Are you ready for a little bit of Magic?

October has always been a magical month for me from way back when. Lately I’ve been feeling that breathy wind sweep through the cosmos that sets inspiration winging its way across the galaxy. Have you felt it?

I think it’s time to with a little bit of a nudge rekindle the magic that likes to peek its head up around here don’t you?

So as we blow upon the spark that is just a dream of a flame trying to bring back the light… we begin the season of magic, mystery and mayhem here at the Wood.

Halloween approaches, fall is in the air and a new year is creeping towards us. This coming month and thereafter there is going to be a bit more of that mysticism once again.

It’s time to come home my friends. Time to remember our roots and time to find our peace.

So welcome back.

Welcome home.

With warmest blessings to you and to your loved ones I will return shortly.

— Searlait


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