October. Already?!

Twisted hunt is done and so for a brief period you are all safe again from the madness. The month slipped past before I realized it though I have if you’ve been listening in on the mailing list participating in a few newer events.

Weekend sales and in store things. I like these, brings you to me and then I get to spoil you.

Up and coming things, MadPea has a couple things they’re letting me play in. I’m very excited for that.

Writing this up mainly because it’s been a little too long since touching base. There’s a new line that was started. A more Viking inspired sort of furniture set that has a few pieces out at the main landing.

Rugged, rougher wood. I’m hoping to add to it over time much like I did the Vilnai series.

Have you seen this?

It’s a medieval sort of stage, loosely inspired by festivals. Of course with my own flair for the dramatic. It looks really good and in the vendors in the role play section.

I have a lot of product stuck in inventory that I will be highlighting so maybe I’ll start making a post once in awhile just to refresh the memory.

Talk to you soon and have a good one.


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