50% off Group Nominated Sale

Ok so I have in the past done lil things like group sales where members have the chance to pick the sale items.
It’s usually great fun and people love being able to have a say in what is discounted… so on a whim the other day while working late I threw it out in the group.

Want to have a say? Nominate what you’d like to see go on sale and I’ll make a list. From that list 5 items will be chosen to be placed at a 50% discount for two days.

Items were placed on sale Monday the 10th, and will be for sale through today… Tuesday the 11th and tomorrow the 12th.

IN WORLD location: Near the 25L item that is for sale and in the sales gazebo thingie near the center ring.
Roawenwood @ Five Blades


if you don’t want to go to the in world store you can get them on Marketplace!


50% off Items on Marketplace

Have to have your maturity level to see everything for that link.

Enjoy! Have Fun!

Two days only… have fun and thank you for those who put in their suggestions.
There was more than 5 so I tried to make a bit of a mix of things so different people got what they were hoping for.



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