And the beat goes on…

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a lot which is reflective I think of what I am finding is important to me, what I want to carry on with and where I’m going when it comes to Roawenwood.

I love this place.

It sings to me. It is the first place I really worked on and created all those years ago to show some of who I am, what I like, build… share… extend all those things. It’s really shaped me into who I am today.

The confidence, the drive, the ability to create something from nothing. Little pixels gathered together to make creative content that other people can immerse themselves in and enjoy.

There’s always been that selling hook, the things that we do to make a buck or all the events that I got involved in trying my damnedest to keep up. To remain relevant.

Sometimes I’d forget where I was along the way and sometimes I would end up just being a little crazy, or a little too withdrawn. Life hasn’t been easy over the past 13 almost 14 years that I have been in SL. That’s crazy right there, that number. How long I have been involved in this world and created for it.

My focus now isn’t on what it used to be on, but what I want to achieve, what I want to give back has mellowed like a fine wine. I’m an old soul to begin with and maybe some of that is catching up to me as I want to share in a softer way. Not the crazy omg there’s another event and deadline we need to get moving! But more along the lines of, hey c’mere I got something to show you… and have it there at my home, at the sim so you can swing by to enjoy both the place that is much more than a store, and the stuff I create.

There’s SOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff. I mean if you dig in you can get lost for hours just trying to find things or look at items I’ve created over the years. I forget constantly what I’ve made, then realize wow… yea ok.

I was recently invited to an event… start up one… so hasn’t had it’s first round, and I was interested. An adult themed weekly one but they had a criteria to have only 100% original content in the entire store. Yea sure I could do that but do you KNOW how much content I have from over the years? Some of it is original, some of it uses legal resources from SL content creators, and some of it is collaborative. So no my store is not 100% original mesh that I made myself and it never probably will be. So even though I was invited originally to participate, and even if I promised I’d make the pieces for that event all mine they said no to my brand unless I retire all those other things.

I celebrate creativity and always thought why not showcase it all? Support the community, give back to keep the ball rolling around, and people will take advantage using content they shouldn’t or nudging into those grey areas or use resources from SL even if you try to keep it all 100% original. I’ve been around forever, no one wants to see the same textured prims redone over and over sure but even that doesn’t mean we don’t see the same items over and over. How many collars, how many skirts and knotted tops, sarongs, mini skirts, furniture pieces… how many times do we redo the same thing over and over just like in real life because there’s only so many ways to do it. It’s all about the style my friends, the style.

I know some creators who make what is available so unique to themselves that even though you know the mesh was created by someone else you only see them. Their ideas and creations, making them original. An example would be Alia Baroque, have you looked at some of the things he’s come up with for Libertine? Just beautiful and there’s no way you can’t tell me that that isn’t original. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to gather those pieces, to make them your own? I’ve gone into a mini-rant but essentially I think we shouldn’t be so freekin uptight. *laughs* Celebrate the artist, period.

This has become something of a hey… see where we’re headed sort of rambling post. My idea of waking up to have a cup of coffee with you all so we can talk for awhile. I have to get moving here in a few to start the rest of my day but if you’re game stick around.

I’ve been doing some good things to share and more will be upcoming.

Till then and next time. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Take care.


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