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We Luv RP Discounts and Newness

Roughed Up Docks Build Set

25L Tues. Discount 5/9-5/10

Before going away for the beginning of the month I did get the We Luv RP stuff out. It was a little bit uncertain for awhile but got quite a few things up there for discount. A new something along with some nice somethings marked down for the month that aren’t in the main store yet but before I get into all of that I’m going to be posting first about the 25L deal for today and tomorrow.

Deeply discounted for Tues. and Wed. because I like to have it straddle the week for those different time zones is my docks set.  It’s something that’s been around for awhile but quite versatile and I don’t believe I have ever put it into the discount bin…. don’t quote me on that though, there’s the possibility I have.  So if I did… well, you know… I tried, otherwise – yay!

So what else… that’s right, We Luv RP. It opened earlier this month so a  lot less busy right now.  Hopefully you don’t mind a bit of a wait on the post and all though to be honest… with how little I’ve been posting it’s a rather big deal that I’m getting to it. *snorts, snickers and adds a good laugh at the end*Tavern Mistress Gown

Sooo… what was new. A dress! I used to do clothing more often than I do now. I would like to potentially be able to do this sort of thing more often. It’s a different mindset really completely when I work on clothing even if it is just the texturing and it can be relaxing. This is almost a redo sort of thing. A long long time ago I had a dress called the Tavern Wench. This is an updated version done in mesh…. quite close to what was done before really – I couldn’t help it.  It was always a favorite design and well received too. Simple enough but flattering for a variety of scenes.  Nine different color combinations included all in one.

I also went and put up quite a few things I’ve had knocking around or in my inventory.  Things not quite in store inventory yet but have been either in events or done for lil sales things. Some of these would include a line of fencing and gardens that I did earlier this year.

They’re really cool honestly.  Wattle styled fencing.  Woven and looks very interesting. I’ve always liked this look.  It’s great for RP, medieval as well as Viking sorts of builds. There is the fence set itself so you can use it for where ever or whatever you like.  Then there are two gardens.  An herb garden, and a vegetable garden. In the style of my old reclaimed garden that used sculpts this all mesh. A lil prim heavy in some ways but it looks real good and has animations to suit different worker sorts.  Weeding and planting, watering and trimming.  You know I enjoy creating these scene type things. It’s always fun for me to create atmosphere.

  Wattle Fence Kit Garden - Herb Garden - Vegetable

Some other things on discount for We luv RP is a camisk in two styles of cloth.  One silky smooth and one a bit more textured with some variations in the fabric. Each with 9 fabric options, 4 leather looks and then 3 different colors for the rope belt around the waist.  Lots of color, lots of options and all neatly done in one package.  I think they’ll do well enough. Compatible with a few of the different bodies out there just like the dress is.

Hebe FitMesh Short Silk Tunic Camisk Hebe FitMesh Short Woven Tunic Camisk

So there is another lil something, a slave display sorta seat thing for the garden… you can go check it out but seriously getting so many pictures on this post I’m feeling a lil heavy so I’m going to leave the one off for now… or should I, I dunno but it just is how it is and I’m going to do it my way. *laughs*

ALL of the items on this post are discounted in one fashion or another.  The docks AT THE MAIN store location for today and tomorrow.

The REST?! ONLY at We luv RP for the month… after that they will be in the store… eventually when I get them rezzed.  So you never really honestly know when that might be.  Discounted prices for all items at We luv RP are between 25 and 50% off!

AND since it is the birthday round for We luv RP there’s a FREE GIFT if you go. So go… what are you waiting for?



A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral… all things steampunk to benefit the National Kidney Foundation opened up tonight.Emmaline Rigged Mesh Outfit  I have been enjoying working within different genres and themes for ages of course however I do have a soft spot for steampunk, Victorian, and darker things in general.  The event runs through and into October 1st so there’s a wee bit of time to be able to explore, shop or enjoy yourself.  Everything in my booth there is at a 50% donation to the National Kidney Foundation.  There’s a few things in there, some stuff I’ve had like the top hat with the gears and things… but I also have a new outfit and boots to offer up.

The Emmaline outfit is so very ladylike.  With a high necked ruffled blouse, long sleeves running downwards with layers of ruffles.  An under-bust corset tightens it up across the waist.  It’s such an awesome look.  I love it.  The skirt and top are separates so you can wear them with other things if you want or together.

Rich textures compliment and the top has four different color options for the blouse.  Blue, green, brown, and black.  Use the HUD to choose your color and it is scripted so you can delete the scripts within the top so you’re not adding to any kind of lag.  Just make sure you make a copy first…. have a scripted back up in your inventory.  Brand new and available at the event.

Majesty Boots in BrownThe other new one is the boots like I mentioned.

These are fairly awesome I think.  Unrigged mesh, I’ve been getting some great feedback actually from both men and women who have chosen to wear them.  Since they were unrigged some adventurous types have tried all sorts of looks for it.  I’ve been really impressed actually loving it whenever I find them.

They are entitled… “Majesty” and they certainly live up to their name in my opinion.  Gorgeous look and rich in two variations.  Brown and a version in Black.  They are a favorite of mine already.

A Clockwork spiral runs as I said through October 1st and has an impressive line up of merchants to try to get you to spend your lindens.

Majesty Boots in Black

Taxi to the Event


World Goth Fair

Dragontooth CollarLast year I wanted to participate in this event pretty badly but missed the deadlines… so this year I made a point to try to pay attention to when it was coming around, when to sign up and all of that.  I probably still almost missed it.  This time of year is extraordinarily busy usually.  Technically this year I’m a little less busy than I was last year right now.  Which is something of a good thing.

World Goth Fair benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  They have tons of music and things going on throughout it.  Three sims of stuff to browse and look through, some really great creators.  I find myself wanting to do a bit extra for this, find the cause worthwhile for some personal reasons as well as the big hearted type that I tend to have anyhow.

At the moment the things that I have up in vendors that give proceeds back to the foundation are kinda basic.  I like em.  A dress in three styles and then a collar.  I didn’t script the collar or add any but it is modifiable unrigged mesh.  Unisex too.  You have no idea how often I hear about how there just is nothing for the men, and it is true.

This is a rather interesting piece.  Two versions are included in the pack.  One with the cross on it, and one without.  Not everyone likes to have something like that on it.  Kala Dress - BrocadesIt’s got a rather softened silverish kind of tone to the metal.  It isn’t the glaring silver/chrome you usually see on something like this giving it a little bit of a different tone than what I usually see.  I kind of like it.

Black leather…. of course.  Eh, what can I say.  I think it looks pretty cool, seems to be doing fairly well so far though I’m sure some would prefer it was scripted.  I have it in two vendors over there.  One that is copy/mod/no transfer, and one that is mod/transfer….. I was hoping to help folks along that would want to get it for someone else.  Priced at 125L you really can’t complain on that score.  If you want it scripted I’m sure ya’ll can add them without too many issues.  Perhaps in the future I’ll update with a scripted version.  We’ll see.

Btw…. do you see that skin in the pictures?  Totally different look for me.  I’ve been in a rather interesting frame of mind.  Wanted a change and with the Goth Fair coming Kala Dress - Stripesup decided to look into a few different looks I’ve played around with.  I used to do a lot of Goth type looks in real life as well as online.   When I first came into SL for about the first year or two and whenever the mood struck that was what I wore really but I haven’t in a really long time.  So while prepping for this I took a day to play with it.  The skin is from Fallen Gods.  I have a few from there from over the years with Fantasy Fair and all.  I always get at least one of the skins at Alia’s event where we send him to either Heaven or Hell.  Anyhow… I picked up a few, wasn’t quite liking what I was coming up with then decided to try the scaled ones on.  You have no idea how hard it is for me to find skins that suit me.  Honestly.  It’s painful.  It is one reason you won’t see my look change often, I just won’t compromise or wear something that I don’t think is…. ‘me’.  Tried it on and was rather shocked to find that the features suited my avatar to a T and it didn’t actually look half bad.  Tweaking an outfit here and there….. and I was actually happy with the outcome.  This so does not happen to me very often.  I’m not sure just how frequent this look will be.  We’ll see about that too I guess. *grins*

Kala Dress - SkullsThe other items that I have in donation vendors for the event like I said is a set of dresses.  Same basic form but done with three styles.  Two styles have 8 color options while the third style only has three.  On that one I didn’t like anything else I was coming up with so I figured the less is more approach was the better one.  A simple form fitting dress.  If tricked out with accessories or worn with leggings or something it could be pretty good, I haven’t really been able to get into some items that I’ve wanted to for a long time so this sort of thing swam around my vast inventory for ages.  Just now getting it out there.  In some ways I feel like I have been held back too long on certain stuff I wanted to do and it’s biting me in the ass now.

And I guess I second guess myself.  Figure people aren’t expecting or used to seeing certain types of things in my store so I hesitate.  Which also bites me in the ass.  Eh what can I say, I’m going to have to give myself a kick or two and just go with it.

So the dresses… yes… One in with a brocade pattern, one in stripes, and one with big skull down the front panel.  It looks fairly cool in my opinion.

Now honestly you should check out the fair.  It’s pretty cool and if you’re into dark stuff at all you’ll be able to find something.  My space is located on the Sium sim.  I’ll get a SLURL when I log into world.  I have intentions of adding new product for the fair this week as well.  It runs through June 1st.  So there’s time to browse and look around till your lil dark heart is content.

If nothing else… go see my display.  It’s really good.  hahaha I simply adore the way it looks, been trying to think if I can figure out a way to incorporate part of it somewhere in some other build or my store.

Anyhow.  Take care and have a good one.  Talk to you soon.




Feb. Round for We <3 RP

After taking a bit of time off for the holidays the We <3 RP event is going to be opening up again in a new location!  This month I’m offering up a gown.  For the first round of The Fantasy Collective I had done a limited edition gown in forest green called Evelyn.

I loved how it turned out honestly, deep rich colors and fabrics… I just couldn’t leave it that way.  To only have that one version, and since I was taking the limited edition part to heart… to never have available again?  I was heartbroken.  I couldn’t do that…. so I began fiddling.  Colors and variations.  I actually had a wee bit of a difficult time getting it the way I wanted.  The embroidery along parts of it just was not cooperating.  It was terrible.  I was wondering if I’d ever be able to get it alright enough.  So I put it away half thinking that it wasn’t going to be done in other variations.  Sometimes one turns out just right and the rest… are just…. blah.

After some fiddling and messing with things I was able to get a set of colors that I could live with that didn’t put to shame the lovely green one I had done for the other event.

So without further adieu I present the Evelyn gown, released in a variety of colors.  The green is going to stay safely locked away for those who purchased it as part of the Fantasy Collective event.

Evelyn Rigged Mesh Gown - We Luv RP Preview Pic

This month it will be at the We <3 RP event at a 50% discount!

Take a Taxi to get to the Event!! 

(( I think it’s open, if it isn’t I swear, it will be soon lol ))


Limited Edition Items at The Fantasy Collective

Salutations!  Today is the official opening of the Fantasy Collective and it’s very first round!  There’s been some advertising for it amongst various blogs already but I wanted to show off the items that I contributed.  The whole idea behind it is to offer up limited edition sets, colors or variations of a product that we won’t have for sale again.  To give ya’ll a lil bit of something that won’t be seen again.  There’s a whole list of awesome creators, if I begin to name them off I always feel like I leave someone out and I don’t like doing that…. anyhow….

The idea is an exciting one, give a bunch of creators a theme, make it limited, and voila!  They did a vote awhile back and the theme that was voted on by a very large margin was… Woodlands!  Elves, fairy, hunters and the like… and so all of these creative geniuses came up with some really cool stuff.

For my humble offerings I have two items and a cute lil gacha.  The first item I’m going to highlight is a dress.  I have a love for lots of different styles, really I’m almost as all over the place with clothes as I am with my furnishings but to be honest…. they don’t fly all over as much as my furniture.  I have always had a soft spot for Medieval or older styles.  I’m not a real contemporary kind of designer.  Fantasy and all suits me just fine for the most part though not ALWAYS so I can’t even say that huh?  Ah well.  So I’m slightly off balance. *shrugs* I can deal with that.  So onto the dress.  Fancy but not too fancy it is in a very deep dark green.  I actually really really like how this turned out.  With beadwork/ribboning along the waist and at the elbows to set it off, paneling along the front of the skirts… I wore it for a few days after finishing it.  I just loved how it looked and I really don’t wear green that often.  It’s not a color that I favor.  At one point I was working on some holiday product… walking amongst the evergreens and it just felt sooooooooo perfect for Yule or Christmas types of things.  It wasn’t on purpose either, I just was trying to do something that worked with the woodland theme.

I know it isn’t the most popular of colors, so I don’t expect most to find it of use but you should check it out on some level if you like this sort of thing.  I have demos for it at the main location landing as well as at the event.  I won’t be offering this version ever ever again I don’t believe.  I know in the event thing there it says something like after 6 months I can but I’m leaving that one up in the air.  I’m kind of figuring that it’s a one and done deal.  It’s called Evelyn, and is in the standard sizing measurements but also has 2 extra sizes in it as well so a total of 7.

My second item is a set of shoes.  I have a thing for shoes, giving into the whim now a days to work on them and for this round I have something that should be a little bit fun.  For the event there is four colors.  I have some set aside for the main store in a different set but these ones… these won’t be offered again.  The main big one that I think will be the one that does the best is the black.  Never ever again will I offer up the black version.  *cries!*  Wrapped patchwork leather around the ankles and the top of the foot, creating a sandal/boot of sorts.  I just thought… wow, yanno, I can so see an elf type or woodsy foresty person running through the forest with something like this.  So here it is.  There are like I said four variations at the event.  The black with the decorative stuff around the top band, red, green, and a patched version.  The red and green are also decorated while the patched version doesn’t have the fancy stuff around the top.  The red and green are rather seasonal anyhow… I figured why not eh.  The others aren’t as much.  With a tinting hud for the feet and 16 different pedicures I was thinking that it was pretty cool.  Rigged mesh of course, want them to move well with the avatar.

Three sizes and the unrigged version IS in the pack as well if you want to wear it, or resize it.  I’m thinking of attaching the last few pictures along the bottom so you can see all of them if you like.  Just to get an idea but I don’t want to clutter up here too much either.  heh

Demos at the event and at the landing just like with the dress.

My last lil bits for this round is a gacha.  Nothing major this time but I love the lil set and how it turned out.  Woodland candles, offered up with four different leaves strapped, wrapped and tied to them.  Two different barks to complement the different colors.  Try your luck and see what you get… get the set or some duplicates but even that isn’t a bad deal.  They’re a nice accent piece for those of the woodsy type but also just as a nice seasonal autumn decor.

So there you have it.  A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.  The rounds for this event aren’t going to be monthly, I think it is every two months so I have no idea what the next theme would be or how they are going to run it.  I’m sure with the first round there will be somethings changing as they go.  You know, working out the kinks and all.  I think set up and all of it went rather smoothly… give a lot of credit to the team who has been putting it together to get it off the ground.

I’m looking forward to more and to seeing what comes next.  I hope I get to join in again in the future.  I really do.

TAKE A TAXI to The Fantasy Collective!

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