… Dirty… Stained… and downright Filthy.  Each one has a little different flavor so you can look as dirty or as clean as you want giving a bit of dimension to your RP.  Fall down the hillside?  Mucking out the stalls?  Need to look like you just went through nine rounds with a wild boar?  Eh…. maybe one of these will suit you hmm?  And if not… well that’s ok too but it could be a bit of fun.

Right now all of the tunics are at the We <3 RP event along with the trees.

The best part??

They’re on SALE!

40% off through the month and the round.

Opening later on today.  Not yet…. you have to.

Wait for it!

Hope you’re having a good one!


25L Holiday Bazaar

It’s almost over.  I think tomorrow is the last day.  The 25L Holiday Bazaar that has quite a few merchants in it all participating with deals marked down, gifts, and freebies.  The central 25L Gacha - Mukluk Bootstree alone is impressive.  Each merchant having to contribute a little something to give away to the customers.  Done in a cute village style I have a little shop set up over there… ohhh and did I mention?  They have gacha machines spread throughout with things to tempt you that way too.

I was something of a tease, I end up putting a 1500L gift certificate in mine along with the prizes you could win.  I worked on a pair of boots.  Wintery fuzzy boots.  Four different pairs of them.  They’re each colored and styled just a little bit differently.  Black, Cream sorta, and two versions of brown.

They are only 25L a pull so not a bad price at all… and I’ll probably put them in the main store since really I heard the lag is so bad over at the event that it is making it hard for people to go.  So don’t worry, you can still get them if you want.  Something like those I’m always a little tempted to put into main inventory but then I hesitate figuring it might annoy someone if I did after spending the time at the gacha to get them.

Winterliken Camisk Minidress - PlumThe item that I put out for 25L this week that is new is a snowy camisk/mini dress.  After the event I’ll be putting this in main store stuff… it isn’t meant to stay at a low price, it’s just a nice little thing.  I actually went a little overboard with the colors.  There’s 8.  Yea I know.  I just couldn’t decide really on which ones I liked or didn’t like so I kept them all.  Rigged mesh with a cute bow across the chest and then simple draped fabric down over the body.  Each comes in two versions.  The opaque and then one that is semi-transparent.  I found while working with this mesh that I could get away with not wearing the alpha layer at times and still wear the outfit.  This works out nicely sometimes.  Because then I can futter with it and have some that are a lil bits see through.  An extra bit of naughtiness for the holidays.  Red, green, plum, lilac, ice blue, royal blue, silver and gold round out the color selections.

Available at the moment only at the 25L bazaar running through tomorrow then it closes up and I’ll be doing other things.

With those there are also treats within my lil store.  Some gift boxes I’m giving away to help you wrap your pretties, along with some items that are transfer so you can give them as gifts.  Snuggly teddy bears among other things.  I have a bit marked down to 25L besides the two things highlighted here, and some lower priced items.

I have Genre coming up, Twisted Krissmus (yay!!!), and a new hunt all starting on the 15th.  This month is always crazy busy… I technically could have done a lot more, I’m glad I didn’t.  Haven’t found the time to get things done like I usually do… I swear each year there’s a lil bit less time.

Hope you’re having a great week!  That your holidays are shaping up into some awesomeness and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Taxi to the 25L Bazaar


This coming week

So much stuff been going on and I don’t always put it all on the blog.  All last week was the season of sin at Roawenwood where groupies were given a gift every day for the week.  It was a lot of fun with bondage, captive, and naughtiness that I think everyone had some fun with.  It saw the release of the Bondage and Captive Wheel, the Over the Barrel set and other new items over at Splinter’d.  I think that area has been severely neglected which will have to be remedied.

Other stuff that is going on now…. Well there’s a new camisk!  One of the gifts last week was this cute little number in green, but now all three colors are for sale along with a demo so you can try it out if you want.  It’s not a half bad looking thing I think, I thought it might be an interesting tidbit to wear as a bath girl maybe?  Or just to flaunt it if you want though I did include a thong for those a little less daring.  I’m sure it could be added to other outfits too.  Rigged mesh and moves with the body for the most part.  In Nutmeg, Sky Blue, and Green.  It’s on Marketplace already so you can check it out there if you like.

So what else is going on?  I did CoLab this round!  The theme was summer celebrations and I made up a set of beach chairs with refreshments and fireworks.  CoLab is cool because it is a group working from the same colors and/or theme to kind of match… sometimes, we all of course have our own styles.  It also is a great chance to get something great for a great price since nothing is ever more than 60L.  I like seeing what themes come out and the colors…. it’s a lot of fun for me, kind of like a little challenge each time one comes out.  I’ve missed the last few which I really did want to do… camping/fishing and pirates because of lack of time but this time I did it.  So at the landing there’s a nice little set done in blues that is only 60L for the round.  Then it will either be retired or the price increased to a normal one.  I’ve been considering adding a small room/display for CoLab kits that have been done so people can find them.  I have honestly had people ask about picking up old ones often enough.

This weekend I missed 60L sales but that is partly because I’m going on a small bit of vacation!  I’m going to be out of town and offline from tomorrow morning until Tues. (6/26), I doubt I’ll be around Tuesday but I will be ar

ound on and off the rest of the week.  Though I probably will not really be ‘available’ or working much until the 1st or 2nd.  It depends really on how the week goes but it is going to be a fly by the seat of my pants week.  Though I do have a couple other highlights.  I have something goin on for sale for Petites this weekend for the 45L event… and I reworked the Beating the Heat Refuge for the 50% off sale for the week.  It’s funny… I don’t mean to load up on graphics or different things… not realizing how much I did or put out this week.  Amazing eh?  Hope you have had a great week… and an awesome upcoming weekend!




Emma Rigged Mesh Camisk

I was playing around and thought this turned out rather nicely.  A rigged mesh camisk type with ruffled flowing line along the body and high on the thigh.  I kept the texturing denim like so it looks a little distressed but really it doesn’t at the same time.  Perfect really… nice little lacy part around the middle softens it so you can wear it working or not… and it teases just a wee bit without showing a whole lot if you don’t want to.

Pair it up with jeans or something and it looks pretty good that way too.

Demo available in store.